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WordPress Themes – How to Choose the Right One For You


WordPress Themes – How to Choose the Right One For You


Do you need to install your personal website? Maybe you’ve been blogging with one of the free services along with blogger or WordPress.Com, and are frustrated by the limitations. Perhaps you need to add video and things without difficulty, and would love a good way to do it certainly and without problems. I turned into this position – I’d tried masses of methods to set up a website on my own – paying a web admin, learning Frontpage, putting in place a blog. As a 50 year antique girl without computer training, all of it appeared to be very overwhelming to me. I spent a variety of money and a variety of time seeking to do simple matters.


What changed it for me become discovering WordPress.Org. It’s so smooth to use!! There are plug-ins – maximum of them free – to do maximum things. All the things that had been huge demanding situations for me now seem really easy to do.

The first WordPress website I had, I paid a person to set it up for me because even though it appeared quite uncomplicated, I become still a piece beaten by using all of it! But, once I started to recognize how much could be performed, aside from simply running a blog, I determined that I desired to learn how to do it myself virtually. Luckily, I located a brilliant web page that defined very without problems some of the superb matters that you could do with the plug-ins and how easy it is to get set up.

One of the important thing matters is selecting your THEME. It’s spotless to trade a theme, so do not worry if you already have one and want to trade it. You can keep all your content and change the theme. Choosing a subject matter that I could use without problems has made a large distinction to me.

The things that I have learned to look for in a subject matter are:

1. How smooth is it to trade the header? This is vital because I do not know whatever, approximately pics or Photoshop, so I need to add a header without problems while not having to fiddle around with it.

2. Can you exchange the colors for the historical past and so forth without difficulty.

3. Is it clean to choose which pages you have displaying up inside the menu bar?

4. Is the format of the pages bendy and clean to exchange?

Choosing a subject matter with all of those capabilities has made existence so much less difficult for me. The subject matter I chose was Flexx. It is a paid subject matter, but to me, that changed into really worth it – after having tried to make the modifications I desired to with unfastened issues, the money appeared nicely worth it.

You may additionally want various things from a theme than I do. So ask yourself these questions earlier than determining which topic to use. Go to the Theme’s site and see what the features are whilst asking yourself those questions.

1. What are the main things that I want to trade effortlessly with my subject?

2. How easy is it to customize the appearance and experience of this theme?

3. What special functions does the topic have? – are they beneficial to me? Are they the ones that I will need to use?

So have fun exploring all of the obtainable issues -free and paid and decide which one will work satisfactorily for you.

An exact tip is to study the footer of a site which you like- frequently, it will inform you which of the subject matter is used, so you can find it for yourself and read up more about it.

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