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WordPress Headway Theme Review


WordPress Headway Theme Review


Anyone who designs websites or uses the internet for being profitable has found out that the days of static HTML websites are numbered. The key to an online presence in recent times is dynamic sites that might constantly be up to date. Google likes sparkling content, and more importantly, so do your potential clients.

Luckily, CMS systems like WordPress make updating an internet site a breeze. How about placing a WordPress website online up, even though…Can this be elaborate?


If you can stay with some of the outs of WordPress topics – it’s miles straightforward to install a website. These themes (even the paid ones) are not truly flexible on capabilities and layout. With those everyday issues, changing the layout of your site could take some form of coding knowledge (a mixture of HTML and PHP, to be specific).

It is one issue to locate the time to replace a website; however, locating the time to research sufficient coding to get your site precisely such as you want? That is a very daunting mission. It took me a couple of years of self-education to get savvy and quick sufficient at WordPress customization to be well worth it.

Then along came the Headway Theme – this subject is a savior to all online and offline marketers.

This topic gives you the capacity to create your WordPress website using a visual editor. What does this mean? It method that you may create each web page of your website online via dragging and dropping factors right on your browser.

Do you need your sidebar on the proper instead of the left? Drag it there. You want to feature a rotating picture gallery – drag it wherein you need it and upload the pics. Put your navigation at the pinnacle of the web page, positioned it below your header, placed it on the left of your page…All using dragging and losing.

The visible editor gives you entire manipulation over your website’s colors, fonts and layout, and so much extra.

Essentially, if you could think about something you want for your WordPress web page, you can do it without difficulty with Headway. No coding is required except you want to get very advanced. If you’re an advanced coder, you’ll admire Headway’s flexibility even greater.

A nice manner of explaining that is to use an actual-world instance. On my blog, I desired to have a static location on every page with an opt-in box – I did not need it within the sidebar in view that many of my pages didn’t have a sidebar. In the past, I would have had to add the HTML code for the form into a couple of PHP documents and then altered the CSS report to make it look correct. Not numerous amusing for a person with little coding know-how.

With Headway, I added an HTML container (in headway, it’s far known as a Leaf) precisely in which I desired the choose-in on each web page and virtually copied the decide-in form HTML into that container…Accomplished. My opt-in fee nearly tripled utilizing the cease of the week.

Headway additionally consists of a fantastic aid forum and a burgeoning development network that assures you Headway will preserve getting better, and you may be able to locate network-created hacks and tips as a way to let you take your website to the very subsequent degree.

A lot of humans buy WordPress issues. However, why pay for a subject matter you can’t without difficulty customize? Headway allows you to have the website online you dreamt of, now not the website that a person else predicted and all people can purchase and use. Be precise, and stand out from the %.

I am happy for Headway and suppose it is a need to for any novices accessible that need to cr

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