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Web Design The Easy Way – Some Quick Tips To Get Started

Web Design

Web Design The Easy Way – Some Quick Tips To Get Started


Web design can be quite a daunting prospect if you are new to the Internet. You would like to create your own site but have no idea where to start. Html? Photoshop? Fireworks? FrontPage? Dreamweaver?

Web Design The Easy Way - Some Quick Tips To Get Started

This article will give you some tips and hints on how to get started with web design – and which shortcuts to take!

I can hear you groan. I said I was going to give you some shortcuts, and now I suggest you learn HTML! Unfortunately, there is no way around it. Even if you use the shortcuts to web design that I am going to suggest, learning HTML will still be the best investment that you can make. It is really not that difficult, and it will greatly aid in your understanding of web design.

Depending on your enthusiasm and level of technical skill, I would also suggest that you learn a bit about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Cascading style sheets can assist you tremendously in controlling the layout, colors, and images on your web page. You can also find good CSS tutorials on the w3schools website.
Now, this is really a shortcut to web design! I suggest that you create your first website by making use of a web template. There are lots of commercial templates available, and frankly, they are beautiful, but I will give you some hints on where to find free web templates. Most people would think that searching for ‘free web templates’ in Google would be the most obvious way of doing it – but I suggest that you rather search for ‘open source web templates.’

Here are some sources with open source (basically – free to use) web templates. The advantage of these templates is that they are normally well designed and will also teach you good web design principles (as opposed to most of the commercial templates, which, while they are undeniably beautiful to look at, are normally not built, making use of good web design principles). This site has over 1600 free designs to choose from. Download any design and build your site! Most of these designs use CSS as well, which is why it is a good idea to learn CSS. I suggest that if you are just starting, you stick with the designs made with tables. These are the easiest to manipulate and use. The templates on Daydreamgraphics are not for everyone – they are mostly geared towards a young, funky look, so if you are looking for a design that you can use for your business or company, you might do better than select a design from OSWD. Still, if you are looking at setting up a personal website, a hobby site, or a site related to music or entertainment, these designs will work very well.

You can easily search for web design experts online to consult about PSD to Joomla conversion. A truly expert pool of web designers can definitely help you get the most attractive yet browser-friendly website in a matter of 3 days. Normally, they will initially offer your guidelines regarding the latest and more convenient web standards that you should consider when making a website. From this, you should be able to make and design an attractive web design in PSD format. This is essentially their take-off point in helping you create a very effective website. You need to allocate certain fees for the professional services that they offer.

If you do not have your PSD ready, most professional designers tailor your design needs and offer your web templates from their design archive. This will be beneficial to you as you are assured that the template will be W3C compliant. Simply put, consumers can easily track your site down even if they are using different browsers. You can have your own unique design presented to web designers in PSD format and let them do their best to convert it to Joomla. Keep in mind, though, that they should ensure that your site should be W3C compliant also. Select either WordPress or Joomla from the menu on the left.

Install WordPress or Joomla in the root folder. You will have to select an administrator username and password to access the admin side of your site.

Log into the admin backend (normally /wp-admin for WordPress and /administrator for Joomla). There are many free WordPress tutorials available – do a Google search for ‘free WordPress tutorials’ and get started in Joomla, search for ‘how to use Joomla.’

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