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Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Ferrari 308 GTS


Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Ferrari 308 GTS


Ferrari 308 GTS! Does it increase Try Know reminiscences of the 1975 beauty, which continues to be a hot contender within the used vehicles markets? If you’ve got plans to buy a used Ferrari 308 GTS, Buzzle has some checkpoints which can assist you with your feat.

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Television Star?

The 308 GTS became hugely famous after it featured in the Nineteen Eighties show, the Magnum PI.
The 308 GTB that changed into launched in 1975 turned into the predecessor to the Spyder model of the 308 GTS. It became handiest in 1977 that Ferrari released the Targa top version, the Ferrari 308 GTS. The roof might be removed, and this became the promoting point of the model. However, whilst shopping for a used Ferrari, you need to be more careful approximately the minutest information. Else, you may grow to be buying an overpriced automobile with heavy repair payments. We have prepared a listing of exams that you could carry out earlier than hanging the deal.

Decide the Model

The Ferrari 308 GTS is available in 3 fashions―Carb motors, 2 valve fuel-injected vehicles, and four valves (QV) motors. Each of these models has its personal professionals and cons.


Carb Cars: These automobiles are taken into consideration to be towards the authentic design. With the 255 BHP (Euro-spec.) V8 engine making a noisy noise, I am sure all automobile lovers will move weak in their knees just paying attention to her. However, remember the fact that these vehicles require quite a little upkeep. The U.S. Spec vehicle had decreased BHP of 205 because of low lift, duration cams, and lean jetting, low emissions.

2 Valve Fuel Injected Cars: The electronic ignition and rectification of old issues like cold start, gasoline starvation at turns, and flat spots at throttle openings, makes this car advanced to the carburetor fashions. However, if you are looking for higher electricity, you may no longer be inquisitive about this model (205 BHP – U.S., 210 BHP – Euro).

3-Valve Cars: The Quattrovalvole automobiles have the best power―230 BHP for U.S. Fashions and 240 BHP for Euro specifications―among the 3 fashions. However, this model may be heavy to your wallet. But in case you are seeking out a lighter, powerful, modern-looking vehicle, this one for you.


Targa pinnacle Ferrari 308 GTS

Decide between: Euro or U.S. 308

Once you’ve decided on the version, the following decision is concerning the Euro or U.S. Model. The Euro 308 is a lighter and more effective model of the Ferrari 308 GTS. It has a smaller front and rear bumper, uncovered dual tip muffler, Vitaloni fashion outdoor mirrors, and driving lighting on the front grill. As some distance as the U.S. Ferrari 308 GTS is involved, effect bumpers, flag kind big mirrors, full-size spares, and door beams, upload to the weight of the auto. Also, the U.S. 308 isn’t always as effective as the Euro 308!

Look for Original Stuff

Vintage or conventional vehicles with unique add-ons are the costliest of the lot. If accessories follow the model you are interested in, make sure they may be real. Apart from the accessories, also check whether the paint is unique or has the car been repainted. The Ferrari 308 GTS had painted or ionized matte black end on its radiator outlet in the U.S. Versions, even as the European models had frame coloration end. The automobiles had pink/black upholstery with cream, blue, crimson, and gray being customizable alternatives. The air intake grills had been painted matte black for U.S. Fashions and natural aluminum for European models.

Look for Rust

The car actually is set 30+ years antique, but that does not, in any manner, explain rust problems. There are many methods to remove rust. However, this could now not opposite its sick effects on the automobile frame. So, if you see the slightest of rust deposits on the auto body, near the engine, or the chassis, it is higher to look for another Ferrari.


Most vehicle users could be privy to the Vehicle Identification Number, VIN. This quantity offers you the entire records of the auto, like owner information, production records, coverage information, records about beyond upkeep, and injuries. These details about the automobile are sufficient to assist you in your decision. You can find the VIN variety at the corner of the dashboard where it meets the windshield, or it can be observed at the door submit on the driving force’s aspect. You can click on CARFAX to get an instant file.

Visit Car Clubs

The automobile you are inquisitive about is costly, and also, you absolutely don’t need to invest in some fake or no longer-so-antique model. Apart from the regular online research, go to local car golf equipment. You may be lucky sufficient to fulfill a person who owns the identical vehicle model. Talk to them about buying the automobile. A car proprietor can come up with greater information than any proper website!

Check the Maintenance Documents

A nicely-maintained used car is every client’s dream; however, maximum people end up buying automobiles that aren’t in the first-rate of form. With Ferrari, the servicing cost may be quite steep, and if disregarded, the auto can fall into disrepair. Ferrari engines are specific to your regular automobile engines, and consequently, want timing belt changes on occasion. While shopping for the auto, bear in mind to check the final timing belt change. Remember to check all of the provider documents before striking the deal. You should also look at the availability of the spare elements and pick out sellers who have those components available with them. This will prevent provider charges and time.

The power of a Ferrari 308 GTS is really lesser than present day-day automobiles. However, the seems of this curvy beauty are incomparable. The low roofline and the ease of manual steerage power are the principal attractions of this vehicle. However, keep in mind this distinctive splendor comes with a heavy rate tag (pre and publish buy).

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