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You CAN Repair a Bad Motherboard Yourself. Here’s How to Do It


You CAN Repair a Bad Motherboard Yourself. Here’s How to Do It


If computers have been buildings, then a motherboard might be its basis. A true foundation always assures strong performance. With the era getting smaller, faster, and quieter normal, diagnosing a computer has become extra problematic, especially the motherboards.
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The easy solutions are as clean as they’re traumatic. You have two options: replace damaged/all capacitors/MOSFETs and hope for the nice or replace the motherboard/the defective external thing on it.
It is difficult to get a chunk of technology to work as properly as it used to, as soon as it’s damaged, which is why maximum ‘restore’ methods stay with hardware enthusiasts because the quality alternative for most other clients is to replace it. With that in thoughts, we look at the assets that we’ve and try to get excellent out of them.

The motherboard is placed inside the cabinet and includes a microprocessor, chipset, and BIOS (Basic Input/Output System). The microprocessor decides the sort of Central Processing Unit (CPU). The chipset constitutes two bridges: the northbridge and the southbridge. These bridges manage the waft of records in the computer. The simple functioning of the laptop is managed using the BIOS, which is an actual time clock and a major issue of the motherboard. The slots and ports on it join the PC peripherals like the sound card or portraits card. These slots offer a connection between the tough disk and the laptop peripherals.

Troubleshooting a Bad Motherboard

Hardware diagnostics can be a pure pain in the ass. There is actually an excessive amount of happening to dissect the faulty stuff and repair it correctly. This is why experts or hobbyists usually achieve maximum restoration work. It takes a long time to get a complete grip on dealing with hardware problems with precision. That said, there are a few not unusual troubles with quite easy answers as well. Let’s have to take a look at the MoBo (motherboard) itself for any repair options.


Replacing Capacitors

The steady hassle of popping capacitors is well-known by way of experts and lovers alike. Capacitors are the first thing to blow in a properly-built electronic unit. The problem persists anyplace a capacitor is used (typically called the ‘Capacitor Plague’). The only option to this is to replace the capacitor with a new one. Spotting an awful capacitor is easy: it’s only with the bulging top and leaking electrolytic goo. Most capacitors expel the electrolytic fluid interior them. It both dries up at the outer part of the top of the capacitor or leaks onto the circuit board. In the worst-case situation, the capacitor explodes because of an excessive amount of electrical strain. If you spot no damage on them, you may take a look at them using an ability gauge or a multimeter.

To update the capacitors, you may need:

a software-managed soldering station with each soldering and de-soldering irons,
actual capacitors of the identical capacity as the old ones and
experience in soldering and know-how of the threat involved.
Because one false circulates and you’ll harm the inner circuitry of the board and lose the board absolutely. You need to de-solder the pins from below the board, take the lifeless capacitor out, positioned the new one in, and solder the pins back; multi-functional shot. It would help if you were extraordinarily cautious about the polarity of the capacitor. If you put it incorrectly, the capacitor pops nearly as soon as you electricity it up.

Motherboard Component Diagnosis

POST Check With Beep Codes

To diagnose a hassle, you need to recognize where to look. The first forestall will be the BIOS POST (Power-On Self-Test). If your PC (not your audio system, your cabinet) makes beeping sounds while you begin it up, it way there may be a problem with positive component/s on the MoBo. This is ideal (extraordinarily speaking) due to the fact the beeps will, without delay, let you know what’s wrong. Pay near interest to the kind of beeping sound (the duration – quick or lengthy and the wide variety of beeps). Search online for the ‘PC beep code,’ and you must determine which thing is faulty. This will only work if the elements are on the verge of happening. If something does cross down, your laptop, in all likelihood, will not begin, and you may need to parent out the trouble manually.

Manual Diagnosis and Repair

If your computer continues crashing or refuses to boot, you’ll have to become aware of and counter the trouble with the aid of inspecting each component at the MoBo for my part.



The Power Supply Unit is the most common thing to blow out. This is one purpose why most hardware upkeep people bring spare PSUs anywhere they go. Detecting a PSU failure is easy too. If your PC may not start when you turn it on, the fault nearly usually lies inside the PSU. To make sure, check the power socket you’ve got plugged your PC to, or the surge protector (maximum beneficial, instead of without delay connecting to the energy supply) is connected well and works. If your supply is ideal and the power cables are checked, and nicely, then it is your PSU.


Replacing it is simple too; open the cabinet, test out the model (they’re typically the same, the brand and exceptional adjustments), and purchase the new one. Remember what is going where you’re taking out the old PSU and healthy the new one in an equal manner.

Video Adapter


Also referred to as the video card or the pics card, the video adapter places all of the pix to your reveal. If the PSU is first-rate, check this element subsequently. If your laptop turns on, the keyboard is responsive (press the ‘num lock’ key. The respective mild should turn on); however, you do not see anything on the monitor (powered on); it’s your snapshots card this is busted.


The solution may be as easy as updating the driver to something like baking the card in the oven to reconnect the solder joints. The latter is a ultimate-ditch effort as it was dangerous destroying not most effective your card, however also your oven! The problem may also stem from overheating and dirt series (maximum commonplace issues) to a defective construct and solder disconnection. Static discharge is another trouble that I’ve discussed later. If it is overheating or dust, clean the card and its heatsink to make sure it really works well. In the case of some other hassle, you’ll have to update the cardboard or attempt the oven trick. But I strongly endorse you to now not do it if you don’t know-how, and it’s only a brief degree. The card will die out eventually.



Your typical signs of RAM failure consist of the BSoD (Blue Screen of Death), low computing speeds, and sluggish booting. The first step is to check whether or not the RAM is inserted in the given slot nicely. Improper insertion of the RAM modules has to be checked. If the RAM is positioned properly, or even then your PC isn’t always working, trade the RAM.


RAMs also are quite prone to harm due to strong surges and static discharge. Replacing it is incredibly cheaper and less complicated, so this might not show too horrific if it occurs.

Power Connections

If the RAM is placed and operating nicely, test whether the CPU is inserted in its socket perfectly or now not. It is possible that one of the CPU leads is not inserted in the socket properly. This case is possible if you have upgraded your CPU. The warmth sink module inside the cupboard is mounted upon the CPU, so it’s far pretty possible that one of the leads of the CPU is bent because of the weight of the warmth sink.


Check whether or not the CPU leads are well inserted in their respective sockets. If you cannot insert the leads well inside the socket, the socket is probably faulty, or the CPU you have isn’t always the ideal one on your PC motherboard.

Secondary Solutions and Additional Precautions

Flashing the BIOS

This is every other way to repair the trouble. However, there are some significant things you need to know about it. Firstly, you want to affirm that the problem lies inside the firmware and not the MoBo hardware or its components. This is achieved using, in my view, testing every part for power and procedure output. You must also affirm if all the capacitors on the MoBo are functioning. Secondly, the system itself is very, very unstable if no longer carried out properly. That’s because it’s the BIOS that holds the important thing to beginning your laptop nicely. A terrible BIOS chip or firmware means an unbootable PC. To flash the BIOS, you want the firmware ‘photograph.’ The procedure is basically equal to upgrading your BIOS to a more recent or identical model.

It’s referred to as ‘flashing’ because the firmware is stored within the flash memory.
To try this, you first have to check which corporation your BIOS is from and its version wide variety.
Then all you have to do is go to their website, search for your model, after which look for application upgrades. Store the code on a CD or a USB flash pressure. Insert the CD/USB force and reboot your PC. The power’s executable file will begin up, after which, simply follow the instructions on the display screen.

The method takes more or less 10 seconds. Another problem here is that if there’s an energy failure for the duration of the improved system, you danger having an incomplete code on the BIOS, ruining it. The procedure itself is pretty easy, but I strongly propose you now not try this unless you clearly comprehend it’s the most effective answer because the risks are too excessive.

Static Discharge

A circuit board can be easily damaged by static strength as it reasons a small electricity surge that is sufficient to kill the fragile circuit. You consequently want to take two precautions:

The first one is to provide the right grounding to the energy outlet that the PC is hooked to. An unearthed terminal is awful for the PC.
The other problem is human touch with the boards. Every time you touch the metal at the cupboard or the forums immediately, even as tinkering with them, your chance running a static modern-day via them. This modern is generated while your socks or hairbrush towards the carpet or the couch, which is why it’s suitable to touch something metallic apart from the PC before managing its parts.

As continually, consider maintaining a backup of all of your facts earlier than you manage computer additives. And additionally, in no way attempt to repair something which you assume is broken. Always verify the problem, then repair it. If you get to try all this with an old MoBo, then it is all of the higher. It becomes a good getting to know to enjoy earlier than you move to stuff like repairing or customizing your contemporary computer.

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