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Solutions to the 10 Common Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4


Solutions to the 10 Common Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a worthy successor to the much-loved S3. But it comes with its share of problems. This Buzzle article lists some of the most common problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its simple fixes.
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40 million Galaxies Crossed!

According to sales figures released by Samsung, more than 40 million Galaxy S4s were sold by the end of December 2013.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is, by far, the most popular phone of 2013. Yes, there were more notable phones in the market, but there’s just something about Samsung that makes their phones stand out from the crowd; the S4 is no exception. Critics can argue for hours on end about the flimsy plastic construction of the phone, the same old boxy uninspiring design, the gimmicky software tweaks on board, and so on. But even they cannot argue with the fact that the Galaxy S4 is very, very popular.

That does not mean it is perfect, not by a long shot. The phone comes with its own set of problems, and before Samsung bashers go up in arms, let me tell you that most of these have some rather simple fixes. So, if you too are amongst the few distraught owners of this otherwise spectacular phone, here’s looking at some of the most common problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and how you can go about fixing them.


My phone says, SIM card not inserted although there is a SIM in it.

Probable Cause: Problem with the connectors in the SIM tray.

Possible solution:
» Turn off your phone. Remove the SIM card. Gently clean the SIM and the tray. Restart the phone.

» Try using another working SIM card with the phone. If it works, you might want to get your original SIM changed from the service provider. If it doesn’t work, there might be a hardware problem with your phone. Get it fixed at a Samsung service center or by a certified phone technician.

My phone’s battery drains out very fast.

Probable cause: Apps running in the background

Possible solution:
» Enable Power saving mode from the drop-down notification bar.

» Keep the screen brightness as low as possible, and set the screen timeout time for as little time as possible. Choose a dark wallpaper for your background.

» Turn off features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Air View, etc., when not in use.

» Turn sync off for all but the most important apps.

» Long press the Home button to launch the Task Manager, and close all running apps that aren’t required.

» Follow the proper charge cycle―charge the phone to 100% when the battery level goes down to 10%. Do not overcharge your phone.

My phone randomly restarts.

Probable Cause: Faulty software/incompatible memory card

Possible solution:
» Remove the phone’s memory card, and check if the problem persists. If the issue is resolved, get yourself a new branded Micro SD card.

» Upgrade to the latest firmware of your phone.

» Update all the installed apps on your phone through Google Play.

» Shut down your phone and then power it back on. Keep the power button pressed till you see the Galaxy S4 logo on the screen. Let go of the power key and keep the volume down button pressed. If you see Safe Mode written to the bottom left of the screen, you’ve successfully booted into Safe Mode. Check to see if the phone still reboots automatically. If it doesn’t, it is one of the installed apps on the phone that is causing the problem. Restart your phone normally, and then uninstall all the apps you installed, and reinstall them one by one, each time checking to see if the problem persists. Once you have detected the app that is causing the reboot, uninstalling it should solve the problem. On the other hand, if your phone reboots in Safe Mode, you would be well advised to take it to an authorized service center.

» Install good antivirus software on your phone to ensure that no malicious content that can potentially harm your phone gets on board.

There isn’t enough storage space on my phone.

Probable cause: Memory-hogging apps

Possible solution:
» Uninstall all apps that you don’t need.

» Get a higher capacity Micro SD card.

» Move all the apps (that can be moved) onto the Micro SD card.

While playing a game or watching a movie, my phone heats up.

Probable cause: Hardware/software issue

Possible solution:
» (It is normal for the phone to heat up a little while charging, playing memory-intensive games, and also in warm weather)
If the phone heats up while using a particular app, go to Google Play and update it to the latest version. You could also look for other alternatives for the app.

» Take a backup of all the files on your Micro SD card onto your computer. Format the memory card on the phone, and then transfer all the files back onto it.

» Upgrade to the latest firmware for your phone.

» If the problem persists, get your phone checked at an authorized Samsung service center.

My phone’s Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping.

Probable cause: Hardware/software issues

Possible solution:
» Turn off the Wi-Fi receiver on your phone, and then turn it back on.

» Follow this path:
Settings > Connections. Select Wi-Fi. Click on Menu and set Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep to Always.

» On the dialer, dial *#0011#. Menu > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi power save mode > Off

» Upgrade the router’s firmware.

» Contact your ISP about the issue.

My phone’s Smart features don’t work properly.

Probable cause: Insufficient ambient lighting/software issue

Possible solution:
» Follow this path:
Settings > My Device > Smart screen. Ensure that all the features are turned on.

» Restart your phone.

» Ensure that you are in a well-lit environment.

» Upgrade to the latest firmware for the phone.

» If the problem persists, take your phone along to an authorized Samsung service center.

There seems to be a lot of lag when I open or close an app on my phone.

Probable cause: Software issue

Possible solution:
» Restart the phone.

» Follow this path:
Settings > Developer options > Change Windows animation scale and Transition animation scale. Also, turn off Animation during scale.

Settings > My device > Lock screen > Unlock effect > None

» Launch S-Voice, and click on Settings. Uncheck Open via the home key.

» Upgrade to the latest firmware for your phone.

There’s a purple haze on the display as I scroll through the menu.

Probable cause: Software/Hardware issue

Possible solution:
» Install the updates for your phone. Upgrade to the latest firmware.

» Install an app like Screen Adjuster, which lets you tweak the contrast and brightness settings of your phone.

» If the problem persists, take your phone along to an authorized Samsung service center.

My phone’s camera/gallery is not functioning properly.

Probable cause: Software issue

Possible solution:
» Follow this path:
Settings > More > Application Manager > All > Camera/Gallery > Clear Cache and Clear data

» Switch off the phone. Enter into Recovery mode by pressing down the Volume, Home, and Power buttons together. Release the Power button when the phone vibrates, and let go of the other buttons when the Android Recovery screen appears. Use the Volume down button to select wipe cache partition, and press the Power button to select. The phone should then restart.

» Install an alternate camera app.

» If the problem persists, take your phone along to an authorized Samsung service center.

A glance through the above instructions and timely software and firmware upgrades should ensure that you remain one happy Galaxy S4 user. Cheers.

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