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The 5 Best Beaches in Europe

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The 5 Best Beaches in Europe


Europe has some of the beach’s best destinations as big seas surround it, like the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Most of its beaches have pebble seashore or a mix of pebble and sand seashore. These beaches are usually nestled among beautiful landscapes like cliffs and pine forests. The following is a list of the 5 best beaches you should visit in Europe.

The 5 Best Beaches in Europe 2

1. Malo Zarace Beach

Malo Zarace Beach is a small pebble beach under a rocky cliff on the west side of Zarace Village in Hvar, Croatia. It may not be convenient to access the beach as you have to climb down a concrete staircase. There are several impressive coves to explore. You can jump off the rock formation to dive into the water. You can also observe yachts that are moored at the small harbor. The trees provide some shades when the sun is hot in the afternoon. Malo Zarace Beach does not get too crowded, and you can easily find privacy.

2. Plage du Sillon

Plage du Sillon is a beautiful public beach in Saint-Malo, France. During low tide, the beach becomes wide with lots of rooms to carry out different seaside activities. Most of the seashore will be submerged in the water during high tide. There is a concrete promenade where you can go cycling and stroll. You can be like a kid again and collect seashells washed up by the tide. You can buy food and beverage at the cafe situated along the ramp. Plage du Sillon is the best place to spend with your family as it is never overcrowded.

3. Cala Jondal Beach

Cala Jondal is a white pebble beach with pine-covered cliff mountains in Ibiza, Spain. Some of the pebbles are huge and uncomfortable to sit on. There are many beach clubs with short bridges built into the sea to access the water easily. The beach club can bring food and beverage to your boat in the water. You can also buy beachwear at the beach club. Cala Jondal is popular with boat owners, and you can often see yachts and speedboats cruising in the water. You can go snorkeling and view different species of fishes.

4. Sampieri Beach

Sampieri Beach is a fine golden sand beach surrounded by pine forests on Sicily, Italy’s southeastern coast. There is a high cliff at the beach end where you can jump and dive into the sea. There are picnic tables with good shades near the pine forest. It offers other facilities like a volleyball court, paid car park. The beach is located next to a small hamlet that is filled with houses made of stone. There is no vendor renting umbrellas and sunbeds, so be sure to purchase these accessories yourself. The sea is also shallow and has lots of sand for building sandcastles.

5. Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz, also known as Fig Tree at the Mouth of the River, is a huge beach located at the Mondego River in Central Portugal. It is equipped with various facilities like a boardwalk, shower room, soccer fields, pedestrian, and cycling lane. There is a path that connects the street to the water. You will find plenty of vendors offering rental services for a variety of beach accessories. The water is not suitable for swimming as it often has small waves and strong rip currents.

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