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Presidential Convention Blogger Tent?


Presidential Convention Blogger Tent?


Apparently, Google will set up a big tent outside the Democrat conference in Denver for bloggers who could be blogging about the occasion. Perhaps you are unaware that a few 500 committed bloggers helped Senator Barrack Obama with his upward thrust to Stardom. Well, those bloggers, many of them, are nonetheless at it trying to get the phrase out and get Obama elected. Google realizes that they want to be worried in the race to show their technological and Internet prowess.

Presidential Convention Blogger Tent?

The Republicans have approximately two hundred devoted bloggers out there, now not as many because of the Democrats, however a decently wide variety of completely devoted people. These bloggers are licensed with credentials from the countrywide events. Each of the credentialed bloggers has a massive quantity of know-how of present-day political activities.

So, what is going to these “large Google Tents” have in the way of accommodations? They may have high-velocity Internet access to strength, meals, couches, drinks, smoothies, and HD TV of all the information media. Cost, $100 for access and a piece station to blog away on. And those aren’t little tents; we’re speaking some 8,000 square toes or so.

For individuals who do now not respect the Blogosphere or do no longer recognize what it’s miles all about or why it topics, they will quickly see simply why it can be the bloggers that swing this election. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are counting on their bloggers to make a distinction. Will or not it’s enough, can they make a difference? We shall see, but one aspect for certain, either manner, they are making history.

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