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A Comprehensive List of Olympic Sports You Simply Must Read About


A Comprehensive List of Olympic Sports You Simply Must Read About


Olympic Games are an global Travel Knowledge  sports activities occasion the arena looks ahead to. To recognize about the diverse sports activities which might be a part of Summer and Winter Olympics, go through this list of Olympic sports.

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Olympic Games – an global multi-sport occasion that hosts a spread of sports activities. It is one of the maximum critical and immensely popular global activities. Sports fanatics around the sector await it. The Games are hosted in a unique us of a every four years and each united states awaits a chance to host them. Beijing hosted the occasion in 2008. In 2012, it became London. In 2016, it’s Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Today’s Olympic Games hint their roots to historical Greek Olympics. In Ancient Greece, sports activities competitions had been held as a means to delight God Zeus. Over time, these video games took an all new shape. They modified from amateur to expert and invited wide participation from many nations throughout the globe. Changing instances brought glamor to the occasion and taken commercialization to a big extent. Olympic Games had started small. Today, they are a massive event the arena awaits to witness. Olympic sports activities include the ones contested at some point of Summer Olympics as additionally those contested at some stage in Winter Olympics. Let’s take a look at a list of these.


Summer Olympic Games encompass 26 sports with 39 disciplines. Winter Olympic Games contain 7 sports activities with 15 disciplines. Each Olympic game or field consists of a wonderful quantity of occasions, which might also range.

Summer Olympic Sports

It turned into delivered within the Summer Olympic Games in 1900. The International Archery Federation regulates this Olympic sport. After the London Olympics in 1908, archery changed into dropped from the Olympic sports activities list. In 1920, it becomes lower back. This sport includes 4 activities, particularly, men’s character, men’s group, girls’ person and ladies’ team.

When the modern Olympic motion originated at the 1896 Summer Olympics, athletics became part of the Summer Olympic Games. Several men’s and girls’s athletic occasions had been a part of this recreation. Athletics includes song and area, racewalking and street jogging events. A hundred to ten,000 meter races, hurdle races, relay races, 20 and 50km walks, marathon races, long jump, high jump, triple leap, pole vault, shot placed, decathlon, discus throw, javelin throw and hammer throw come beneath athletics.


This sport has been divided into 4 disciplines, specifically, diving, swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo. The International Swimming Federation regulates those disciplines.

It became first added in the 1904 Games of St. Louis and is a part of Summer Olympics seeing that then. It turned into a male-dominated sport till 1912. Women divers participated for the primary time in 1912. China turned into allowed to compete for the first time in 1984. Diving includes Springboard, Platform, Synchronized Springboard and Synchronized Platform, for both men and women. Athletes dive from as high as 10m above water.

It has constantly been part of the contemporary Summer Olympics and has been most of the maximum popular sports. It is also one in every of sports with the most important variety of activities. 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m and 1500m Freestyle, Butterfly, Breaststroke and Backstroke (100m and 200m), 200m and 400m Individual Medley, 10km Marathon, 4x100m and 4x200m Freestyle Relay and 4x100m Medley Relay are some of the guys’s activities in swimming. Women’s activities contain the identical set, except for 800m Freestyle that is 1500m for men.

Synchronized Swimming

Included in the Summer Olympics since 1984, synchronized swimming is contested as a duet and crew occasion. It includes girls’ group and ladies’ duet events. It is some of the two sports simplest contested by using ladies. As the call suggests, this recreation needs remarkable coordination skills.

Water Polo

Since 1900, this recreation has been part of Summer Olympics. But, till 2000 it included handiest men. Women’s Water Polo changed into delivered handiest inside the 2000 Olympics at Sydney. Of the primary five water polo tournaments in Olympics, four were received with the aid of Great Britain.


It become delivered in the Summer Olympics in the course of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona in which four badminton activities comprising singles and doubles for males and females have been held. The mixed doubles occasion changed into delivered in 1996. The Badminton World Federation is in charge of this Olympic game. In badminton, China has been the maximum a hit.


Basketball changed into held as an illustration sports activities occasion in 1904. Since 1936, it is part of the Summer Olympic Games. The first event was held outdoors on a court docket made from sand. Men’s basketball regarded in 1936, while girls’s event was brought much later, which turned into in 1976. The United States’ guys’s and girls’s groups have ruled the sport for long.


Since 1904, boxing has been a part of the Summer Olympics. It turned into excluded from the 1912 Games held in Stockholm, Sweden, because Swedish law banned this recreation. Till 2008, handiest men’s boxing events have been covered. For the primary time in 2012, girls participated in the game. Light Fly, Fly, Bantam, Light, Light Welter, Welter, Middle, Light Heavy, Heavy and Super Heavy are blanketed inside the guys’s boxing events even as women’s occasions consist of Fly, Light and Middle.


Paddling a canoe is known as canoeing. It is assessed into two disciplines, flatwater and slalom. The kinds of boats used on this sport are canoes with canoers or kayaks with 1, 2 or four kayakers. Men’s events encompass Kayak Single (200m and 1000m), Kayak Double (200m and 1000m), Kayak Four (1000m), Canoe Single (200m and 1000m) and Canoe Double (1000m), while women’s activities consist of Kayak Single (200m and 500m), Kayak Double (500m) and Kayak Four (500m). The Canoe Sprint 200m race changed into introduced in the 2012 London Olympics.


This Olympic sport is contested as a group of 4 disciplines, specifically, BMX, mountain biking, street cycling and track biking. Cycling is part of the Summer Olympic games because 1896. That year, it was the form of an 87km race. Road cycling turned into now not part of the 1900, 1904 and 1908 Olympic Games. It has lower back to the Olympic sports activities list in 1912. Women had been taking part in the game considering the fact that 1984. There are guys’s and women’s events for each subject of biking. Road biking contains Individual Time Trial and Road Race for each men and women. Similarly, mountain cycling and BMX have each men’s and girls’s activities.


It have become a part of the Summer Olympics in 1900 and has been contested until date except for the 1912 Olympics while it became excluded. Dressage, Jumping and Eventing, are the 3 disciplines of Equestrianism. It is one of the best Olympic sports that involve animals. As a rule, the horses used for Dressage and Eventing must be at the least eight years vintage and people used for Jumping must be at the least 9 years old. The 3 disciplines are divided into two categories, specifically, Individual and Team.


Ever because the cutting-edge Olympic motion started, fencing is a part of Summer Olympics. It is carried out with the assist of such a 3 guns: a foil, an epee or a saber. Fencing is contested inside the form of man or woman and team activities for ladies and men.

Field Hockey

It have become a part of the Olympics in 1908 after which it became eliminated in 1924. However, it turned into brought returned to Olympics inside the very subsequent Summer Olympic Games in 1928. India and Pakistan have been Olympic champions in hockey. Women’s hockey was held for the first time in 1980.

It has been part of every Olympiad besides for the years 1896 and 1932. It was a guys’ sport. In 1900, it changed into delivered as a medal sport. Women’s football was brought in 1996.


It is divided into 3 forms, which contain the disciplines of this sport. Artistic, Rhythmic and Trampoline Gymnastics are the 3 disciplines. Artistic gymnastics consists of activities like Floor Exercise, Vault, Parallel Bars, Horizontal Bar and Rings, amongst others, for women and men. Rhythmic gymnastics consists of character and team occasions for ladies even as trampoline consists of person events for men and women. For the first 32 years after its introduction, best guys had been allowed to take part. In 1928, ladies took element in artistic gymnastics for the first actual time. Rhythmic gymnastics made a debut at some stage in the 1984 Summer Olympics. Trampolining was introduced inside the Sydney Olympics in 2000.


Handball is considered to be one of the oldest sports. It debuted at the 1936 Summer Olympics and then it became excluded. After an extended gap of 36 years, it reappeared in 1972. Women’s handball turned into introduced in 1976.

It have become part of Summer Olympics as a medal game in 1964. Till 1988, most effective guys have been covered and girls took element inside the demonstration recreation. Female judoka have been identified for the primary time in 1992.

Modern Pentathlon

Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern-day Games introduced current pentathlon to Summer Olympics. It is a blend of 5 disciplines, particularly, epee fencing, pistol shooting, show jumping on horseback, 3km go-united states strolling and 200m freestyle swimming. It was introduced at the Stockholm Olympics held in 1912. Women participated for the first time on this game during the 2000 Sydney Olympics.


Since the Summer Olympics of 1900, rowing is part of Olympic activities. Women’s activities were delivered in 1976 and light-weight-rowing events started out in 1996. Interestingly, rowing is the only sport in which the end line is crossed backward.


This game debuted on the Summer Olympics of Paris in 1900. Except for 1904 whilst it became excluded, cruising has constantly appeared at the Olympic sports activities list. Before the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the sport became called yachting.


Since the foundation of the cutting-edge Olympic movement, taking pictures has always been a part of Olympic video games. It changed into excluded in 1904 and in 1928.

Table Tennis

Dominated by using the Chinese, desk tennis became a part of Summer Olympics in 1988. Singles and doubles for women and men are the occasions blanketed on this discipline. During the early twentieth century, the Soviet Union had banned this sport thinking about that it was dangerous to at least one’s eyes.


After being a demonstration recreation in 1988 and 1992, Taekwondo determined an area in the list of Olympic sports in the Summer Olympics of 2000.


Tennis is a part of the Summer Olympics due to the fact 1896. After being excluded in 1924 and being played as an illustration game two times, it reappeared in 1988. Tennis accommodates men’s and girls’ singles and doubles as also blended doubles.


It was introduced all through the Summer Olympics in 2000. The International Triathlon Union is the price of the management and law of this game. It consists of men’s and women’s activities. Brigitte McMahon from Switzerland and Simon Whitfield from Canada have been the primary Olympic Triathlon champions.


This Olympic Recreation has disciplines, specifically, seashore volleyball and indoor volleyball. Both have occasions for women and men. Indoor volleyball was delivered at some stage in the Summer Olympics of 1964 even as seaside volleyball debuted in the 1996 Games. United States has dominated this game.

It made its first appearance in the Summer Olympics in 1896 and reappeared in 1904. It is part of the Olympic Games because of the Summer Olympics of 1920. Since then, there was a described set of weight training with weight limits for every. The training and weight limits have changed over the years. The one thrilling rule that remains is, in the case of a tie the lifter with lesser body weight wins.

It is a part of Summer Olympic Games for the reason that modern-day Olympic motion started. It consists of events for each man and women. It is one of the oldest sports and was first protected in the Ancient Olympics held in 708 BC. The longest wrestling fit inside the Olympic records was the only among Martin Klein (Russia) and Alfred Asikainen (Finland) at some point of the Stockholm Olympics of 1912. It had lasted for eleven lengthy hours!

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