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How to Use WhatsApp on Your Desktop

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How to Use WhatsApp on Your Desktop


WhatsApp is a messaging utility that works over more than one platform. It is multilingual and permits sending and receiving of instant text or media messages. This Buzzle article explains the way to use WhatsApp on a personal computer.
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Did You Know?
WhatsApp, the most popular messaging software, become named so because the phrase gave the impression of ‘What’s Up?’.
As a generation has superior plenty over the last decade, we’re comfy because of unfastened messaging facilities. There become a time while we paid for the messages we sent. WhatsApp is a completely beneficial utility that enables alternate messages over move structures. One very vital benefit of this application is that it is unfastened from advertisements. This reduces the annoyance on the part of the person.

Facebook, considered one of the most important social networking websites, owns WhatsApp. This messaging utility supports Nokia, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, and Windows telephones. It permits conversation with the assistance of textual content and media messages (multimedia messages include audio, video, photos, clips, and so forth.) In addition to the information, an Internet connection inside the shape of a statistics plan or Wi-Fi is required on the consumer’s device.


How to Install WhatsApp on a PC

Let us now understand what precisely wishes to be finished for establishing a connection among WhatsApp accounts on the mobile tool in addition to a laptop. The connection between your cell phone and computing device for linking the WhatsApp account is quite critical. This can be completed with the aid of linking a website to the WhatsApp account. On completion of this process, the messenger account on the cell device and computer can be synced. One hassle of this approach is that the account can be linked to an internet site, which can be opened on the Chrome browser of Google.

The application designed for WhatsApp on your PC or laptop has been advanced by way of Facebook. It is referred to as WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp Web allows having access to this messenger on non-cellular systems or platforms. This syncs the messages on each PC as well as mobile devices. The gain of the usage of this application on PC or PC is that you can make use of a keyboard and a mouse to change messages.

How to Use WhatsApp on a PC

Using WhatsApp on a PC may be pretty convenient at times. Let us learn the stairs to be accompanied for configuring this software account on a web browser.

Things Required

Desktop PC/Laptop
Active Internet Connection
Smartphone (With WhatsApp installed)


Make certain you are using the modern model of the WhatsApp application. If now not, download the modern-day model.

On installation, spark off this messenger utility.

Select the Menu button → Select WhatsApp Web from the listing that looks.

WhatsApp will provide you with a URL (hyperlink) to be opened on the desktop PC. Open this link in the Chrome browser.

On beginning the internet site, a QR code will be provided. Scan this code with the use of the WhatsApp utility to your cellular tool.

On finishing touch of the scanning technique, the cell device and the system will be synced and configured to the messenger account.


1) This method works handiest for the Google Chrome browser; thus, make certain your system has this browser mounted.
2) This technique isn’t always relevant to iPhone users.
3) A rapid pace Internet connection is usually recommended in the course of the syncing method.

There are pretty a few websites that provide packages to sync WhatsApp on PC. A few of those applications are WhatsRemote, WebWhatsApp, BlueStacks, YouWave, and many others.

This workaround sounds smooth, is not it? And it truly is as simple as it sounds. Do attempt it at your give up.

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