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How to Fix Error Code 12 in The Sims three Game


How to Fix Error Code 12 in The Sims three Game


Error Code 12 is a chronic occurrence in The Sims 3 recreation. This article offers some beneficial suggestions for avoiding this trouble.
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Did You Know?

Error Code 16 is much like Error Code 12 and would not allow you to keep files larger than 4GB and overwrite the existing file. Games are intended to be loved with satisfaction. Ignorance is bliss in this department. Some people play games to ease their stress, while others accomplish that to escape the truth, albeit for some moments. But what does one do when an error happens and ruins the fun? Cursing your PC might ease your frustration but not reduce the 8 hours of gameplay.

Sims 3, created with the aid of EA Games, is an open international recreation that lets you manage the lives of a couple of characters. It follows their lives in Sunset Valley as they enjoy the highs and lows of life. Their desires and personal desires coincide on this roller-coasting epic of betrayal, happiness, envy, and pleasure, a multi-function large bundle. It emulates real existence flawlessly, with each individual knocking on your door with a particular cause in mind. As you have spent the entire day monitoring their development, leveling them to a point wherein their happiness stages have long gone through the roof, what do you do while the record refuses to be stored? This is one of the few bugs associated with The Sims, and we will tell you how to restore these unique errors.


What is The Sims three Error Code 12?

The report refuses to save due to insufficient RAM. This usually results from lengthy gambling periods with large families inside The Sims. If you create custom clothing for each of your Sims, you will run out of virtual space, and the sport will crash or refuse to save the document.

Symptoms of Error Code 12

➤You lose your sports file and are prevented from saving your sports report until you restart the game.

➤Your game freezes all at once; the software closes without warning, and you are redirected again to the computing device.

➤Characters or textures might load incorrectly.

➤It prevents you from logging into Sims Wall if you have The Sims Three: Showtime established.

➤Your files get corrupted, and your stored games will have a.Bad extension.

How to Prevent The Sims Three Error Code 12

➤Save your statistics at nighttime while the Sims are asleep or store them earlier than you move on any aspect quest.

➤Close any extra applications walking in the heritage. Otherwise, it leaves much less area for your recreation to apply, and in the end, it might crash.

➤Minimize the usage of Windows Task Manager or switching between home windows, as it eats up the processing time.

➤Since Error Code 12 seems to be because of memory problems, upgrading the system to a sixty-four-bit working system and 4GB RAM processor should remedy the problem.

➤Check the Folder in CurrentGame.Sims3, within the ‘My Documents folder. It has to be empty when the game starts to evolve. If there are any files with the. Awful extension; delete them straight away.

How to Fix The Sims three Error Code 12 for Mac/Windows

➤Switch tabs for the duration of the sport by way of urgent Alt+Tab in Windows or Cmd + ~ on a Mac.

➤Open your Windows Explorer or Finder window to open your Documents Folder.

➤Browse to the Folder where those games are stored. In Windows 7, go to C: UsersUSERNAMEDocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3Saves. For Windows XP C: Documents and SettingsUSERNAMEMy DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3Saves. On Mac, it’s normally found at Macintosh HDUsersUSERNAMEDocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3Saves.

➤Delete all the documents that end with a.Awful extension. These are the failed saves. You can keep them in a separate folder and rename the extension.Sims3, if you would like to keep a duplicate for safe checking,

➤Try saving the report again, as the sport generates new documents for each save.

Alternative Quick Fixes

➤As you pass on playing the game for an extended period, the sport gets stored in digital reminiscence. However, digital reminiscence is a part of RAM, and information cannot be manipulated more than it is constructed. One answer is to increase your RAM and thereby boost your digital space.

➤If you have The Sims 3: Showtime installed, try logging out of the reputable website of The Sims online via the options menu. Then, the decision of the shop report should be lowered. It unloads a number of the graphical facts back to the RAM and saves the file accordingly.

➤If you have recovered from the Error Code 12, it’s recommended that you stop and restart the sport. This returns the information to the RAM and offers you leverage the next time you play.

➤You can keep the game record using the ‘Save As’ alternative and supply the record with a new call. This is the easiest technique around the problem.

These are several techniques for fixing Error Code 12. Once again, take a backup of your files with the.Sims3 extension before you attempt any of those methods.

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