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3 Reasons Why Apps Fail


3 Reasons Why Apps Fail


Naturally, we had to get to the lowest of it all, and we desired to understand where these apps have been going incorrectly to avoid being one of the 65% and pass towards the pinnacle 10%.

So we did our dust; we downloaded loads extra apps; we examine loads more articles; we contacted many incredibly a success app builders and placed the question to them. This is what we discovered:

“Most app builders are not simply sure about what they may be doing… ” OK, now, not precisely floor-breaking stuff; however, please allow me problematic.

3 Reasons Why Apps Fail
The general populace of people doesn’t know that an app wishes to prevail on the App Store. In reality, there are exactly three motives why apps fail, and any successful app wishes to overcome those to thrive. The 3 reasons are:

– A lack of Marketing;

– A Monetisation shape that does not work, and;

– A poor User Experience.

The point of this text is to reveal to you each of these boundaries in the extra element. Once you apprehend them higher, you will see how you can use them for your gain.

Let’s start through discussing:

UX – User Experience

User Experience layout is the artwork of laying out the displays of the app to discover the pleasant feasible manner for the consumer to engage. In this part of the process, we look at things like button layout and shade. We also attend to slicing out the ‘fats’ that don’t need to be there and use the proper words and icons for buttons to make the revel intuitive and easy.

You see, humans are each lazy and impatient, and whilst one’s traits blend, it can be difficult to preserve a person engaged. That makes it doubly essential to do an awesome activity of it.

There may be someone (or several human beings) whose task it’s miles to design the UX in an app development group. An excellent UX clothier is tough to find, so the DIY mentality simply no longer follows this discipline.


Admittedly this is a part of the App Marketing procedure. However, I like to segregate the two and cognizance of them one at a time. Here’s why:

Monetization in itself is a big situation and deserves a variety of attention. You see, there are various methods to monetize an app and not all of the paintings for every app.

For instance: Imagine launching a social media app and trying to price users a subscription fee to apply it. From memory, Facebook hinted at doing this at one factor and almost lost a quarter of its consumer base.

Being clever with this also the method you can make more money from doing less. For instance, many app developers do not use in-app purchases. My question is: What app developer in his/her right thoughts could forget about using in-app purchases?

What’s the big deal? Well, stats show that in-app purchases create on common 40% of an app’s universal sales. So, permit me to ask you this: As an app developer, could you need to miss out on that?

What you need to be careful of is ‘beside the point use of in-app purchases. For example, sure apps push the in-app purchases alternative too difficult and therefore lose their customers engagement.

Before figuring out the first-class manner to monetize your app, I would advocate which you have a severe consult with an app professional and download some apps to look at what the opposition is doing.

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