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4 Tips for When You’re Feeling Disconnected While Working Remotely


4 Tips for When You’re Feeling Disconnected While Working Remotely


Working from home has a lot of perks. You don’t have to commute or think about wearing work-appropriate attire. You don’t have to pack a lunch or think about all the laundry you need to get done once you’re home. Even with these benefits, working from home also has a few cons. One of which is feeling disconnected from your teammates and coworkers.

Working remotely can trigger feelings of isolation. You can quickly feel out of touch without the water cooler talks or in-person interactions. These feelings can make it challenging to get work done or be productive. You may turn to social media throughout the day or look for distractions to take your mind off your feelings.

If you are feeling disconnected, know that you’re not alone. This is a growing problem, especially as more and more companies go completely remote. Fortunately, you can take steps to keep these feelings at bay. Keep reading to discover four tips for feeling disconnected while working remotely.


1. Embrace How You’re Feeling

4 Tips for When You’re Feeling Disconnected While Working Remotely 2

First, you need to be open and acknowledge how you’re doing. If you’re new to remote work, you may think these feelings are part of working at home. However, working in isolation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have connections with your teammates. It’s possible to have a strong bond with coworkers even if none of you see each other daily.

Due to the pandemic, more people are working from home and are bringing up these conversations naturally. This can make embracing your feelings easier as you navigate coping with your emotions. Some common feelings you may be experiencing are anxious thoughts, emptiness, and overall sadness. If you are experiencing depression, you might want to seek professional help. There are prescription medications readily available to improve your overall quality of life.

2. Think Small

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Forming close relationships with your team can be hard when you’re not working in an office. And yet, it’s these closer bonds that can boost morale and company culture. Making friends at work means thinking small rather than large. Just like you wouldn’t try to befriend everyone at once at the office, don’t try to do the same remotely. The key is to think small over large, setting up smaller channels of communication rather than larger ones.

This can be as simple as starting a separate Slack channel for a specific project you’re working on. It can also look like scheduling regular check-ins with your direct employees via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Doing so can provide the more intimate, casual forms of chit-chat expected in an office setting. It’s during these smaller conversations that you can bond. You may find a shared hobby with a teammate or discover that you live within walking distance from a coworker.

3. Sync Your Schedule

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A huge benefit of working from home is designating your schedule. While some companies may expect you to log on for a typical 9-5 day, many are letting go of this strictness. As long as you are getting your work done promptly, managers may not care when you are online. However, burning the midnight oil to get your job done may not be beneficial from a connection POV. You may feel more isolated and disconnected seeing everyone’s Slack messages set at “away” or “unavailable.”

Messaging teammates and receiving responses in real time can help form the relationships you’re craving. If you can, try to sync up your schedule to match your teammates as much as possible. ‘While setting your plan, be conscious of how you end your day. Recent research shows that 21% of Americans can’t unplug from their work, leading to more stress and anxiety. Once you close your laptop, give yourself time to walk with your dog or attend an exercise class to help you separate yourself from your workday.

4. Spearhead Team Building Exercises

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If you’re feeling disconnected from your team, others are feeling it. One way to encourage interpersonal connections is through team-building exercises. Before you roll your eyes, give this idea a chance! Team building is an opportunity to get to know your coworkers better in a relaxed setting.

There are several ways to facilitate team building in a remote setting. These exercises range from hosting virtual happy hours to encouraging recognition award ceremonies. You can also outsource an exercise instructor or trainer for a virtual workout class. Everyone can look forward to scheduling regular team-building exercises throughout the month. Ask for input from your coworkers to see what they would like to do, and ask if they would like to help organize them with you.


Just because you aren’t physically seeing your coworkers doesn’t mean you have to feel isolated. Working typical hours as much as you can also help facilitate connectedness. Proactively reaching out and scheduling smaller conversations can be helpful. And scheduling fun, interactive team-building sessions can boost overall morale. While it may take effort, feeling connected as a remote employee is attainable.

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