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Sixteen Most Controversial and Banned Apps You Really Need to Know About


Sixteen Most Controversial and Banned Apps You Really Need to Know About


With the Apple App save and the Google Play Store’s strict approval method, some apps get accredited only to be banned later. Buzzle has drafted a list of such exigent apps that either confronted controversy and have been kicked off or those that deserve an immediate ban; however, they are still to be had.
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As of May 2015, approximately 1.Five million apps were had for Android customers to pick from and about 1.4 million for iPhone users. – Source: Statista
Be it Google or Apple, app shops are flooded with beside-the-point attempts to capitalize on drollness or wittiness. With clear specs approximately the app’s content no longer being obscene, pornographic, offensive, or defamatory, a few developers create whacky apps that getaway censors and net regulators. If the generation is to be blamed, users are constantly searching for apps that ease their lives in a few manners or the alternative. And then, those curious heads encounter things that want a filter.

From the raunchiest to the instantly absurd, we have unveiled the apps that may depart you outraged. It’s difficult to consider that these apps sincerely made it through the strict tips of the corresponding shops.
Most Controversial iPhone Apps

Girls Around Me

This app has taken creepy to every other level. This geo-region app lets you discover, or ought to say, stalk ladies on your close-by place, based on public Foursquare take a look at-ins and Facebook posts. It then lets you hook up with them thru Facebook. The app was right now taken off from the shop for violating API’s policy.


Baby Shaker
This is one of the maximum despicable iPhone apps released. Created by Sikalosoft, it let users violently shake their iPhone that allows you to prevent the infant’s loud noises wherein red Xs (crosses) might appear over the toddler’s eyes, and he could quit crying. Apple and Sikalsoft later apologized, and the app was eliminated when they found out their mistake.

Ghetto Tweets
This Twitter-primarily based app filtered your buddies’ tweets in an attempt to cause them to extra ‘city’ but ended up growing slang sounds that have been discovered to be racist. After being flooded with proceedings, the ghetto translator was pulled from the shop.

Me So Holy
This controversial app allows users to take a mugshot and superimpose pix of faces onto diverse spiritual figures, including Jesus Christ. The app changed quickly removed utilizing Apple, maintaining it to be objectionable. To which the writer Benjamin Kahle published on his website: Is faith surely placed inside the same class as those violent apps? Sex, urine, and defecation don’t appear to be off-limits, but a totally non-violent, religion-based totally app is.

Door Of Hope
A gay man or woman can be cured in just 60 days by an iPhone app. Can you beat that? If it sincerely needs to be cured, is the controversy too deep to dig in here? But this app claimed to kill the demons that motive equal-sex attractions on your body. Apple, without delay, pulled the app from their app save.

I Am Rich
This is one of the maximum ostentatious and unnecessary apps in this listing. With a retail rate of $999.Ninety-nine, this app does clearly nothing aside from showing a static image with a crimson jewel, saying, “I Am Rich.” Two of the customers who unintentionally sold this app had been paid lower back. This app led the creator, Armin Heinrich, a fab $6,000 in his pocket till it becomes yanked off via Apple.

Beauty Meter
As the name suggests, this app lets you add pics and get grades on your beauty; customers ought to charge the face, frame, and clothes from 1 to 5 stars. This free app had no restrictions regarding the age or apparel that might be worn turned into worried. Things were quite innocuous until the photograph of a nude 15-12 months-old female showed up, prompting Apple to prohibit it.

Apps that can be devised to bring disparate people collectively are always encouraged. And the author of Swearpost’s idea is adding one to the list. So he created this app that helps you say swears in nearly 45 one-of-a-kind languages, making you a worldwide swearing grasp. Apple did not appear satisfied; it banned the iOS model for its crude and offensive content material.
Most Controversial Android Apps

Secret SMS Replicator
This app is for all those jilted fanatics, scorned exes, and determined stalkers. The little bit of spyware you put into your buddy’s or loved one’s smartphone that runs not noted inside the background. Once the app starts working, it can ahead all of the incoming textual content messages to the stalker’s wide variety. At last, it got a boot from the Android marketplace for privacy worries.

Make Me Asian
Even the nice of the first-rate comedians hesitate at the same time as which includes racism in their humor. It can get that tricky! But the builder’s notion they might deal with this. This face-morphing app shall we customers to import images and upload stereotypical Asian facial capabilities to them. Kimberly Deiss took this to any other stage by launching spin-offs that focused on Indians, African-Americans, and lots of greater. Can it get any more racist?

Lulu is a sexist app that we could women charge men they recognize from Facebook on the idea in their romantic, non-public, and sexual appeal. It would not stop here; it also permits them to hyperlink their ratings to their Facebook pages with hashtags from #BigFeet to #OneWomanMan. Despite the criticism, Lulu remains had for download, gaining thousands and thousands to Alexandra Chong.
Is My Son Gay?
So we got an app to help harassed parents determine the sexual orientation of their children by answering a fixed of questions! The app turned into launched for promoting a comedic novel with the aid of the identical name. Google was bombarded with proceedings from LGBT advocacy organizations, prompting them to pull it off the Android market.

Ass Hunter
This sport existed as an internet flash recreation since 2006 but was given notice whilst it changed into moved to the Google Play Store. It offers players the manage of a hunter, asks them to kill naked homosexual guys. And if they do not shoot those men, that they had have gay intercourse with them. The description read, “Play and do now not be gay!” Again, a successful Twitter marketing campaign led to the elimination of this app from the Google Play Store.

Carrot Dating
This app has been addressed as a shape of digital prostitution time and time once more. The tagline is going, ‘messaging can also get her involved. However, bribery will get you a date. It allows users to provide ‘carrots’ to other humans, permits them to ship incentives like goodies or dinners, and receives them to conform to a primary date. The app has been labeled as ‘sexist and ‘misogynistic.’ The creator says it’s been evolved for many less attractive men to triumph over hurdles within the online dating international and believes in bribing women with items. And it made its manner to the iPhone App save as well.

This arguable app claims to make you sense better about your seems. All it does is take your selfie and edit it, supplying you with the choice to subtract 5, 10, or 15 kilos out of your weight. However, users are not very glad about it. It makes scrawny humans appear starved, and weighty people sense terrible approximately themselves. All this comes at the value of $zero.Ninety-nine.

Bang With Friends
Created with the aid of Colin Hedge and Omri Mor, this famous app does exactly what you think it does. It guarantees to make it simpler for humans to invite their Facebook pals for informal sex. With intentions made clean, the carrier notifies each event if there may be a healthy. It was taken off the App save for being too vulgar; however, its miles nonetheless available at the Play Store.

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