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Why you might want to pick the bear mattress


Why you might want to pick the bear mattress


Is it time to go shopping for a new mattress, but you don’t know which memory foam mattress you should buy? Many memory foam mattresses in the market today promised support and relief to your pressure point. However, few of them deliver to your satisfaction.


Bear is a memory foam mattress designed with Celliant technology to give your bed that isn’t too soft or too firm. It’s also very supportive and perfect for relieving pressure on your pressure points and other joints. The cover is made of a unique Celliant material that is good at helping your body recover, especially for athletes. The bear mattress is made for people with an active lifestyle e, and its features are intended to aid your body recovery, improve blood circulation, and keep you cool throughout the night.

The bear mattress comprises four layers that increase the firmness of the bed. Also, the different foam densities make you feel like your body is being gently cradled while at the same time being well supported.

Main features

The cover


The bear mattress cover is a soft and thin material made with Celliant technology found in sporting equipment that is good in absorbing your body heat and protecting the mattress. Celliant is good at speeding up your body’s recovery by converting your body heat to infrared energy. This improves your blood flow, increasing the supply of oxygen in your body and regulating your body temperature.

The top layer

This is a durable layer with a 1.5-inch contouring layer of memory foam that is graphite infused to regulate your body temperature to avoid having a hotbed. Graphite is a metal that is an excellent conductor of heat in its natural form. It has a density of 4lb, which is perfect for relieving pressure and evenly distributes pressure across the mattress. This layer also has an open-cell response foam with more breathable qualities than normal memory foam. This layer also contours your body, slightly hugging you without feeling like you’re sinking into the bed.

The middle layers

The middle layers comprise a 2-inch responsive foam that adds to your comfort and creates enough response making it easy for you to change positions on the mattress. This memory foam has a 3lb density which gives you some bounce and avoids making you feel stuck. The 2-inch transition foam provides deep comfort and acts as a transition point from the soft memory foam at the top to the dense base foam. These layers relieve even more pressure helping your muscles feel relaxed.

The base layer

This layer has a 6.5-inch poly-foam density of 1.8lb to provide firm support to the top layers and ensure the mattress’s durability. This dense layer is excellent base support for the other layers to work harmoniously. This layer gives your bed sturdiness, provides ample support to your bones and joints, and helps to align your spine.

Performance of the bear mattress



This is a great mattress for people who sleep on their side, stomach, back, and in combination sleeping positions. The four layers of foam provide a medium to a medium-firm that falls around 6.5 on the firmness scale. The gel memory foam gives you a bit of softness while the memory foam contours to your body; you can feel the responsive layers’ springiness. The responsive layers give you a bounce while still feeling firmness in the mattress.

Motion isolation

The foam layers are good at absorbing your movements on the mattress. When you move on the bed, the foam isolates your signal to a certain part of the mattress without distributing the calls to other areas of the mattress. This means when you sleep, you notice tiny activity if your partner tosses and turns on the bed, giving you a peaceful night’s rest. In some bear mattress reviews, you will find this mattress is recommended for light sleepers. Apart from absorbing movement, this mattress contours with your body providing relief on your pressure points, but you don’t feel like you’re sinking into the bed.

Edge support

Bear-Hybrid-Mattress-Review-Stomach-Sleeper-Edge-Support-5 (1).jpg

Most people,e when shopping for matters,s forget to consider edge support which is an important point. Compared to other foam mattresses, a bear mattress performs fairly in providing edge support. The center of the mattress and its core have the best support. When you sit on the edge of the bed, you will notice that it sinks a bit, but you can still sit on it without feeling like falling.

Temperature control

The comfort layers are gel-infused to help in reducing heat, keeping you cool and comfortable. The foam’s top layer has been designed so that air freely circulates. The graphite gel disperses heat, allowing circulation, making the mattress breathable, and keeping you cool throughout the night. The responsive foam is made with an open-cell design that also contributes to keeping you cool. The base layer doesn’t let you sink in the bed, leaving fewer surfaces touching your body, meaning that you remain cool, and the cover is thin enough to breathe and allow air to circulate freely.


This is the temporary smell released from the mattress after unpacking. The bear mattress doesn’t use common chemicals to make its memory foam, so the bed emits very little or no smell. If there is any smell, it quickly disappears after some time.



The dense base foam contributes a lot to the durability of the mattress. You also get a 10-year limited warranty with the bed.


The bear mattress is a medium-firm bed, making it easier for you to move on the bed, and you don’t feel like the bed is hugging you. The responsive layer is good at responding to quick movements and gives you a bounce compared to other memory foam. It shouldn’t inhibit any sexual activities on the bed.

Are you ready to sleep like a baby?

The bear mattress provides excellent support and relief for your pressure points while simultaneously leaving you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

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