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IPhone 4S Vs. IPhone four Vs. Samsung Galaxy SII


IPhone 4S Vs. IPhone four Vs. Samsung Galaxy SII



The cellphone war of all ages is here! The iPhone 4 and its today’s version, iPhone 4S, move head-to-head with the large Samsung Galaxy SII. Scroll beneath for an assessment of their key capabilities and specifications.TAGGED UNDER: Apple iPhone Samsung Mobile Phones

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In the constantly changing international of technology, something better usually seems to be around the corner. The brand new iPhone version, the 4S, an upgraded version of the iPhone 4, has entered the reduce-throat area of smartphones. While the whole international turned into waiting for the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S functions are astounding sufficient to make this cellphone stand out. Its nearest competitor, in terms of performance, functions and rate is the Samsung Galaxy SII, currently the maximum effective member of the Samsung Galaxy family. To recognize the key variations and similarities between these two learners, study on for an in-depth assessment and the way the iPhone four fares towards its upgraded model, in an iPhone 4S vs. IPhone four vs. Samsung Galaxy SII face-off.
iPhone 4S Vs. iPhone four Vs. Samsung Galaxy SII: The Showdown
The three phones are as compared on the basis of the subsequent features:
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Physical Specs
Preview Specs/Name iPhone 4S iPhone four Samsung Galaxy S2Display Size 3.5 inch three.5 inch four.27 inch (AT&T)Display Type Retina Retina Super AMOLED PlusResolution (pixel) 960 x 640 960 x 640 800 x 480Dimensions (H x W inches) four.Five x 2.31 4.Five x 2.31 four.96 x 2.60Thickness (inches) 0.37 zero.37 zero.35Weight (oz) four.9 4.Eight 4.3Color Black/White Black/White Black/White
Physically there isn’t much distinction between the new iPhone 4S and 4 models, one is slightly heavier than the alternative and each are barely heavier than the Galaxy S2. The antenna difficulty that plagued preceding iPhone models, is said to be resolved within the new iPhone 4S. Screen-sensible all three fashions are very eye-friendly, no want to squint or pressure, and looking motion pictures on the sort of extensive-display is a pride. Both Apple and Samsung displays are vibrant and clean with awesome photo and video rendering. Choosing between the two on the basis of layout, is hard. Apple fanatics will love the stylish and traditional iPhone style with the very vibrant display screen. Plus the phones come in black and white coloring. The Galaxy S2 seems a bit simple in evaluation but it has a no-frills enchantment.
Hardware Specs
Preview Specs/Name iPhone 4S iPhone 4 Samsung Galaxy S2Operating System iOS 5 iOS 4.3.5 Android 2.Three.4 GingerbreadProcessor 1 GHz Dual-core A5 Single-middle A4 1.2 GHz Dual-middle Exnyos C210Storage 16/32/64 GB eight GB 16 GBBattery Life eight hours (3G), 14 hours (2G) 7 hours (3G), 14 hours (2G) eight.7 hours
So what is new in iPhone 4S under the hood? For starters, it’s miles ready with a brilliant speedy, dual-middle A5 processor, which permits it to function seven instances quicker than the iPhone four. Multi-tasking is quick and the telephone is pretty responsive and speedy in any assignment, from internet surfing to e-studying. The graphic first-rate is so super, and with its high-performance, you could play video games at ease on this cellphone. Higher processing strength also promises a higher battery lifestyles for the smartphone. Both the Galaxy S2 and the iPhone 4S have awesome processors, so one cannot surely evaluate among the 2. But the choice maker is the OS. The iPhone 4S boasts the modern day iOS version, the iOS 5. With dazzling functions like PC Free, reminders, less complicated camera shortcut, iMessage (free messaging throughout iOS 5 iPhones, much like Blackberry’s BBM), this cell OS is a formidable opponent for the Android platform.
Media Capture
Preview Specs/Name iPhone 4S iPhone 4 Samsung Galaxy S2Camera eight MP 5 MP 8 MPFront Camera VGA VGA 2 MPVideo HD 1080p 30 fps HD 720p 30 fps HD 1080p 30 fpsBackside-illuminated Sensor Yes Yes YesGeotagging Yes Yes NoFace Detection Yes No NoAuto Focus Yes Yes YesLED Flash Yes Yes Yes
Both the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S2 have top-notch media capture functions, with an eight MP camera and HD video recording of 1080p. Tech functions like a backlight sensor and LED flash, make video and picture capturing smooth for the amateur and advanced sufficient for the professional, on each telephones. The state-of-the-art iPhone 4S front digital camera has terrible VGA first-rate, in place of the Galaxy S2’s 2MP digicam. But it has face detection and on-smartphone media modifying. In a iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 contrast in terms of digital camera specs, the iPhone 4S has 60% greater pixels and a higher video recording element.
Preview Specs/Name iPhone 4S iPhone 4 Samsung Galaxy S2USB No (30-pin connector) No (30-pin connector) YesBluetooth four.Zero 2.1 + EDR 3.ZeroWi-Fi 802.Eleven b/g/n 802.Eleven b/g/n 802.11 b/g/nNetwork GSM 3G/2G; CDMA GSM 3G/2G; CDMA GSM; 4GWorld Phone Yes No Yes (pick out fashions)HDMI O/P No No Through MHLGPS Yes Yes YesAmbient Light Sensor Yes Yes YesGyroscope Yes Yes YesAccelerometer Yes Yes YesCarrier AT&T, Verizon, Sprint AT&T, Verizon AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile (quickly)Price $199/299/399 $99 $199
In terms of connecting interface, the Galaxy S2 beats the iPhone 4S palms down. The iPhone 4S is ready with the Apple’s standard 30-pin proprietary connector, which needs a USB cable to plug right into a laptop. While the S2 has a USB port, it’s miles USB On-The-Go (USB OTG) successful that means, outside USB gadgets can be plugged into it, just like a PC. So you can keep and transfer facts between the flash drives and make contact with immediately while not having a PC. Plus the Galaxy S2 can be linked to an HDTV the use of a MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) and can be charged via the same port;  futuristic functions in a single cellphone!
*All photographs utilized in this newsletter have been taken from the respective official sites of the smartphones.
Each iPhone version is advertised as something particular, ready with capabilities neither its predecessors nor its competitors have. So let’s cut out the middle guy, the iPhone four and have an iPhone 4S Vs Samsung Galaxy S2 contrast, to see who’s got what.
What’s Unique about iPhone 4SThe iPhone 4S takes the term “telephone” to a new degree with Siri, the voice-operated software program function. Usually voice commands may be used to name positive contacts or open applications. The iPhone 4S Siri can recognize whole sentences and commands intelligently. What’s extra, it talks lower back to you. Ask it to save a reminder that it is your buddy’s birthday the following day or which you have left your keys to your table. Ask it about the climate and get a respond on how sunny or cloudy it is and what’s the temperature. You may even ask Siri to dig up facts for you, like “what’s the capital of Argentina” or “where’s the closest laundry” and it’s going to seek and solution you in a robot monotone. You can also inform it to text your coworker, that you’re going to be late. This voice recognition app for iPhone 4S, is stated to be quite responsive and wise and even helps more than one languages.
The iPhone 4S has  wi-fi capabilities that decorate its usability: AirPrint and AirPlay. Print snap shots, PDFs, notes, maps and textual content from your iPhone 4S, via an AirPrint-enabled printer, wirelessly. Just open the record in your iPhone and tap to print, the command is sent to the printer and the record is outlined. With an Apple TV adapter, you could play media out of your iPhone 4S to your HDTV wirelessly. This telephone is equipped with a useful and exciting set of integrated apps. Aside from vintage-time favorites (iTunes, Safari), new additions encompass Newsstand, a YouTube app and Find My iPhone (helps you find your iPhone, extraordinary for overlook-it-alls). If you want increasingly apps, get admission to the App Store from your iPhone and move nuts over the five hundred,000 (and extra) apps to be had.
What’s Unique approximately the Galaxy S2For starters, the Galaxy S2 can connect to 4G networks via the service AT&T. This makes it one of the few phones to permit the brand new excessive-pace network get entry to. to The Galaxy S2 is likewise embedded with a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip. This cutting-edge conversation generation allows wireless switch among unique devices at a distance of a few centimeters from every different. This smartphone even acts as an independent USB tool, with UTG. App-wise, the Galaxy S2 taps into the massive Android universe of apps. So anything you need on your phone in phrases of apps, is accessible. Built-in apps include a mini diary, a picture and video editing app, so that you can edit media to your telephone and Kies Air, which syncs statistics wirelessly among your PC and make contact with. The Galaxy SD has a microSD card slot for storage growth up to 32 GB. Like the iPhone 4S, the Galaxy S2 will permit wireless streaming of media among numerous gadgets inclusive of TVs and tablet PCs. So you can play a slideshow of your telephone’s pics on your TV wirelessly. The capture right here is that you do not need a separate adapter or tool in the center. The S2 is equipped with the AllShare app, that lets in wireless streaming among DLNA licensed devices.
So which should you choose, the iPhone four, 4S or the Galaxy S2? Frankly in case you very own an iPhone 4, you sincerely shouldn’t replace it with a 4S unless there is a alternate-in program or offer thru your provider. If you could, maintain out for an iPhone 5 (ETA June 2012). For once, an iPhone is available for Sprint customers. So in case you are a Sprint user and want a brand new high-tech cellphone, pass in for the iPhone 4S. Choosing between the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S2 is very tough to do, as they’re almost identical in strength and capabilities. Ultimately it comes right down to the OS, so are you a Mac fan or an Android geek? Keep in thoughts, that the Android OS is extra developer-pleasant, can be upgraded again and again and is a more open supply. With the iMac, you are confined to a pure Apple revel in. But there is something to be stated for exclusivity. Both are global telephones, so if you are the travelling sort, you could easily take your telephone along. So be clever and select the right smartphone based totally to your tech desire and carrier exceptional of service at your vicinity.

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