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Textbook Shopping Goes Online, Driving Prices Down


Textbook Shopping Goes Online, Driving Prices Down


In past decades, when a college student needed a textbook, they would travel to the college bookstore, search the shelves for the appropriate books and buy them. Today, college students can buy textbooks online or rent them, if they prefer. Check out some of the reasons why buying textbooks online is a more appealing option for many of today’s college students.


Lower Prices for Books

Buying your books at BooksRun means you are likely to get a better price for them than you would in a traditional bookstore. After all, a traditional bricks-and-mortar bookstore has to be heated, cooled, and otherwise maintained. In short, a traditional bookstore may raise the prices of the books to have the money to maintain a bricks-and-mortar store. Alternatively, an online bookstore has less upkeep, and this can drive down the prices of books. This is especially helpful if you’re a college student who needs several books for each class.

Free Shipping on Your Textbooks

You get to enjoy free shipping when you buy textbooks. This means even more savings for you as you collect all of the materials you need for a productive school year.

Convenience for Students

Buying books online is convenient for busy college students. As a college student, you have a lot on your to-do list when preparing for the start of classes. Maybe you’re moving into a new residence, trying to find furnishings for your dorm room, or spending a lot of time finalizing your class schedule. Going online to order your books is a relatively quick process that can give you more time to cross off other items on your to-do list. Once the books arrive in the mail, you’ll have what you need to start your courses.

A Large Selection

Shopping at an online bookstore like BooksRun means you have a large selection of books to choose from. Some instructors request a certain edition of a book, while others want a textbook that contains new material. It takes just minutes to find exactly what you need in the selection at an online bookstore. If you have any questions about whether you have the right book, you can get those answered in a timely way via live chat with a knowledgeable customer representative.

Renting is an Option

Maybe you prefer to rent your books. This is an option for many books used in college classes. You look up the books you need and determine whether you want to rent them or go ahead and purchase them. Some students want to buy textbooks because they like to keep them for further review in future months and years. Oftentimes, students rent books for courses when they know they won’t be using the text beyond the end of a class.

Get Your Shopping Done in Record Time

As long as you know the titles and authors of the books you need, you will likely get all of your shopping done in just one trip online. Just imagine not having to return to a traditional bookstore after discovering that your books have not yet arrived or a book is out of stock and needs to be reordered from the publisher. You can save time, gas, and patience by not getting into your car to go shopping in a traditional college bookstore. Find the books you need in the comfort of your own dorm room or apartment!

Find the Specifics on Your Books

All of the information about each textbook is included in its online description. The title, author, price, and ISBN are all displayed. Plus, there is often an image of the actual book, so you get to see what the cover looks like before buying or renting it. This makes it easy to choose the right books for each of your classes. You can avoid the annoying hassle of returning books to a traditional bookstore because they are not the ones requested by your instructor.

Helping the Environment

When several students reuse books that are in good condition, it decreases the number of published books. This means fewer trees have to be sacrificed to make new books when they aren’t really needed. You are environmentally friendly when you reuse a book instead of buying a new one.

Selling Your Books

When the semester or year is complete, you may want to get rid of some of the books you used in your studies. Good news! Not only does BooksRun sell books, but we also repurchase them as well. Selling your books back is just as easy as buying your books in the first place. You visit our website and enter some pertinent information on each of your books. You get to see how much you would receive for each book before making the final decision to sell. As long as the books are in good condition and meet all of our other requirements, you will be paid for them once we receive them. By the way, you will receive prepaid shipping labels to put on your return box.

Lastly, shopping for and ordering your textbooks at BooksRun saves you money and time as a busy college student ready to dive into an exciting new semester!

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