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The Degrading Reason Why We are So Obsessed With Celebrities

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The Degrading Reason Why We are So Obsessed With Celebrities


Americans are dwelling in a Graet Report ever-growing digital version of the life. Is this why celebrities seem greater actual to us than our family and friends?

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By Anastacia Mott Austin

Come on, admit it. Unless you have been pushing up daisies for the final several months, you realize all approximately what has occurred with Paris Hilton. It’s nothing to feel embarrassed about―in truth, insurance of the trials and tribulations of Ms. Hilton was inescapable. One literally can not get away from the insurance of her lifestyles, visible in American news stores as the maximum critical information of the day, trumping change relations, looming nuclear tensions among countries, political drama, you call it.

And at the same time as you will locate no scarcity of folks bemoaning that very fact, the truth is that each time celeb ‘information’ is broadcast, there are a long way greater visitors or readers than for some other topic. Approximately 7 million celeb gossip magazines are sold weekly. Why? What is it approximately the larger-than-life actions of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Richie, et al., that make it so compelling for Americans to drop everything and tune in?


First of all, they’re usually there. With our ever-growing access by using digital approach into the lives of virtually all and sundry, celebrities’ each pass is recorded and broadcast into our houses as though we had been proper there with them. Privacy is not what it was, so it’s smooth to feel that we recognize all about the lives of Nick and Jessica, Kate and Tom, Posh, and Becks. “There is an experience of entitlement to celebrity lives,” said Marc Lamont Hill, assistant professor of Urban Education at Temple University, to newshounds. “That all feeds the celebrity frenzy.”

They’re much like us―only higher. They’re richer, shinier, greater lovely variations of ourselves. With all of the fancy dress-up activities and flashbulbs popping like loopy on the crimson carpet, it is just like the promenade each day. The overwhelming media attention given them informs us that they’re what we need to be.

Media moguls will let you know that they’re best responding to a public call, although it is a bird-and-egg argument. Are we looking because the wealthy and famous are always in front of us, or are they accompanied because the public needs information approximately them?

With all of our instantaneous get entry to and supposed need for an increasing number of ‘stuff’ of the this-minute range, we’re affected by a low-stage cultural depression. If we purchase this or that product, maybe it’ll turn us into someone unique. “The notoriety of the entertainer and the nearly religious fervor in their most dedicated adherents is a symptom of self-imposed dissatisfaction with one’s personal catch 22 situation,” writes Makena Walsh, runner-up of the Textbookx.Com’s fall 2006 essay contest approximately movie star obsession. “Star-worship is a faith of self-deception, one requiring its individuals to always misinform themselves into believing the subsequent product they buy can be the capstone on their hodgepodge of useless materials, permitting them to start dwelling a significant existence eventually.”

Star-looking at as a quest for the which means of life? Maybe. However, it looks as if a stretch on generational social trends say that the younger people coming of age now―Generation Y (or is it Z employing now?)―a sense that repute is the maximum essential element in existence, like, ever.

“Kids see fame as a treatment-taken with issues,” stated Jake Halpern to reporters. Halpern is the writer of the book Fame Junkies: The Hidden Truths Behind America’s Favorite Addiction. “Fame is an attractive restoration-it.”

And whereas preceding generations may have been interested in the so-called excellent lifestyles of celebrities, the difference is that children these days agree with fame are achievable. With reality suggests and YouTube showcasing the lives of the mundane hundreds and developing an instantaneous reputation for those who have no motive to be well-known, there is the belief that one day soon, they may really join the ranks of Brangelina and TomKat. Celebrities are the new in-crowd, and we want to be with the famous children. The line between reality and delusion has been blurred to the factor that the on occasion unrealistic taking into account teens is confirmed: sure, you can truly enter the television display or video or movie and end up real buddies with the likes of the well-known.

But if we’re so drawn to celebrities due to the fact they are supposedly better versions of ourselves, why the rabid rubbernecking while one among them unavoidably teach-wrecks into rehab? Apparently, that most effective makes them handier to us. “People can relate to their errors…” stated Janice Min, editor of US Weekly, to reporters. Everyone desires to make certain their gods have clay feet, or they appear less like real humans. Total perfection is worse than off-placing; it is dull.

An ironic twist to movie star obsession is that the motivation for following the lives of the famous―boredom, dissatisfaction, or loneliness in one’s non-virtual, real lifestyles―regularly leads to expanded isolation from the real international. To a few, the problems of Anna Nicole Smith seem more actual to them than their own mundane lives, and via turning into overly worried about the lives of the well-known, they lose touch with their real community. “We recognize the entirety approximately those phantom buddies―Britney and Nicole and American Idol rejects―at the cost of archiving our personal non-public history,” said creator Jancee Dunn on Salon.Com.

Agrees on Harvey Levin, from TMZ.Com, the recognize-everything spot for superstar facts on the net. In an interview with Dateline in February of this yr, Levin decried the fascination with celebrity lives, even at the same time as admitting that he makes his residing reporting on it.

“Now, we get the whole lot we usually desired to recognize…And so much greater. And all of it’s an unhappy, painful, and occasionally embarrassing lesson about our stars, ourselves, and the vapor path of a movie star.”
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