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How To Choose the Best Flowers for an Arrangement

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How To Choose the Best Flowers for an Arrangement


Choosing the best flowers for a flower arrangement for Mother’s Day might seem difficult to a person with no experience in the floral industry. The reality is that it’s actually pretty easy to put together the perfect arrangement if you’re willing to do a little research, ask for help, consider themes, and be creative. When sending Mom her Mother’s Day floral arrangement this year, try to think past carnations and pink Mother’s Day flowers that will be really special for her. For tips on how to choose the best blooms for any floral arrangement, read on.

Considering Mom’s Favorite Colors


One of the easiest ways to personalize a Mother’s Day flower arrangement is to think about your mom’s favorite color. When making the call to your local florist or other flower delivery service, ask about the blooms they have in that color. Consider asking for a gift basket, ribbon, or vase in a complementary color to make your bouquet pop. Maybe your mom loves sunflowers and orange lilies. Instead of traditional pink roses or yellow daisies, opt for a sunflower arrangement with ribbons in a matching shade. By going with her favorite color, you’re more likely to match her home decor and bring a smile to her face than with your standard pre-made bouquets.

Being Unique


One way to make a Mother’s Day bouquet stand out is to pick blooms that are less common or that don’t grow in your area. While this may mean a more expensive arrangement, exotic flowers, like orchids, will stand out and be something she remembers throughout the year ahead. Where you might normally send daisies or pink roses every year, ask your florist about rare flowers and recommendations for how they could be pulled into the perfect bouquet for Mom. When it’s time to fill out that message card, point out what you’ve done. Reminding Mom that she’s a rare ray of sun in your life or even one of a kind is a great way to make her feel even more special on Mother’s Day.

Thinking About Themes


The perfect flowers for any Mother’s Day flower delivery don’t have to be in her favorite color or even unique. If neither of those ideas works for you, consider asking the florist about themes. Most people will grab or order the standard Mother’s Day arrangement from the shelf and ask about themed gift baskets, flowers for other occasions, and unique flower carriers. The most common bouquet could turn out quite special if paired with a theme your mom has a personal connection to.

When picking your bouquet and asking for unique gift ideas, consider adding balloons with a personal sentiment. Or, take one step further and ask about succulent arrangements for a mom with a green thumb who you know will want to keep her arrangement around long term.

Asking for Professional Advice


If you get stuck while finding the perfect flowers for your floral gift, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Even when ordering flowers online, you can always pick up the phone and ask to speak to a professional florist. You might be surprised what ideas they have in mind when it comes to finding something a little different for Mom. Tell them you aren’t interested in the popular flowers this year and see what else they might have to offer in the way of a mixed bouquet.

At the end of the day, just like any other thoughtful gift, if you put your heart into it, your mom will love the bouquet you send for her special day. Don’t forget to include a personal message, and she’ll be sure to love her Mother’s Day flower delivery.

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