Guide to begin your career in anonymous blogging

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How to Land an Entry-Level Cybersecurity Job

When you start making an anonymous blog, it doesn’t imply you to be a different personality or don’t speak the truth. Often, successful anonymous blog writers do come with their real personalities and talk about the truth, just preserving their anonymity. It ensures that you give some touch of yourself in the blog, which connects the audience to read your posts. On the contrary, some bloggers avoid revealing anything about them in anonymous blogs. For instance, the writers of informational blogs that remain strictly professional.

Can I start blogging with a fake username?

Yes! Currently, there’s a lot of highlights given to anonymous blogging. All the writers and storytellers want to secure their privacy and ensure no security threat. For this purpose, people are using a fake username to post blogs without revealing the identity. Some other reasons which make the purpose of blogging anonymously solid can be:

  • Concerned about the negative response
  • Workplace issues
  • Acting freely over the web
  • Others

People do want to make their life separate from the blogging profession. It may be because of the security threat which can catch your confidential information. Or you may fear what if someone posts any negative comment upon your blog. It won’t matter much if someone does so when you’re posting an anonymous blog. Correct? Absolutely! So, why to reveal your identity when you can post blogs anonymously? Go ahead to find out more information about anonymous blogging.

Steps to start blogging anonymously

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When you’re planning to start anonymous blogging, you need to look after some steps including:

  1. Think for a blogging name

Don’t take any random name or any real name which can break your identity privacy. What will be the blogging name with which you’re going to post the content! In simple words, the blogging name is the person who will be recognized among the readers for the contents you post anonymously. For gathering much attention from readers, it will be good to choose a name that sounds realistic. Don’t let the readers understand your anonymous name at the very moment. Think about a name that sounds real when you write for the readers. It doesn’t mean that you come up with your real name.

  1. Make a new email address.

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Don’t make a silly mistake by using your actual email address for registering blogs. This can make the readers catch your identity and portray it in front of other readers. So, this is smart advice to make a new email address to post all your content or register the blogs.

  1. Look at the domain privacy protection.

It is one of the crucial steps when starting to post blogs anonymously. In your hosting account, you need to check the domain privacy protection feature. If it’s not available, then switch to another web hosting platform.

  1. Create an anonymous profile on social media

When you wish to ensure complete privacy while posting anonymous blogs, you need to create an anonymous profile on social media also. Often, people think of using the public social media profile for anonymous purposes. Though, it will demand you to change many settings and blocking so many people. So, why get stuck in all this when you can create a new profile! Also, keep in mind to use the anonymous email address for creating the profiles.

Once you’re done with the anonymous blog setup, it can be easier to manage it. Before any blog publishing, proofread it to ensure you’ve not mentioned any information which can let readers catch your identity. It includes your place of residence, kids’ name, and so on.

Making money: Is it possible for anonymous posts?

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Not much difference lies between any pen name blogging or anonymous one when talking about monetizing it. If you’re talking about facts and truth in your anonymous blog, you may get it monetized. What can be different is you might get hands over limited strategies to make money while blogging anonymously—this, not something which can restrict your ability to get some earnings from anonymous blogging.

One of the major factors upon which it depends it how much anonymity you’re considering in your blog posting decision. Nearly about 3 billion users exist to seek internet services. If you don’t reveal your social media picture on your account, there’s not much risk in someone catching you out for posting any video or blog.

If you want to monetize your anonymous blog, there do exist some ways for it. By hiding your identity over the blog post, you can easily use it for money-making purposes. Often, professional writers sell their blogs, which can be a great strategy to earn money by blogging. If you want to make some earning by posting anonymous blogs, look at some ways below:

  • Start affiliate marketing
  • Work over sponsored blogs
  • Publish your anonymous post
  • Use top-rated ads on your post.
  • Selling your blogs

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