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Being a Better Blogger – Why Do People Blog?


Being a Better Blogger – Why Do People Blog?


Why do people blog? This is a super question to invite if you’re on the verge of coming into the blogosphere. It’s a bustling area proper now with blogs on every subject matter, each difficulty, in every human region. According to Sifry’s Alerts and Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere Report (2007 – see below), 120,000 new weblogs created a world huge every day. That is lots of people typing quite a few phrases and sending them into cyberspace.

Being a Better Blogger - Why Do People Blog?

Figuring out why other human beings weblog will assist you to outline why you must blog and push you closer to being a better blogger.


That’s a have-to for bloggers. You want a preference to explicit yourself on a regular foundation. This is more than a casual communication, approximately politics or a half of hearted stab at film opinions. It’s no longer the occasional argument with buddies and family. A choice for expression is a commitment to express your thoughts in a firm, unchangeable, huge spread way. You want strangers to recognize your mind. It would help if you had your evaluations acknowledged, whether or now not they are met with approval or disapproval.

Blogs, by and large, come in 3 sorts of creative expression: the written phrase, the spoken phrase (as in audio podcasts or video), and the visible phrase (as in pix or video). It’s critical to notice that everyone that paperwork is equal. If you are not an author, do not write. Make videos. If you’re terrible at taking pictures, do not take pix. Blogs are not constrained to any individual type of creative expression; they are restricted by way of the blogger’s creativity.

ASK YOURSELF: Do you have got a preference to specific yourself? Are you willing to commit to your thoughts and face stranger disapproval? What is your mode of innovative expression?


This is a critical detail of the successful blogger: the capability to have a unique voice and stumble upon as a character. Particularly when you don’t forget how many blogs there are on any given topic. The meals web page on Alltop.Com has nicely over a hundred blogs indexed, and this is truly best at the top of the iceberg.

Blogs are equally approximately the man or woman in the back of the words as they’re the words themselves. Think of the blogs that you examine on a normal foundation. Do you experience you realize the blogger based on their posts? How large a part does the specific voice of the blogger play on your go back to the blog?

ASK YOURSELF: What is your voice? Are there blogs with comparable voices? How will you make yours unique?


This is definitely an excellent excellent blog: right bloggers want to percentage their expression and share their voice. They don’t lecture. They do not grandstand. Certainly, it’s now not all wine and roses. They are good days and terrible. The blogger would not be human in any other case, and except it is now not exciting to read the happy a laugh weblog twenty 4-seven. But in all conditions, the weblog is shared as a form of conversation, contact, and communication.

ASK YOURSELF: Do you want to share along with your audience? What do you have to percentage?

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