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Computer Repair Tips – Why Should I Fix My Own Computer


Computer Repair Tips – Why Should I Fix My Own Computer


Inner your laptop. Do you have a warranty, a long time service settlement, and everything proper? Yes, I apprehend. But what you do not know is that the PC support enterprise is slowly dying out or being outsourced overseas.

Yep…My “bread and butter” work (that has placed meals on the desk for me for over 18+ years) goes the way of the buggy-whip and horse-drawn carriage.

Computer Repair Tips - Why Should I Fix My Own Computer

As computer systems end up smaller, extra compact, and extra “equipment-like,” laptops help technicians become obsolete and useless. And what is a Razr cell phone or a Blackberry if no longer computerized communique equipment? Can we say Star Trek?

Okay, this indicates I’m going out of a task in the future in destiny, but what does that suggest for you nowadays?

The hands-on technical carrier is costly to provide for a long time. Hint: Dell, HP, and eMachine make an investment million in low-value “over the cellphone” assist desk guide. They aren’t hiring as many “boots on the floor” technicians as earlier than. This manner that when you do get a hassle that calls for a touch palms-on paintings, you pass on a long ready listing.

Even worst but is that the “Big Boys” are quietly slipping into the best print of all their newest support and service warranties, the concept of “Consumer Replaceable Parts.”

What are “Consumer Replaceable Parts”?

I’m happy you asked that. There are basically handiest ten to twelve essential hardware parts internal a current computer. And most of the bigger PC manufacturers have now made sure at least half of them are now not blanketed below their warranties or provider contracts.

For instance, considered one of the largest PC makers, Dell admits they no longer encompass CD-ROMs, DVDs, floppy drives, power delivery devices (your PC’s electricity plant), or the motherboard (that’s the circuit board that includes your video, sound, modem or network modules) of their “CompleteCare(TM)” agreement for customers (the house workplace marketplace). The “CompleteCare(TM)” isn’t “unfastened” with the aid of the manner.

And if they do cover a horrific element, the country further down inside the settlement that,” At our discretion, the (helpdesk) technician will both send you a substitute element to a good way to deploy at the laptop device or give you guidelines to deliver the pc device to our repair facility.”

Got that?

That’s proper. Even with a service agreement, they’ll send the component to you so YOU can put it in, or YOU can ship it again to them for repair. See what I mean by way of “Consumer Replaceable”? Oh, yeah, via the manner the parts they ship out for you (to put in all by way of yourself) will likely be “refurbished.” Nope, you do not even get a new one.

Now I do not need to select Dell. I like them a lot; they’re certainly one of the proper men on the subject of tech guide. But all of the PC makers are doing this “Consumer Replaceable Part” thing. You can both set up your very own “consumer replaceable element” with a bit of help from my very affordable mini publications or lug your system all the way down to that high-priced pc restore save and allow their geek-to-move to replace it for you.

So within the next few years, your laptop becomes like any other important piece of equipment. The maintenance and care of its few “transferring” parts turn into your sole obligation, guarantee or now not. When changed into the remaining time, you saw a fridge repair guy?

Your options are already being taken far from you… It’s your choice, your time, your pockets.

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