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Can I Get Home Security in Reno without a Monthly Fee?

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Can I Get Home Security in Reno without a Monthly Fee?


Wireless home security can be an expensive proposition. However, it doesn’t have to be. From Bridgeport, Connecticut, to Reno, Nevada, homeowners do not have to blow their budgets to protect their homes. For example, perhaps you are a Reno resident. Can you get home security in your area without paying a monthly fee?

In a word, yes. It is entirely possible to purchase a DIY home security system that you install and monitor yourself. Your only cost is the equipment itself. There will not be any monthly fees unless you elect to subscribe to a monthly monitoring package.

There are reasons to consider remote monitoring, according to the experts at Vivint Smart Home. Vivint is a nationwide home security and automation company that services Reno and most other areas in Nevada. They advise consumers to look at the benefits of remote monitoring before deciding whether or not to pay for it.

Can I Get Home Security in Reno without a Monthly Fee? 2

The Monitoring Concept

Whether a security system is monitored professionally or by the homeowner him/herself, monitoring plays a vital role in keeping a home safe. If it helps, think of monitoring like paying close attention to a new puppy who hasn’t yet been housebroken. You pay attention because accidents happen.

In the security arena, monitoring does two things. First, it allows for faster response times in the event of an emergency. Second, it can act as a remarkably effective deterrent to criminals. Let us look at both in a little more detail.

Faster Response Times

Remote monitoring centers have direct connections to the security systems of their customers. Whether those are landline or internet connections doesn’t matter in the context of this discussion. Because they are connected, their computer systems are immediately alerted in the event of an alarm. For purposes of illustration, consider a smoke alarm.

A properly working smoke alarm should trigger an alert when a fire is in its early stages. That alert causes remote monitoring personnel to take action immediately. By quickly notifying the local fire department, they can have firefighters en route to the house in minutes.

A system that is not being monitored will still detect the fire. It might also make noise to alert occupants to get out of the house. But if no one is home, the fire could quickly get out of control before anyone realizes there is a problem. It could be too late by the time the fire department is contacted. The slower response time could ultimately mean the home cannot be saved.

A Deterrent to Burglars

Monitoring acts as a deterrent to burglars by giving them a reason to second-guess entering a home. Suppose you are not sure why to imagine being a burglar yourself. You would want to get in and out of the house without being detected and as quickly as possible. Monitored home security poses a problem.

A burglar who sees a sign from a well-known home security company posted in the front yard immediately knows that home is being monitored. His chances of getting in and out undetected are pretty slim. So he has to decide whether or not he has enough time to burglarize the home before the police arrive. A burglar with a brain wouldn’t take the chance. There are far too many homes without security systems he can target.

Professional Monitoring Costs More

Around-the-clock monitoring definitely has its benefits. Monitoring is like having a second set of ears and eyes watching your home, whether you are there or not. But what about professional monitoring? It cost more, but is it worth it? That depends on your preferences and budget.

First, understand that monitoring personnel is professionals. They are trained in how to respond to security system alerts. They know how to assess emergencies while under pressure and, if necessary, contact local authorities. Trained personnel are definitely in your corner when you need them.

On the other hand, professional monitoring does involve that monthly fee mentioned at the start of this post. Fees can range in price from quite reasonable to somewhat prohibitive. It really depends on the monitoring company you are working with and the level of service you require.

If you are only monitoring for burglary, you can get away with a fairly reasonable monthly fee. But every additional form of monitoring you add bumps the price higher. Expect to pay more for smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring. Your bill will go higher if you add monitoring for medical emergencies and floods.

Self-Monitoring Your System

Professional monitoring isn’t necessary. Any Reno homeowner can self-monitor his system. So could you. All you really need is a smartphone. If you have an email account and a desktop or laptop PC, that’s even better.

How does it work? By sending alerts to you instead of a remote monitoring center. Let’s look at our previous two examples as illustrations. First, assume you are self-monitoring for fire.

In the event your smoke detector was triggered, the system would send an alert to your smartphone. It might also send one to your email account if you have that feature set up. Receiving an alert tells you to stop what you are doing and check your security system. You then have to decide whether or not to call the authorities.

A burglary alert would work the same way. If you have wireless surveillance cameras in your home, however, there is an added element. An alert tells you that someone has attempted to breach the front door. Now you can check your cameras to see if someone is in the house. Whether or not you call the police depends on what you see.

Yes, you can get a wireless security system in Reno without paying a monthly fee. It is the same across the country. The question is whether or not you are comfortable with that arrangement. If self-monitoring is something you think you can handle, then save the money. However, if you would rather have the extra confidence of professional monitoring, consider paying for the service.

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