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Blogs For Travel Bloggers


Blogs For Travel Bloggers


This is a list of creative tour blogs that I examine and comply with. They are written through independent tour writers, the listing consist of those that I recall as heavy-weights in journey blogging. These bloggers are related to big journey sites/blogs, but their recognition focuses on a unique existence (getting to see the world around them) and being an insightful writer. All of them are fun and inspirational to read.

12 Blogs For Travel Bloggers

Blog: Everything-Everywhere

Writer: Gary Arndt

Gary has been on the road on account of 2007 as an expert visitor. On the weblog, you’ll discover interviews with leading figures inside the industry like Laura Bly from BlyOnTheFly.Com. The posts are genuine yet non-public as they include Gary’s insights and motives for visiting each of the locations. Everything-Everywhere is the top tour blogger on Twitter in keeping with its Klout rating.

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Blog: Nomadic Matt

Writer: Matt Kepes

Matt offers sensible and tactical recommendations about how to journey better, inexpensive, and longer. The blog offers down-to-earth details about the great methods to explore the sector. The weblog is an extra of a group of beneficial recommendations instead of a chronicle of Matt’s adventures even though there’s a travel manual segment with information accrued from Matt’s travels since 2004. The website consists of films and a listing of sources.

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Blog: Go-See-Write

Writer: Michael Hodson

Traveling in view that 2008 he circumnavigated the globe without getting on a plane. The blog includes Michael’s adventures and stories as he is going through every of the travel locations. Dubai journey is included within the long list of locations you could examine, and there is a segment of journey destination tips. The weblog is a non-public journey of a solo adventurer exploring the arena.

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Blog: Fox Nomad

Writer: Anil Polat

Chosen with the aid of the Huffington Post as one of the top tour writers to watch, Anil is a complete-time tourist; however, a device geek as nicely, so the point of interest of the blog is frequently at the technical aspect of the tour. He frequently visits countries that might be off-the-crushed-tune and gives realistic advice about coping in locations like Yemen and Iraq. You will find vacation spot hints, tech posts, assets, and insights into inexperienced journeys and lifestyles on the weblog.

Most current publishes: The Landmarks To Look Out For When Flying Into Istanbul.

Blog: Legal Nomads

Writer: Jodi – A former Lawyer from Montreal

She has been journeying and ingesting her manner around the world, considering 2008, and the weblog focuses on food, a way of life, and her adventures. One of the plus factors about this travel author’s blog is that it is advert-unfastened (besides Amazon hyperlinks), making it a completely clean-reduce weblog to study. This is a superb blog to watch if you’re into meals related tour; the blog is on the MSN list of top travel blogs.

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Blog: Almost Fearless

Writer: Christine Gilbert

One of the pinnacle ranking tour & enjoyment blogs written using a mother traveling with her circle of relatives on account that 2008, this weblog has lovely pictures and the blend of family, self, and travel. The circle of relatives tour recognition can be seen through the weblog sections – life, kitchen, snapshots, and children. You’ll discover some beneficial destination suggestions, however, extra preferred lifestyle insights.

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Blog: Camels and Chocolates

Writer: Kristin Luna

According to Elliott.Org, one of the pinnacle tour writer blogs according to Elliott.Org and different “top” lists because of the properly written textual content. The author is an expert journalist, has interviewed the stars, and is a travel addict. She covers a long list of tour destinations, recording her adventures with the occasional journey vacation spot tip thrown in. The weblog boasts many photos of the tour writer in numerous travel destinations.

Latest put up: Photo Friday: Columbus, Ohio

Blog: Johnny Vagabond

Writer: Wes

Another of the Huffington Post selections for high-quality tour writer blogs, the allure of this blog is inside the nicely written descriptions of the author’s adventures. Wes is visiting around the arena on decent finance and taking splendid pics as he is going. The writing is attractive, smart, and unique and gives you masses of information approximately the travel locations.

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