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Which is Better – PS3 or Xbox 360?


Which is Better – PS3 or Xbox 360?


While the PS4 and Xbox One have no doubt taken the gaming arena by storm, the days of PS3 and Xbox 360 are far from over. For those planning to buy a new gaming console, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are, in fact, still in the picture. To help you choose between these two, we will highlight some of the key differences between them.
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Did You Know?
As of 2013, Sony and Microsoft have sold more than 80 million units of their respective consoles, the PS3 and Xbox 360.
Both Sony and Microsoft have launched their respective eighth-generation game consoles, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One. That, however, doesn’t mean that their existing models―the PlayStation 3 (PS3) or Xbox 360―will be discontinued anytime soon. Both the companies are expected to continue supporting these consoles until 2015, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise as it isn’t easy to do away with gaming consoles with such strong sales figures backing them.


One can have a tough time comparing two things, especially when both are fabulous, and confusion is bound to set in when you have to choose one. Comparison between Sony’s PS3 super slim and Microsoft’s recently introduced Xbox 360 E is one such task that is bound to leave you exhausted. Even the most ardent fans of gaming are bound to have a tough time figuring out which is better, the super-slim PS3 or the new Xbox 360.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 (PS3)

PlayStation 3 super slim, which happens to be the latest version of Sony’s seventh generation video game console, was launched by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) in late 2012. While the transition from PS3 original to PS3 slim (in 2009) left the console with a sleek design, things seem to have just gotten better with the ‘super slim’ console. The new PS3 console resembles the original console in terms of appearance and the first slim console in terms of features. With the launch of the PS3 super slim, Sony has discontinued the production of the slim console. Depending on where you reside, the new console comes in three variants 12GB, 250GB, and 500GB.
Image source: cdn.us.playstation.com

Microsoft’s Xbox 360

If Sony has added the PS3 super slim to its console lineup, how can Microsoft be left far behind? In June 2013, Microsoft launched the new Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 E―the revamped version of its seventh-generation video game console. The new console is slightly smaller than its predecessor, the Xbox 360 S. In terms of appearance. However, it resembles Microsoft’s next-generation console, the Xbox One, to a certain extent. Besides, the new console is quieter and cooler than its predecessor. On the flip side, however, it has one less USB port than the previous model. At present, the new Xbox 360 is available in two configurations: the 250GB Xbox 360 and 4GB Xbox 360.
Image source: compass.xbox.com

Note: It’s worth noting that Sony and Microsoft continue with the practice of marketing these consoles as the PS3 and Xbox 360 officially, even though they are technically the PS3 super slim and Xbox 360 E.

Which is Better: PS3 or Xbox 360?

To decide which of these two gaming consoles is better, we will have to consider their prominent features. If the PS3 Slim and Xbox 360 S were quieter and more power-efficient than the original models, the PS3 super slim and new Xbox 360 take it a step forward. Additionally, both gaming consoles have cut down on their size and weight.

Changes in the hardware components are as good as none with both the consoles. While the super slim continues with a 45nm Cell Broadband Engine CPU and 40nm RSX GPU that graced its predecessor, the new Xbox 360 has the same old XCGPU SoC-Xenon CPU Xenos X818337 GPU-aboard. All in all, the difference in the two consoles in terms of performance and graphics has reached the point of stalemate, and therefore, it all boils down to what additional features the two have to offer.

The storage medium is an important factor, as both console manufacturers allow users to purchase games online. Also, more memory ensures that the saved game data does not hinder downloading new games. The primary storage medium in the PS3, the Blu-ray Disc, gives it an edge over Xbox 360. Almost all the tech experts believe that Microsoft lags behind Sony when it comes to this aspect. Add to it the Bluetooth compatibility with a range of devices, and the Sony gaming console seems a lot better than its Microsoft counterpart.

As for the games, the Xbox 360 has always been in top-notch form with franchises, like Halo and Gears of War to its credit. Interestingly, PS3 has caught up in the games department with the addition of exclusive titles like The Last of Us, Dust 514, and God of War: An ascension to the already illustrious list, which includes titles like Metal Gear Solid, God of War III, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, and much more. Additionally, both consoles are rich in third-party titles, like BioShock Infinite and Assassin’s Creed II.

With the introduction of PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect, motion gaming has become a key component of both consoles. While both can be improved, Move―riding on many positive reviews that it has garnered―seems to be a little ahead in this context.

While the Xbox Live service does have the upper hand over the PlayStation Network (PSN) when it comes to online service, many people will prefer to go for the free service offered by PSN than paying $60 as the annual subscription fee to upgrade to the Xbox Live Gold plan. Without this upgrade, you won’t be able to access the entertainment apps either.

While PS4 and Xbox One have already hit the stores, Sony and Microsoft have stated that they will continue to support the PS3 and Xbox 360 until 2015 and 2016, respectively.

PS3 Vs. Xbox 360: Price Comparison

As the performance of these gaming consoles is more or less similar in several departments, the price can turn out to be a deciding factor in the end. In the new Xbox 360, the 250GB console is priced $299.99, while the 4GB console is priced at $199.99. If you intend to add the Kinect motion gaming system to the 4GB console, the price will increase to $299.99. Additionally, Microsoft also has three bundles on offer: the Xbox 360 250GB Value Bundle ($249.99), Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Value Bundle ($299.99), and the Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Value Bundle ($399.99).

In contrast, the 12GB PS3 super slim will cost $199.99. As for the 500GB PS3 is only available as a part of a bundle in North America. The Last of Us PlayStation 3 Bundle is priced at $269.00, while the LEGO: The Hobbit PlayStation 3 Bundle is priced at $269.99. For the PlayStation Move Essentials Bundle, you will have to shell out an additional $69.99.

While the price tag above $50 – $100 might end up being a major deterrent for PS3, the Blu-ray technology can tempt users to go for it. Similarly, the annual subscription fee of $60 may make people stay away from the Xbox 360, but ardent gaming fans will understand that it is worth it. In the end, it’s safe to assume that the hardcore gamers will prefer the Xbox 360, while people looking for an all-around entertainment device will find the PS3 more tempting.

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