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Which Industries Will Machine Learning Transform the Most?

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Which Industries Will Machine Learning Transform the Most?


The 21st century is one in which industry is rapidly changing, perhaps more quickly than ever. Vendors and technology users integrate data science and machine learning platforms into their industries’ very fabric and design. These days, it’s almost impossible to find a vendor or industry leader who doesn’t rely on data science or machine learning in some capacity.

That being said, some industries house technological advancements more readily than others. Some initiatives will be merely advanced by data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capacities, while others will be transformed. So which industries will be unrecognizable in a few years due to the advances in machine learning? It isn’t easy to know, but one way to project is by using the 2020 Gartner MQ data science (magic quadrant) to gain useful insights.

Gartner’s magic quadrant breaks up the major (and minor) players in any industry into four types: Visionaries, Leaders, Challengers, and Niche Players. By considering qualities and characteristics such as ‘Ability to Execute’ and ‘Completeness of Vision, ‘ Gartner can use data analytics to place various players within the respective magic quadrants. This helps to get a clearer, visualized picture of the industries right now and where they’re headed. With that in mind, a few industries will likely change completely due to machine learning in the coming years.

The Food Industry


Even now, with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down wide swaths of the U.S., restaurateurs and their affiliates have had to change how they do everything from ordering to customer service. This encompasses everything from agriculture to the dining experience. This contains everything from agriculture to the dining experience. Machine learning and artificial intelligence help restaurants pinpoint customers and understand their needs, not to mention matching displeased customers with the customer service representative most likely to get along with them. Most eating out will probably occur online for the foreseeable future, encouraging innovation when using AI’s power and large restaurants.

In agriculture, we already see innovation in how a data robot can monitor fields, track diseases, and care for pests before they become a major problem. Data analytics helps agriculture produce higher yields, maximize soil health, and feed more people.


Introducing self-driving cars en masse into the market is the most important way this industry will be turned upside down. This will happen pretty soon, with these cars using machine learning and artificial intelligence to become better drivers than a human ever could. Not only will this change hiring patterns for public transportation, but it may also change how vendors manage delivery, like whether we need truck drivers to drive across the U.S. and how businesses expect their employees to work. After all, if your car is causing you to work, you can be on a conference call in the back seat, right?

data mining, data scientists can know plenty about each of us. With so much raw data about so many citizens, expert data scientists will be able to keep everyone safer. With so much raw data about so many citizens, talented data scientists will be able to keep everyone safer. Security professionals will be able to predict crimes and malfeasance ahead of time. This will change everything about how we keep our workplaces secure. It will allow security firms to become either challengers, leaders, or visionaries—but certainly not niche players.

Artificial intelligence solutions will become the new standard as startups and established corporations, such as IBM, implement them into their businesses. These solutions will allow business leaders to make more profitable decisions and forever change our world, perhaps for the better.

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