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What Should Be in Your Gun Range Bag?

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What Should Be in Your Gun Range Bag?


If you want to have an exciting day, there is a need to have the right range bag packed with the necessary tools. Your choice of range bag greatly depends on practical issues like the number of items you intend to carry and social issues like how open you’d like to be about your shooting hobby.

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Regardless of the choice of your gun range bag, there are some vital range bag essentials. First, the bag needs to be strong enough to withstand abrasion from inside and outside. It requires firm formation to endure the weight of firearms and other accessories. Your range bag should have a way to segregate the guns from the rest of the bag contents.

So, what should be in your gun range bag?

Eye and ear protection

Although ear and eye protection seem to be an obvious safety measure in any shooting activity, there are still many people who show up without these essential accessories. Eyesight and hearing capabilities are the majorly used senses during a shooting activity. It is necessary to protect and maintain their functionality. Your range bag should contain electronic earmuffs that can offer protection to your ear in a prolonged shootout endeavor. Eye protection comes in different lenses to choose and customize what feels and looks good on them.

kit is stocked with handgun cleaning items. It provides a small assortment of brushes and rifle rods. When combined with cleaning oil, this cleaning kit allows the shooter to polish their firearms while on a shooting activity.

First aid kit

Whether you have a home-made range bag or a purchased one, it is crucial to have a first aid kit decked out in orange or red color for easy visibility. A complete first aid kit should comprise gloves, medical gloves, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, CPR mask, cream, different sizes for band-aids, Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Besides having the first aid kit, every shooter should be conversant with first aid skills to attend to themselves or another victim if something unexpected happens.


Most people go to shooting activities to improve their skills. To monitor the progress of your shooting skills, you need to have targets. It is essential to include these accessories in your range bag if you aspire to advance your shooting competence. Various targets can be used to achieve similar results. However, if you’d wish to save a few bucks, there are downloadable templates that you can print at home. When shooting outdoors, other targets like water bottles or fruits can be used to replace the models.

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