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Weddings 2021: 5 tips for the safety and well-being of your guests


Weddings 2021: 5 tips for the safety and well-being of your guests



Many celebratory events, including weddings, including weddings, have taken a big hit due to the recent pandemic. After a long duration of planning and research around even the smallest details and successfully securing the best possible personal loan for the wedding, couples have had to delay their marriage ceremonies in the past year.

Recent guidelines have restricted the number of guests that can attend a wedding, the time each wedding can take, and mandated regular sanitization of venues.


However, though the size of the event may have been reduced, the safety of all guests present has to be your biggest priority. Here are some tips to help you make that happen.

Ensure adherence to protocol.

The most basic and essential step is to ensure all guests adhere to the protocols already set by governing bodies. Many of the protocols are being enforced, keeping the safety of everyone involved in mind. Hence, rules around the number of guests, practices such as social distancing and regular cleaning of hands, and using a mask must be followed at all costs. Not following them can also attract fines.

Provide masks and sanitizers to all guests.

If you have taken a personal loan, you can utilize the money you saved due to the smaller guest list to ensure additional masks and sanitizers are always available at the venue guests don’t carry adon’t or lose or damage their performance, and the organizer must prorganizer’swith one. Sanitizers should also be available at all entries, exits, tables, and other key locations.

To maintain the atmosphere of celebration, the masks can have a certain theme or design. This will keep your guests feeling trendy and safe at the same time. These costs can add up, so make sure you factor these in when looking for a personal loan for the wedding and refer to a trustworthy personal loan EMI calculator to ensure your monthly installments fit into your initial budget.

Give some thought to the venue.

Larger venues work best during the current times to ensure that social distancing norms can be followed. At first glance, this may not seem like the best tip for those already making constant calculations keeping their personal loan interest rate at the back of their mind, but it is worth the additional money. When you weigh your guest’s safety against the longer time it may take to pay off a slightly larger personal loan, the choice becomes obvious.

Communication is Key

Communicate the situation, protocols, and expectations clearly to all the guests. Small reminders to follow protocols should be given even during the event through signage. The signage also can be in sync with the colors and theme of the wedding so that it seems more like a friendly reminder than a warning. Signage costs will also add to your loan amount for the wedding.

Additionally, you must ensure guests get tested before the wedding.

Skip the dinner queue.

Dining together as a community is a time-honored tradition of weddings, but buffet dinners are best skipped during the current times. The best method is to have servers bring food to tables rather than having guests walk around and crowd the buffet area.

Celebrating safely

Things are finally moving forward in event organization and planning, with more individuals vaccinated and herd immunity forming slowly. Soon, having stringent protocols at weddings could be a thing of the past. But till then, it will be well worth considering taking a bigger personal loan in return for the peace of mind of your guests.

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