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We Tell You How to Use the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want


We Tell You How to Use the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want


The law of attraction states that since ‘like attracts like, it is possible to get what one wants, simply by thinking positively about it. We will take you through the details and help you understand how it can be applied in your life.
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“The more clear and definite you make your picture then, and the more you dwell upon it, bringing out all its delightful details, the stronger your desire will be, and the stronger your desire, the easier it will be to hold your mind fixed upon the picture of what you want.” ―Wallace D Wattles.

The author of ‘The Science of Getting Rich (1910). It was one of the first books that spoke about the concept of the ‘law of attraction.
What if we told you that you have control over what happens to you in life, that you don’t have to be a mute spectator to the events that unfold but could rather control and influence these events? If you’re thinking ‘mind games, sorcery, magic spells,’ let’s get that out of the way real quick―none of these is the answer. The ‘Law of Attraction theory states that the answer to make this happen lies in your very own mind―that you have the power of bringing in the positive and keeping away the negative simply by altering your thought process.

The law of attraction works on a straightforward rule―WE attract everything that happens to us, both negative and positive. Because that is the case, we can attract the positive into our lives and detract the negative from it. This practice can eventually lead to improving the quality of our lives, making us more positive, and leading to a stress-free existence. The following sections of this Buzzle article will highlight how the law of attraction works and how to apply the same in our lives.


The Basis of the Law

The law of attraction is based on the basic tenet, like attracts like. This theory states that our thoughts are made of pure energy, and just as like energy attracts like energy, our thoughts do the same. The universe, it is believed, is attraction-based. Therefore, we give consistent thought to what will be created―both positive and negative―whether we want it or not, which is why so much importance is placed on positive thinking.
Law of Attraction – Examples

Positive Example

To cite a simple example, a widespread experience that many people share is where they have meant to call or meet with a friend, and before they have had a chance to do either, the friend in question has called or come over. It is said that because they have been thinking about this friend, the universe has caught on to the thoughts and made the call/visit happen.

Negative Example

Here is another example of this law that highlights how negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts and negativity. Have you ever experienced that you’ve woken up and had a bad start to the day? For example, say you poured coffee all over your shirt while having breakfast and then had to rush through to change―cursing all the while what a horrible day it is. And then, things have just spiraled into one negative experience after the other, like you stubbed your toe while changing and then you found that the car had a puncture, and so on. This theory believes that because you sent out negative thoughts (of the day is horrible), the universe made sure that you had a horrible day.

The Components of the Law

Because this law works on the attraction theory, it can be used to achieve just about anything that we wish for. But how exactly are we supposed to apply the law of attraction to improve our lives and eliminate negativity? There are 3 basic steps involved in using the law of attraction.


Ask the universe for what you want. Please write it down on a piece of paper and make a list. The list can be as long as you want, containing as many things as you want. Begin the process by putting your wishes out there. The most important rule in this process, however, is that when you ask for something, don’t use or think of words like ‘I wish’ or ‘I hope’; instead, speak as if one already has it and you’re thanking the universe for it―hence, use words like ‘Thank you for... I am so grateful. So let’s say you’re hoping to get a promotion at work, don’t think or say, ‘I wish I get the promotion,’ say ‘Thank you for the promotion. I am so thrilled!’


However, simply putting the message out there is not enough; you must also train your mind to nurture and harbor that message, believing that you’re living your wish. Simply stating the words by rote and not believing in them will not get you anywhere. What is known to help in this step tremendously is using the visualization tool to build positive scenarios in the mind of your wish. For example, if you’ve wished for a swanky new car, you must envision that you already have the car; that you’re sitting on the plush seats, the new car smell leaving a trail, the luxury of the wheel under your hands, and the thrill of speeding down the road. Evoke these feelings of happiness and excitement for yourself―the same that you will feel when you have the car.


The third step is to feel the excitement of having received what you wanted and being thankful for the same. It is said that these positive feelers that you send out work much more effectively than simply repeating what you want over and over. When the universe feels your excitement and your gratefulness, it will make things happen.
Application of the Process
Understandably, one cannot master this process within a day. In fact, many people find it very difficult to start the process and continue with it. Knowing what the components of the process are is one thing; applying it to yourself in your daily life is quite another. Here is how you bring the process into action and ensure success.
► Have your list of wishes ready.

► Start by clearing your mind. Many people find that meditation helps in this process.

► When you’ve reached a neutral state and your mind is clear of thoughts, start by thanking the universe for granting your wishes. Believe that you’ve been granted the wish.

► Next, visualize how you feel now that the wish has come true. They experience that same happiness and excitement.

► Do not forget to thank the universe for granting you this wish.
Points to Keep in Mind
► It is quite natural that your thoughts will drift from positive to negative, or that doubts might start to make way during the process. Once you’re aware that you’re drifting, stop the negative thoughts and bring your thoughts back to the process.

► It is important to note that one has to be consistent in this process. It needs to be followed every day, preferably at the same time. It is a good idea to set aside some time for this process every day.
► Other than being consistent, another factor to keep in mind is to show gratitude for what you already have. Every night before you sleep, or at a time when your mind is calm, thank the universe for everything that you’re grateful for―your family, friends, job, home, and other, even the smallest of things. It is said that when you thank the universe for what you already have, the universe ensures that you continue getting it.

► It is also important to note that you need to believe in it for this process to really work completely. There will be a lot of discrepancy in your thoughts at the beginning where you will be stating your wishes out loud, but voicing doubts in your mind―it does not work that way―you need to be conscious of your negative thoughts and learn to let them go. Also, do not worry about how the wish will come true and whether it will come true. Only focus on believing in it. Completely believing in the process is the only way that the process will be a success.

Criticism for the Concept

The concept of ‘Law of Attraction’ gained a lot of popularity due to the film ‘The Secret’ (later converted into a book). This concept has been described in great detail in the same. And while the film (and book) took the world by storm, converting many into believers, there has also been an equal amount of criticism regarding the vagueness of this concept. Since there is no scientific data to prove the concepts that have been put forth, many people call the success of the same very subjective and anecdotal. It is also said that for a seemingly simple concept, it does not explain disease or poverty or any other negative ailments in the world and justify it … or prevent it, for that matter.

Due to the universal appeal of this law, it can be used for any and everything―finding love, success in career and marriage, happiness in life… One has to know what they want and visualize it that way. For people who are staunch believers of science and require proof to back things up, this concept is a little difficult to accept and/or try; for people who believe in spirituality, this concept is just a reinforcement of what they’ve always known and believed in. Whatever train of thought you adhere to, there’s no doubting the fact that this theory has taken the world by storm―for all the right reasons, or all the wrong, now that is for you to decide.

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