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Turn Your Sunglasses Into a Hidden Spy Camera

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Turn Your Sunglasses Into a Hidden Spy Camera


It is real. Even if you are not a professional in electronics, you can flip your run-of-the-mill shades into a hidden undercover agent digicam! And enthusiastic about a meager cost, with minimum attempt and knowledge in your element, and with just a few fundamental equipment and components. Here is how.

Sunglasses Into a Hidden Spy Camera

Things You Will Need

You will need black sunglasses, preferably the type that wraps around your eyes and can accommodate a mini digital camera on its side. The darker the sunglasses, the higher to conceal the hidden secret agent camera.

You can even want a mini spy digital camera to get online or from auction homes. If viable, cozy a mini secret agent digital camera with color abilities and audio-recording capacities. This way, you’ll have better best video and audio footage.

It would help if you additionally search for a mini camcorder for recording the video and audio footage. Opt for a device that fits effortlessly into your pocket. With a few sorts of camcorders, you would possibly use shipment pants for its huge wallet.

You additionally want to buy 24-gauge black wire to increase the wires at the hidden secret agent digicam. Also, purchase a 9-volt battery for its electricity source.

The tools essential for this form of the do-it-yourself task are your trusty wire snips for reducing wires, your soldering gun to solder wires, decrease tubing to guard the wire connections, and a hot glue gun to attach the undercover agent digital camera to the sun shades. If you have these types of and a touch endurance, then you definitely are set to make your very personal self-made hidden secret agent digicam.

Modify the Mini Spy Camera

First, reveal the separate wiring within the digital camera with the aid of peeling off the protective one-cord casing. Using your twine snips, trim the exposed wires at the spy camera to about three-four inches from the digicam itself. You need to see four exposed wires – electricity, audio, video, and ground. All those need to converge into three connectors: strength, audio, and video – since the floor wire is hooked up to all 3.

Get your black wire and reduce 4 lengths of approximately 4 toes. Using your soldering gun, you may then solder each duration into the exposed undercover agent digicam wires. After this, you need to upload warmness cut-back tubing to guard the new connections. You will then put the finishing touches for your ready-to-be-established hidden spy digicam via soldering the other twine ends to the suitable connector stop. You can practice extra reduce tubing as vital to provide an all-black cord, with a purpose to the mixture together with your black sunglasses.

After very well cleaning the sun shades, you could then mount your modified mini secret agent camera on the sunglasses’ arm. Choose the aspect which fits you more easily.

You then join the audio and video wires of the mini secret agent digital camera in your camcorder. Add the nine-volt battery to the energy line, and you are set to head. Just hide the wires inside your blouse and on for your pants pocket.

Enjoy! You can now shoot video and audio footage with your homemade hidden undercover agent digicam! Imagine the infinite possibilities of this system. Just be very cautious as laws and ethics can be very distinct from your own purpose.

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