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Top five Android Launchers


Top five Android Launchers


Android launchers help you convert the look and sense of your Android tool without voiding its guarantee. This Buzzle article seems on the features of the top five Android launchers available in the marketplace today.


By invite the most effective

Aviate is a sensible home display screen that presentations facts and widgets in line with the day and the region. It, however, is currently in its beta segment and is to be had by using invite simplest.
The warfare for last phone glory among Android and iOS has been a protracted drawn one, and one with a view to salary on for lots greater years. Android has the numbers. However, iOS has a much-advanced app store to show for itself. Arguably, in terms of software program capabilities and simplicity of use, iOS has a higher hand. However, one region in which Android trumps over its opponents is the excessive degree of customization. With custom ROMs, customers can choose the first-class capabilities of Android together with a host of other 1/3-birthday celebration custom-designed apps to best suit their desires. Most ROMs but want your telephone to be rooted, and thereby void the warranty of your tool. There’s no need to melancholy even though, due to the fact Android launchers are here to save the day.

Launchers are easy apps that can be set up to your unrooted Android phone and assist you in converting the look and sense of the OS. It acts as an upload-on UI to the cellphone’s default one and does now not replace it altogether, as would be the case with a custom ROM. So, in case you too would really like to exchange the look of your phone and want a few cool software program tweaks and consequences to pep up your phone, then look no in addition; right here’s our list of the top five Android launchers to be had on the market today.

Nova Launcher Prime


With the aid of ways, this is the maximum famous and versatile launcher available on Google Play. Nova Launcher Prime supplies a merely inventory Android revel in with some actual intuitive functions and customizations. It is likewise one of the fastest launchers in the marketplace and actually is lots faster than the inventory Android launcher. This launcher offers you complete management over the grid on your home display screen and helps you to customize the app drawer too. It helps phones and drugs and brings in some cool screen transitions like Cube and Card Stack. The Prime model brings in gesture aid for moves like a pinch, pinch out, double-tap, and two-finger rotate, which may be used to trigger unique moves. Another lovely feature of Nova is the iOS-styled unread count number badge, which creates a small badge toward the pinnacle corner of an app, and tells you of the number of unread notifications for it.

GO Launcher Prime

GO Launcher Prime, in all likelihood, sports greater eye candy and customizations than every other launcher available. The first component you’ll word about the home display screen of this launcher is just how bright and colorful all the widgets and icons appear. You have a plethora of display screen transition effects like crossfade, windmill, chariot, and roll to select from, which completely transforms the look and feel of the device. Apart from the usual alternatives to control every factor of the house screen, proper from the grid length (max of 10 rows and columns) to the font and size of the icons, you also can hide any folders or apps you don’t regularly use. It brings in a variety of useful plugins as nicely, which help to manipulate your cellphone better. One of the important things USPs of this launcher is its gesture management choice called Toucher. This radial menu is closer to the brink of the display, which helps you swipe up, down, left, and proper and launches a preset app for every motion.

Apex Launcher Pro

However, if you want the look and experience of inventory Android, you just desired a bit greater functionality to go together. Apex Launcher Pro might also be what you’re seeking out. It gives a huge list of customization options hidden away deep inside the launcher. There are also tons of subject matters to pick out from, and a maximum of those are unfastened. Grid controls include resizing icons, changing the grid length of the house display, customization of the app draw (style, sorting, and historical past), and the choice to hide away any unwanted apps or bloatware. Apex additionally has a decent set of screen transition consequences like the pill, card stack, cube in, dice out, and many others. Much like Nova Launcher, it additionally has the accessible unread notification counter pinned onto apps. There’s additionally simple gesture control, like swiping down and swiping up, to launch preset apps. A top aspect of this launcher is that it helps you use issues from other launchers properly.

Smart Launcher Pro

This is one of the cleanest and maximum minimalistic-searching launchers out there. The Smart Launcher takes a totally exclusive method from the rest of the lot, and it boasts a straightforward non-clunky interface. It permits for quick get right of entry to your most-used apps or even helps you organize them into categories, which are hidden away in the app drawer so that they may always be at your fingertips. It comes with its own set of screen transitions like grid fade-in, grid flip, grid rotating, icon zoom, icon flip, and so on. You may even choose to have shortcuts for your apps, which can be accessed from the locked screen. Just like the Apex Launcher, this launcher helps you to use topics from other launchers.

Action Launcher Pro

Action Launcher Pro is an easy and intuitive launcher that enhances the person’s experience using closely relying on gestures for all its moves. It brings in new methods to interact with apps―Shutters and Covers. With Covers, a faucet on the icon with the quilt symbol (a small rectangular to the bottom right) launches the app, whilst a swipe on it opens a devoted folder. For instance, when you have a cowl for the smartphone app, swiping throughout it can take you to a folder with a list of your favorite contacts in it. Shutters help you create widgets on the home display screen through a simple swipe on the associated app. Amongst different innovations, Action Launcher chooses to take a Windows Phone-styled layout for the app drawer, wherein all of the apps are displayed as a listing. Apart from this, it also has a small set of display transition outcomes and issues.

Most of those launchers even have a free version with confined functions. You may want to get started with the loose model and then upgrade to the top rate model to access even extra features. So, take your pick out from the lot, and restyle your cellphone for a truly out-of-the-global Android enjoy. Cheers.

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