Top five Android Anti-robbery Apps

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Mobile robbery has been a prime purpose of a challenge for quite some time now. Anti-theft apps are an ideal way to this threat and include a few advanced functions to the song your stolen telephones down. This Buzzle article lists some of the fine anti-theft apps available to your Android cell phone today.

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Did You Know?
CTIA – The Wireless Association―the representative frame of the global wi-fi telecommunications enterprise―has compiled a unified database containing details of all stolen telephones in the USA. Phones registered with this network are blacklisted and cannot be reactivated everywhere in the world.
These days, phones are available in each size and form to match the needs of everyone. They additionally vary in charge, with a few available at a throw away fee, at the same time as others value top greenback. Irrespective of the charge point, one aspect is positive, our smartphones are now not simply another device. They have, in fact, turn out to be an integral a part of our lives in many ways. They contain our personal information, fond recollections, critical statistics, and are very tons our supply of entertainment as properly.



Needless to mention then, smartphones are similarly vulnerable to being stolen similar to your different non-public property, and are, in truth, plenty more precious to most people than their other possessions. Fear not, although, an accessible anti-theft app may want to thoroughly store the day, and strike worry inside the hearts of all miscreants lurking the streets. Here’s a have a look at the very best of those security apps for Android―the maximum famous telephone platform.

You might want to maintain in mind although, that these apps might not kung fu a thief into submission and preserve them away for precise, as a substitute they are extraordinarily beneficial to song your stolen smartphone lower back, and/or make sure your private facts doesn’t fall into wrong arms.

AVG Antivirus for Android


Image Source: www.Avg.Com

AVG has been a trusted name in the antivirus arena for pretty a while now. Apart from security from viruses and spam, the PRO model of this app additionally has a completely useful anti-robbery function on board. The app lets you remotely access your stolen tool from its website and wipe out all your personal information from it. You can even track the region of your GPS-enabled telephone the usage of the employer’s tracking website. Apart from this, you can additionally ship positive preset textual content messages from every other telephone and cause an alarm, delete the information, or get hold of an SMS about the modified SIM details, depending at the message sent. It additionally features a very beneficial Camera Trap option, which takes a photo of the individual protecting the cellphone when the wrong password is entered three times to release the device. This photo is then stealthily sent across to the e-mail address registered with the app.


Kaspersky Internet Security for Android


Image Source: www.Kaspersky.Com

Another multipurpose app to shield your tool from all feasible risk is the Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. This app has a very powerful anti-robbery characteristic to go together with its antivirus features. The app has a Mugshot feature which, if enabled, stealthily takes a photo of the character the usage of your tool, and saves it onto its server. This image can then be retrieved by using logging in in your Kaspersky account. Using this internet-portal, you may also remotely lock, sound the alarm, disguise or wipe off the information, and recognise of SIM details of the brand new card mounted to your phone.


Avast! Anti-Theft


Image Source: www.Avast.Com

This is probably one of the most feature-rich anti-robbery apps to be had in the marketplace nowadays. Apart from tracking the vicinity of the stolen cellphone, it also shall we customers remotely erase statistics, spark off an alarm on the smartphone, and lock the device. The app can also perform in Stealth mode, wherein it isn’t displayed within the app listing, and hence, can’t be disabled or uninstalled by way of all and sundry else. You also can set a fringe for the smartphone, which once crossed, triggers the telephone to stealthily send an SMS notification to a preset variety about its location and the SIM hooked up. You might need to recall though, that maximum of the superior features stated right here, like setting a digital perimeter (Geofencing) and taking a picture of the would-be thief, are available most effective at the paid version of the app.




Image Source: www.Lookout.Com

Unlike maximum different apps in our listing, Lookout is more of a dedicated anti-robbery app with anti-virus functions. The app has a few easy, yet effective features like Locate and Scream (maps the place of the stolen device and turns on an alarm on it), Signal Flare (robotically saves the region of your cellphone while its battery is low), and Lock Cam (sends across a mail to a registered e-mail address with the area and photograph of all of us who receives the cellphone’s password wrong 5 times). You additionally have the option to remotely lock your device and delete all personal information from it.


TrustGo Mobile Security


Image Source: www.Trustgo.Com

A lite and effective app, TrustGo Mobile Security goes approximately its enterprise of shielding your telephone without making a big deal of it. This scouse borrow is similarly used to tune your lost/stolen cellphone remotely via logging on to the TrustGo website. From right here, you can locate the location of your device, lock it, wipe out all records, or cause your telephone to sound an alarm to assist locate it. The cutting-edge update of the app also brings inside the Candid Camera feature, which sends across a photograph and place of absolutely everyone who attempts to liberate the cellphone after it’s been remotely locked.


Armed with this type of extremely good apps, you may walk down the street without having to worry approximately cellular theft, secure in knowledge that the awful guys do not stand a hazard against your trusty vigilante. Cheers.

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