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Top 5 Features of Android v4.4 KitKat

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Top 5 Features of Android v4.4 KitKat


Android’s state-of- The Know It Guy the-art taste, KitKat has got the metropolis humming with its new look and remarkable features. This Buzzle article lists some of the most striking capabilities of the OS.

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One candy deal
As a part of the agreement with Google, Nestlé produced over 50 million KitKat bars with the Android mascot featuring on its cowl.
Talks approximately Android’s dominance in the cell area, as clichéd as they’ll sound, are probably some of the most hooked up information of the present day tech generation. The platform’s surge in recognition is especially attributed to its surprisingly customizable design and the reality that it’s far open sourced. Frequent updates carry in masses of recent functions and performance enhancements to supported gadgets. The downside to the many updates which might be rolled out through Google is the intense fragmentation that the platform is plagued via, as maximum new capabilities require the maximum up to date hardware to help them.

With its state-of-the-art version of Android v4.Four, the Mountain View-based large intends to fix this difficulty for true. KitKat might be the sweetest replace to ever have hit the OS, and brings in quite a few overall performance enhancements and some real pleasant capabilities to the table. What makes this version so special is the fact that it does not require excessive-cease hardware and works real easy even at the low-give up telephones with as low as 512 MB of RAM. Whether older gadgets get professional help although, is another matter altogether. Here’s a observe some of the maximum extremely good capabilities of Android’s modern-day generation.



Google is smarter Now
Google Now has advanced into being loads extra than simply some other Siri-ous contender within the personal assistant arena, and it is a lot more than just a bag of tricks. Google Now can easily be accessed by using swiping to the proper from the home display screen, or you can absolutely say ‘Ok Google’, and it’d upward push from its slumber and watch for your subsequent command (this handiest works from the house screen). It supports 50 extra commands, which consist of launching apps and looking up the Internet for more applicable solutions in your queries. It still might not do the dishes for you, but can as a minimum do a wonderful barrel roll.

Getting your priorities right
The modern KitKat replace makes a specialty of getting the very fundamentals right, and Contacts is one such detail it gets to bang on the right track. Contacts are actually displayed consistent with how often you engage with humans. You can also immediately look for contact records of restaurants and agencies proper from the search bar on the top.

All-in-one Messaging solution
Hangouts now could be your default messaging app. It consolidates all your conversations together with your contacts in one area (although text and immediately chat messages are organized in specific tabs). This looks as if a rather unpolished product but is a step within the right path. This alternative is available on all devices with the state-of-the-art Hangouts replace. You can, of the path, change the default messaging app to any other app of your preference.

Caller ID too got smarter
Another neat feature of KitKat is the smarter caller ID characteristic. If you get hold of a cellphone name from an unknown quantity, the app appears up Google for info of the quantity, and shows relevant records. If the phone call is from a local business, it also presentations an applicable image that can be associated with it.

More screen real estate
The implementation of the on-display screen navigation buttons regarded to have defeated their purpose―that of providing more room for statistics at the show―because the keys could stay on all the time, taking on quite a bit of area at the lowest of the display screen and the popularity bar at the top. The navigation keys and the status bar at the modern day version of KitKat get hidden whilst you are watching a film, reading an e-book or playing a sport, making the maximum of the space to be had on the display screen.

Apart from this, the update also brings in velocity enhancements inside the UI, full display album artwork guide inside the tune participant, stepped forward multitasking, machine-wide support for Emojis, clean get entry to cloud printing, in-constructed pedometer and incorporated Quickoffice app. This is by using some distance certainly one of Android’s maximum promising updates and should come as a shot in the arm for maximum unwell Android smartphones available. Most fundamental smartphone manufacturers have plans to improve their present day flagships and their brand new phones to v4.Four. It’s little marvel that Motorola has already started rolling out the updates, with HTC in tow. The different OEMs need to additionally observe in shape rapidly. So, have you acquire a chunk of KitKat yet? And how do you discover it? Leave us a comment beneath about the way you locate this new taste. Cheers.
Impact on Entertainment and Advertising
The Internet has delivered a high-quality exchange to the entertainment and advertising and marketing industries. Over the Internet, classified ads can reach the loads within seconds. Internet commercials have changed equations of the advertising and marketing industry. Branding on the Internet is tons more effective that different forms of product promoting. The enjoyment media has progressed because of improvements in technology. Movies, songs, video games are some clicks away. People have started the usage of the Internet to watch and download films, pay attention to music, play video games and entertain themselves. Thanks to on hand, mobile and person-friendly devices, all this has turned out to be surely clean.
Onset of the Digital Age
There’s hardly anything analog now, we live in a digital global, a virtual age. Talk pixels and bytes. The digitization of facts has enabled us to keep it in a compact shape. Ever wondered how gigabytes of records can be stored on a small chip? Digitization it is! Also, digitization enriches the first-rate of records garage. Digital voice and photographs are of a higher quality. Digital cameras and TVs provide users with an enriched image great, as a result making improvements to consumer experience with the era.
Communication Redefined
The cellular verbal exchange has revolutionized the communication industry. The conventional smartphone, additionally a piece of generation, was one of the earliest technological developments in a communique. Mobile telephones have broadened the horizons of verbal exchange through permitting convenient long-distance calling and mobile use. Letters have taken a backseat and emails and cellular phone messages have emerged as the very best manner to connect. Owing to developments in a generation, the verbal exchange is wi-fi. Social networking is some other defining factor here. It has given an all-new measurement to the communique, leisure, and endeavor.
Satellite Technology
Satellite communication is an important aspect of the era. Satellite TV and satellite radio have eased the broadcasting of activities across the globe. How else do you observe may want to fits and live shows be broadcasted live? Not simply TV and radio, even communique to ships and airplanes would not have been possible if no longer for satellite communication. Even your handheld devices wouldn’t be of use if no longer for radio verbal exchange.
These have been still some fields inspired with the aid of era. It is almost impossible to enlist all of the fine results of generation on society. The rapid advancing technology at the entire has given impetus to tendencies in diverse fields and advanced the best of human existence. There’s less risk, much less effort, less mess. There’s extra amusement, greater ease and extra velocity – all due to that ten-letter phrase – now not a phrase, a phenomenon – generation.

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