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The Art of Hand Block Printing


The Art of Hand Block Printing



India, because ancient times is known for its unique arts and crafts. Different sorts of hand printing strategies are used on this u. S. By humans of varied customs and subcultures. One of the maximum famous shapes of hand printing is – Hand block printing. This artwork of printing has been in use when you consider that ancient instances, however nowadays, have determined vicinity in India’s metropolitan cities, and the garments with hand block printing are being exported to special nations worldwide.

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The main facilities in India that had been blocking printing is completed on a huge scale are as follows:-

– Gujarat (Surat, Ahmedabad, Sanganer, Pethapur).

– Rajasthan (Bagru).

Andhra Pradesh.

– Uttar Pradesh (Farukhabad).

West Bengal.

There are two kinds of block printing well-known in Gujarat and Rajasthan, namely- Sanganeri and Bagru. These varieties of block printing are almost identical; the element which normally distinguishes them from one another is the coloration of the historical past on which they are revealed. Bagru prints are carried out on black and purple heritage, whereas Sanganeri is achieved on white historical past. In the western part of India, the block prints are commonly pleasant, but in the Japanese element, the prints are bolder and larger. Lepakshi and Ajarakh prints also are examples of the type of block prints. The precise character of this printing is the number of printing versions that may be made within the same kind of motifs.

Different Techniques of Hand Block printing

1) Discharge Printing

Firstly the fabric on which printing is to be finished is dyed. The dye is eliminated from the part of the material on which designs are to be made via a chemical. Then those segments revealed are treated so they may be re-colored.

2) Direct Block Printing

The material used right here is both cotton or silk. The fabric is first bleached after which dyed with the desired color. After that, block printing is accomplished on borders with carved woodblocks within the borders.

3) Resist Printing

In this technique, the part of the fabric which isn’t always to be dyed is covered with the paste of resin and clay. Then the material is dyed with the applicable color; at this level, the dye penetrates via the cracks, which create a wavy effect of colors at the cloth. After this, the fabric is subsequently block revealed.

Rich and colorful prints can be created through block printing. It turned into done with natural dyes; however, now, it is achieved with synthetic colorations and artificial dyes. The colorations commonly used for printing are saffron, yellow, blue, and red. The wooden blocks are used for printing. They are of different shapes and feature designs carved at the bottom of the block. Teak wood is used for making them on which designs are made with the aid of skilled craftsman. These blocks are known as ‘Bunta.’ Every block consists of a wood cope with and a pair of-3 holes which might be made for unfastened motion of air. The blocks earlier than taken into use are saved in oil for 10-15 days, which offer them the softness required.
The procedure of Hand Block Printing

At the start of the block printing manner, the material is first washed then bleached (if required). If the borders are to be made, then the fabric at the border region is tied then dyed. After that, the fabric is unfolded on the printing table and glued firmly with small pins at the desk.
The manner of block printing is completed from left to right. The woodblock is dipped in a shade tray then carried out using urgent it rarely at the material. The point at the block facilitates sequenced repeat printing.

Good printing skill and exercise is vital to get uniform and clean block printing. The time period and costing for printing depends upon the number of various colors used, i.E. Unmarried color printing takes much less time and is of low fee, whereas or more color printing requires extra time, hard work, and hues. Multiple layout printing can’t be carried out with the aid of one printer most effective, so more printers are required to (consistent with the designs) do the process.

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