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Subtle Bodies And Dark Matter


Subtle Bodies And Dark Matter


Long before physicists stumbled onto invisible ‘darkish depend and strength’, metaphysicists experimented and watched them use the sensory systems in their higher power bodies. They commonly called it ‘subtle rely on and power’; however, it went through distinctive names in one-of-a-kind locations; the maximum popular being ‘qi,’ ‘prana,’ and ‘kundalini.’ ‘Qi’ is a preferred term for ‘energy’ in Mandarin; ‘prana’ and ‘kundalini’ are terms which have comparable meanings in Hindu metaphysics. This invisible electricity has not simplest been determined through the ones within the East, and it has additionally been studied within the West. In the West, the term ‘L’ strength is once in a while use. This ‘L’ energy or ‘existence energy’ has the identical widespread that means qi and prana. Science has been unable to measure qi, prana, kundalini, or L-electricity without delay – just because it unearths it difficult to degree darkish depend or strength at once.

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Is dark count number similar to subtle rely upon?

Obviously, both darkish relied upon and diffused depend are invisible to most people who use the sensory systems of our bodily-biomolecular body almost solely throughout this lifetime. However, persuade yourself that they’re the same with the aid of comparing a pattern of homes of dark count number with a diffused count underneath. (The listing is not exhaustive. More and more correlations are cropping up as we observe the situation in the extra element.)

1. There is Mutual Affinity among Dark/Subtle and Ordinary Matter

According to technological know-how reporter Robert Britt, research display that on huge cosmic scales, dark be counted, and ordinary rely on galaxies hint out the equal shapes and structures. “They come to be sculpted into almost the same sheets and filaments, with full-size expanses of close to-nothingness in between.” According to metaphysics Charles Leadbeater, an affinity among “astral” be counted (a form of diffused be counted) and physical count number He says that astral remember is drawn to bodily count number and molds into its form as the bodily-biomolecular frame grows. Astral remember follows its every exchange, ninety-nine % of that’s compressed within the periphery of the physical-biomolecular frame. Conversely, some observations verify that regular rely falls beneath darkish remember’s impact. There is, in reality, a mutual affinity between dark/subtle matter and regularly rely upon.

2. Dark/Subtle Matter presents the Invisible Scaffolding, Mould, or Template for Ordinary Matter

Physicist Chung Pei-Ma, a companion professor of astronomy at UC Berkeley, concludes that “the ghost universe of darkish be counted a template for the visible universe.” According to Richard Massey, a dark remember researcher at the California Institute of Technology, dark depend condensed first. The gravity of dark count then pulled ordinary rely upon into it. “The regular count flows gravitationally into this dark rely upon scaffolding,” Massey says, “and is constructed inside that into the galaxy and the stars we see today.” According to scientists, the dark count number and its gravity fashioned brilliant count number in a way just like how the texture of the ground shapes puddles of rainwater. This basically means darkish be counted acts as mildew for every day be counted to accumulate and be fashioned. Dark matter has been seemed using scientists as something that gives structure to rely on regularly. This means it allows everyday remember to keep its form.

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