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Scary or What? Can You Imagine the World Without the Internet?


Scary or What? Can You Imagine the World Without the Internet?


Although it isn’t trustworthy to assume what lifestyles would be like without the Internet, let’s examine all the elements related to such a situation.
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The Internet has become the most popular medium for communicating and sharing information. It is a network of computers that might be linked to each other, allowing statistics to be shared.

Nothing has connected and brought humans together on a common platform like the Internet. It has become one of the most vital innovations in human history and is a way of life for many people around the world. Most humans have grown to be used to depending mostly on the Internet for nearly everything they want to do, whether in their private or professional lives.

Life without the Internet could seem like a nightmare to most folks now. So, what would happen if, one fine morning, you awoke to find the Internet did not influence your lifestyle? How appreciably would your life be impacted and changed?

Before we adopt the hard venture of imagining an international without the Internet, let’s test some essential Internet statistics and figures:

Facts About the Internet


➡ The United States has the 0.33 largest range of Internet customers (21%) globally, with Asia (36%) and Europe (29%) taking the primary and second areas.

➡ Each month, around 390 million people inside the US surf the Internet. According to recent statistics, a person spends around 27 hours a month online on average.

➡ Around 294 billion emails are despatched every day. This amounts to two 8 million emails being despatched every 2d and ninety trillion emails sent every 12 months!

➡ Google is the most extensively used search engine and is used to look for more than a thousand million queries consistent with the day!
➡ About 1/6 of the overall human populace uses the Internet at least as soon as in a month.

➡ On average, around 200 million Tweets are sent on Twitter in line with day.
➡ It could take over 1000000000 DVDs to save the complete information that is available on the Internet.

➡ Every minute, more than 70 hours of photos are uploaded on YouTube from around the arena.
Life Without the Internet

Considering the information above and the worldwide Internet penetration, it would be a huge hassle if the ‘Internet plug’ were pulled out from our lives. We have become dependent on the Internet for most of the matters we need to do, be it learning, buying, socializing, or pleasing ourselves. It has emerged as a manner of existence for lots of us. In the absence of the Internet, the implications would be devastating. Here’s how the crucial elements of our lives are probably impacted:


The effect of having no Internet on your basic living fashion might rely on how frequently you use it and what you use it for. If you have been an Internet addict, you will find that your existence has come to a screeching halt. You might discover yourself walking toward your library if you desire to find a place on the world map.

With no online facilities, a good-sized part of some time could be spent waiting in long strains at banks, submit places of work, or government workplaces. You could be waiting days or weeks for your mail to arrive from every other corner of the world. Suddenly, you’ll recognize that your rapid-paced lifestyle is going for walks at a snail’s tempo.


Many of us use the Internet to live and relate to our friends and family. If you had gotten used to socializing online, you’d now be clueless about how you can percentage those pix of your current ride you went for with your friends spread throughout the globe.

It would be difficult to satisfy and interact with people living outdoors in your locality. You may also join a club or a community to your community to make new pals. You might manipulate by talking to your circle of relatives and buddies over the smartphone. With no online social media, you’ll find yourself announcing this very often – Let’s speak to them!


We use emails, instantaneous messaging, chat, or social media without speaking, and we communicate with people in a vintage manner. We might resort to face-to-face interaction, verbal telephone exchange, or sending and receiving snail mail.

Communication through the Internet is free, whereas the alternatives available otherwise could cost you more money and time. You might need to write letters and purchase stamps, as we used to do before the Internet became popular. Postal organizations and cellphone provider companies will profit greatly due to an elevated demand for their offerings.


The Internet has become a significant sea of statistics and assets. Without the Internet, you would not have immediate and clean access to statistics by clicking a button. You might need to scroll down to your nearby library and search the entire place to get the information you are looking for, with little probability of finding what you are trying to find right away.

Students who depend on the Internet to finish their assignments and projects can have difficulty identifying opportunities. There can be no way to get an education without a doubt going to a college or a college physically. You will depend on your TV or morning newspaper to receive your percentage of information.


Things at your place of business might go wrong. If your work becomes largely Internet-based, your company could possibly shut down. If your paintings involved the slightest use of the Internet, for example, using a web system to accumulate facts from the Internet, this simple project could now be a complex and time-consuming technique.

Organizations extensively trade their operational methods and methods to survive. Your desk might be full of documents, and you’ll have a nightmare searching or sorting them out manually.

Business and Economy

The global economic system could be the worst-hit area if the Internet becomes non-existent. A long-term global recession will result in tens of millions of people dropping their jobs and many corporations remaining down. The financial system would shrink and be limited to neighborhood traders and stores. For many industries, doing business outside the city or using it is now not feasible.

The charges for commodities would rise, as there would be less competition for the nearby marketplace players. The pace at which many groups operate because of the Internet will enjoy a wonderful slowdown. Most transactions and dealings might be completed manually. Most of the commercial enterprise verbal exchange might need to be accomplished through postal mail and courier offerings. Jobs unrelated to the Internet would begin to be in extra demand.

Here are a few different human beings who mentioned the Internet.

“The Internet is a fundamental part of my existence. I socialize on the web, shop online, get my information, and get a daily dose of laughter and smiles from blogs. I order my meals and get recommendations and directions, all on the net. For me, a global without the Internet would mean a stop to infinite records, leisure, and the opportunity to engage with humans worldwide.”

Robert – 30

“LOL! Is that a serious question? Well, then, the solution is hell no!! Do you need me to assume life without the Internet? I would alternatively resign from the arena and seek salvation!! The Internet gives you an entire virtual world, and this international is possibly where the general public breathes, day in and day trip. Without Google, social networking, and the endless playgrounds of the Internet, lifestyles could come to a halt.”

Irene – 19

“I suppose human beings will come out of their homes and, in reality, talk to their neighbors and friends. Students will inquire about the whereabouts of their nearby library to find the necessary records. We could be looking ahead to our pleasant postman to convey our emails and greeting playing cards. We might be waiting in long queues in banks and other offices. Life could be lower back to what it becomes earlier than anyone had ever heard of the word ‘Internet.'”

John – 42

The Internet has become the best-unmarried force that has fashioned and prompted all factors of our lives. It is effortless to get addicted to something beneficial, fun, and exciting because of the Internet. It is equally hard to renounce it as soon as the addiction becomes an indispensable part of your everyday existence. The more youthful era, with the Internet as a chief supply of communication and understanding, will perhaps be the worst affected. Those of us who’ve lived and skilled existence before the Internet may also find it relatively less complicated to return to our old ways of residing.

We could manipulate our lives before the Internet became part of it and can do without it if it has been to vanish from our lives someday, although not for the better. But the best news is that this kind of hypothetical situation may not be very likely to manifest in real life, thanks to the full-size expanse, the global infrastructure, and the reach of the Internet era. So, enjoy residing within the paradise we call the Internet and keep your hands crossed. The future brings us many more Internet technologies and improvements, a good way to adjust how we suppose, act, and live our lives!

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