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Quicken Vs. QuickBooks: Which is a Better Personal Finance Software?


Quicken Vs. QuickBooks: Which is a Better Personal Finance Software?


Quicken and QuickBooks are World Update Reviews, both finance software gear used in one-of-a-kind enterprise packages. This Buzzle article will attend to the Quicken vs. QuickBooks contrast with regards to that’s a higher personal finance software program.


Quick Snippet

Quicken 2014 is a state-of-the-art innovation with the aid of Intuit and consists of one-of-a-kind software program programs to draw customers back to the fold of banking websites. Intuit has additionally announced its sponsors for the occasion of QuickBooks Connect (to be held inside the 1/3 week of October 2014) to be Facebook, LinkedIn, Visa, Method, etc.

Quicken and QuickBooks are each finance help software equipment. They both have modern capabilities that help clean know-how and solve accounting issues and the opposite economic understanding of commercial enterprise. They are very efficient for small entrepreneurship ventures, bookkeeping, impartial accountancy and consultancy firms, and so forth. Though they each drastically ease the humongous financial management process, they feature unique approaches. They have their own pros and cons and are to be had in distinct versions, which are upgraded periodically. Read directly to find the distinction between Quicken and QuickBooks and know which one is better.



It is evolved with the aid of Intuit Inc.
While its preliminary version becomes functioned to run on DOS, the current variations run for Macintosh computers.
It effectively manages a budget, helps pay payments online, creates invoices, allows balance checkbooks, and many others.
Some of its presently walking variations include Rental Property Manager 2013, Home & Business 2014, Premier 2014, Deluxe 2014, and many extras.
Some of its presently supported variations include Deluxe 2011, Premier 2011, Home & Business 2012, Starter Edition 2012, etc.


It is likewise evolved by using Intuit Inc.
It is greater of an accounting tool than a center finance software program package.
It has numerous included features, like payroll help, advertising options, e-mail functionality, outsourcing, electronic price alternatives, and so forth.
It has several global releases as well as other marketplace releases.
One of its superb merchandise is QuickBooks Online, which runs on the BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android applications, and is a success with small enterprise needs.

Factors for Comparison



♦ It has simple, powerful features, and consequently, it is a lot quicker and less difficult to research.♦ It has lots of greater functions, and hence its getting to know manner is comparatively slower and barely complex.

User Compatibility

♦ It lets in the handiest single-user variations.♦ It consists of multi-user versions.


♦ It does no longer have any embedded inventory system in any of its versions and consequently will not be of much use in corporations in which you want to keep tune of the incoming and outgoing inventories.♦ It has a very efficient, inbuilt stock machine with the help of which inventories and sales orders can be tracked.

Transaction Space

♦ Some reviews say that there isn’t always an awful lot of transaction area available. This creates trouble in facts calculations and garage.♦ It has functions that permit specified transactions.

Reporting Capability

♦ It ordinarily has convenient reporting skills. However, it has restrained options, even as exporting to Microsoft Excel.♦ It has remarkable reporting talents. In reality, the standard of reporting is an awful lot higher and may be used beyond simple accounting files. Contrary to its counterpart, it can be used for handy export to Microsoft Excel as properly.


♦ It has true capabilities for inventory, tax, and funding track.♦ Unfortunately, it is without an investment monitoring gadget and cannot help in taxes, shares, or different investments.

Payroll Systems

♦ It does not have a payroll gadget.♦ It has an easy and powerful payroll device.


♦ It does not have huge aid or bureaucracy for invoices and so on.♦ It has an expert, in-constructed function that enables receivables, far off entry to, invoices, patron statements, and different estimates.


♦ It does no longer have a proper programming interface.♦ QuickBooks 2002 become the primary product released with an excellent programming interface. Since then, all the versions have had the interface. The performance continues growing with every improvement. Recently, it has also covered third birthday party accessories.


♦ It may be used for small businesses, eating places, consultancies, accrual-based entrepreneurship, service ventures, checkbook-primarily based learning, and many others. Off overdue, it has also been prolonged to household and health care.♦ It can be used for small and massive commercial enterprise ventures, bookkeeping, accounting corporations, finance corporations, legal responsibility and asset records, and many others.


♦ It is cheaper, and this is one of its notable blessings. Depending on the version, the market charge ranges from USD 50 to USD eighty.♦ It is a whole lot extra high-priced due to its specific functions. The marketplace fee tiers between USD a hundred and sixty and USD 420.


♦ Quicken Medical Expense supervisor, Quicken Health Expense Tracker, and so on. are a few important products.♦ QuickBooks Point of Sale, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro, and so on. are a few critical products.


♦ It can’t be included with Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, and many others.♦ It integrates without difficulty with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, ACT, and so forth.

Class Inclusion Feature

♦ Classes may be used to associate finance and transaction info with a specific firm.♦ Classes are used here too, but the flexibility is an awful lot better because it permits multi-degree enterprise codes. Parent and toddler nodes can be used for green classes and transactions.

Which is Better?

Both the above tools are green in their very own way.
Customer evaluations say that Quicken is more appropriate for domestic companies, while QuickBooks may be used for larger ventures.
Remember that Quicken is greater of a finance package while QuickBooks relates extra as an accounting device. Therefore, if you require double-access bookkeeping methods, move in for the latter.
QuickBooks truly has quite a few capabilities, but it’s far up to you to use them efficaciously. If your venture does not require some of the functions, you may as nicely use Quicken.
If you want to music property, liabilities, taxes, and so on., pass in for QuickBooks. If you need checkbook renovation, tax deductions, etc., move in for Quicken.
Ultimately, you need to take a name. Choosing one of the two relies upon your enterprise and its necessities.

Before shopping for any software program bundle, you must behavior enough studies regarding the equal. Do now not hurry up and make a decision; these matters contain a careful thought method. Do no longer 0 in on one product because of less charge or extra features. Make a listing of your necessities, examine it with the available functions, seek advice from buddies and experienced customers, after which take a name.

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