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Post-it Face-off: Evernote Vs. OneNote


Post-it Face-off: Evernote Vs. OneNote


As a long way as note-taking apps are concerned, Evernote and OneNote rule the roost. They serve a similar cause of organizing your notes. We examine their features and help you’re making an informed decision approximately which one to apply.
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Evernote and OneNote categorize their notes in a unique folder referred to as notebooks.
So often war to find a pen to speedy jot down data and experience helpless on no longer finding one! In many instances, we try to consider a line from our favorite TV show and wish we had written it someplace. Note-taking apps make this smooth. They can help you take notes and additionally to keep and get them organized. Here, we come up with a comparison between the very famous be aware-taking packages in use nowadays-Evernote and Onenote.


Evernote was launched by the Evernote Corporation in June 2008. It works greater like a database that stores statistics. It has a function of clipping entire web pages and saves them as a bookmark for later use. It helps you to create a link to other notes, which makes it smooth to discover them. It lets you create ink notes and multimedia notes with the help of a image pill.
It’s prevalent amongst students for taking lecture notes; however works properly for specialists too, due to its integration with many famous software programs.


Microsoft OneNote is a be-aware-taking software created as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It turned into launched in 2003. You can select to cover or show a few notes, decreasing the visual muddle. One of the specific capabilities of OneNote is that if we could more than one customer make changes on the same record at an identical time. The changes and the writer’s call are highlighted differently. It’s ideal for brainstorming and for experts who want it at the pass.
◼ Evernote has an interface similar to a digital cupboard which lets you write notes, take audio notes, test pages the usage of OCR, and share it on the move. It even categorizes special documents within the pocketbook as stacks. The high-quality component of the interface is that it really works nicely throughout all systems.◼ OneNote has an interface akin to a notebook and categorizes the information in colored notes known as sections. Each segment has multiple pages which may be collaborated with others. You can add text, images, and tables and format them like in a Word record. OneNote has rich-textual content formatting and gives aid to greater information sorts than Evernote’s easy text-based interface.

◼ Evernote has apps for Windows Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and so forth. It synchronizes notes among all linked devices.◼ OneNote has usually been a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Hence it is to be had on all Windows phones. It has released OneNote for iOS and Android, which might be loose for 500 notes.

◼ Evernote has built-in reminders.◼ Reminders can be brought to OneNote; however, it requires the installation of Microsoft Outlook.

PDF Indexing
◼ Evernote does not have this functionality, which makes it hard to apply in locating older notes. Evernote does not include paintings nicely with handwritten notes.◼ OneNote helps you to clip whole net pages or statistics in a PDF and ship it to OneNote and helps you to tag them, in my opinion, to remember them later.

◼ To encrypt a observe in Evernote, you need to proper-click on it.◼ OneNote helps you to encrypt complete sections but only when you have a top-class version.

Web Clipping and third-celebration Integration
◼ Evernote not simplest clips the complete internet web page; however, it additionally helps you to pick out certain portions of it and save it in a distinct class, in addition, to add tags to it. It integrates with third-birthday celebration software like Skitch, making it less difficult to attract pics; Evernote Hello, which continues track of the conversations along with your contacts; and Penultimate, which lets you take notes for your own handwriting.◼ OneNote saves internet clips using the Quicknotes section. It takes a screenshot of the web web page that’s searchable; however, you can not reproduce the text. It helps 0.33-birthday celebration software program which permits you to send textual content to OneNote, or shall we a few websites ship statistics to it.

◼ Evernote lets you tag information in exceptional organizations like Descriptors, Knowledge, and Projects. If you run a seek on any previous notes using those tags, they may pop up easily.◼ OneNote lets in tagging of person objects consisting of headings, sentences, or photographs. It even allows the advent of custom tags.

◼ Evernote lets you export its records into its own format or HTML and XHTML.◼ OneNote, however, helps you to export in PDF, Word, or HTML.

◼ Evernote is a top-rate service that permits customers to upgrade for a rate of $5 in step with the month or $ forty-five annually.◼ Since its release on Mac desktops, OneNote is unfastened. But OneNote, a part of Office 2013, helps Outlook integration and is derived from a fee.
Whether you use your notes to write a singular or jot down essential activities for your daily life, those are aware-taking apps can do it all. Choose the only one that suits your usage requirements.

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