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PC and MAC Debate – Are The Commercials Helping?


PC and MAC Debate – Are The Commercials Helping?


Everyone has visible Apple’s Mac commercials using now. You understand, the “Hi I’m a PC/I’m a Mac” commercials with the stodgy, much less than the funny man in a fit representing PCs, and the hip, state-of-the-art Gen-X man representing the Macintosh. They cover topics like viruses, video games, packages, and different computer-associated topics, usually with humor and wit. Apple tries to bypass these advertisements off as the “Truth” commercials. The actually humorous component approximately this is how full of it Apple definitely is, and how with just a little thinking, you comprehend that each one of Mac’s factors *for* the Mac absolutely work *against* it.

PC and MAC Debate - Are The Commercials Helping?

The largest component you spot referred to in the advertisements nowadays is the programs. PC can do cool things as spreadsheets and word processing, whilst Mac does home movies and songs and different *clearly* cool stuff. This is in some way meant to show that one may be just as effective, if now not more so with a Mac. The aspect is, for the reason that while became fooling around making films and ripping CDs to iTunes “productive.” It isn’t always, and I wager maximum bosses might agree.

Next up is video games. Funny, in reality, you no longer see this introduced up too regularly, if at all. Why? Because no person publishes video games for the Mac, this could alternate because of a factor I might be making later. The closing publishers I remember making video games for the Mac had been Blizzard and iD, who made video games like Warcraft and Quake, respectively. Now, you might be capable of finding some crappy solitaire video games, and there’s always that “cool” standby, the Apple puzzle. Good times to be had there for positive. All video games nowadays are made for the PC in Windows or Linux layout. Enough stated.

Viruses and spyware are some other favored Apples to trot out. But that is an easy one. Take a study of the data, marketplace percentage to be unique. Sure, Mac is gaining a reputation (that factor I cited inside the bit about video games, yeah, it’ll be pertinent here too). Still, it’s miles nonetheless vastly in the minority in marketplace proportion. Hackers cross after the easy target, which happens to be PCs strolling Windows because they are up to now outnumber Macs. So duh, of the path, Mac does now not get adware and viruses. It does no longer mean they can’t, which is what Apple tries to deduce.

Here is the very last nail inside the coffin. If you have paid attention to news within the tech zone, Apple switched to Intel processors (which factor I became speaking approximately). Yep. Macs use Intel Core 2 Duo 64 bit x86 CPUs. With a simple boot application, you may run Windows XP at the identical system you run MacOS X on. Oh yeah, Mac OS X? It is just a variation of an OS referred to as BSD, which is a variation of Unix. Yeah. Apple has pretty a whole lot visible the light and comes over to the PC camp. They are promoting quiet machines with a quiet interface loaded with programs for slackers to waste time on. How is that for “truth”?

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