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Not-So-Evident Reasons Why Apps Get Rejected By Apple


Not-So-Evident Reasons Why Apps Get Rejected By Apple


What may be worse than attaining the golden hour of submitting your lengthy-awaited iOS app to the App Store and receiving a rejection letter afterward? Not handiest morally – an app rejection is a huge lack of time. It can take about or 3 weeks even as your app is below Apple’s high-quality control. And if it gets rejected, you get hold of the response and have to attract to Apple Review Board or make corrections (which takes time) and resubmit the app anyway (which takes extra time).

Not-So-Evident Reasons Why Apps Get Rejected By Apple

Then it’s miles below the same overview method. If everything is properly for the second time, the app gets permitted and located on the App Store. But what a loss of time can it be. Such a state of affairs can be absolutely at odds with your advertising/commercial enterprise plans.

We all recognize that Apple fine manipulate generally dismisses badly made, crashing, trojan horse-crammed apps, apps with nudity and violence in content. But there are numerous, a great deal much less obvious motives that brought about rejections. You can locate some subtleties you don’t know even within a purpose that’s commonly obvious. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Copycatting Apple Apps And Misusing Trademarks

Apple typically dislikes copycatting and misspelling, particularly on the subject of their personal services and products. You can not have an iPhone picture inside your iPhone app. Apple rejects such misspellings as ”iPhone” or ”iTunz”, located in names of 0.33-party apps. They reject apps that can be ”confusingly similar” to current Apple apps, be it a result of functionality or mimicked consumer interface. Worth including that they by no means permit referencing to rival structures.

2. Satiety Of Ads

Apple will question the cost and reject your app if it is designed predominantly for displaying ads and if it artificially will increase the range of impressions or click-throughs of ads. Empty iAd banners are not welcome as well.

3. Messing Up With Standard Switches

You cannot regulate the features of widespread switches (namely Volume Up/Down and Ring/Silent). Not that this idea could be famous, but the reality is quite exciting.

4. Issues With Device Compatibility

Apps for iPhone should run without change on iPad and distinctive resolutions of iPhones. The iPhone 6 is probably to get the doubled resolution (1280? 2272), so it will take some time to readjust apps. But fortuitously, Apple usually attempts to make such transitions painless for builders. So in case you are building an app only for the resolution of the iPhone 5S, make certain it is compatible with the iPad and the shorter iPhone 4S – not particularly redesigned for them, of course.

5. Misplacement Of Pricing

Keep your descriptions and pictures clean. Not only from bringing up rival cell systems – however, as nicely from pricing quantities. It’s prohibited by way of Apple, and the price you may set in your textual content description in one forex could be completely inappropriate for your customers from other nations.

6. Misused In-App Purchases

Apple could be very strict with the mechanism of In-App Purchases. You can not set your app for unlocking extra capabilities and content material with other mechanisms than the App Store. You can not sell virtual content and capabilities differently than IAP – for example, outside links to websites, for that reason, aren’t allowed. Vice versa, you can’t promote physical items and services thru In-App Purchases. And no one can use them to ‘buy’ get entry to built-in iOS talents – there is a separate guideline.

Worth noting that Apple rejects apps that use IAP to promote expiring credit or different currencies, and all such credit should be consumed in the app.

6. Defaming Famous People

Apple will reject apps and video games that ‘defame’ well-known people: honestly positioned. Thus creating a ‘political’ app can turn out to be in a rejection letter. A decision on the exact degree of allowed ‘mocking’ and ‘caricaturing’ is up to Apple.

7. Excessive Violence And Discrimination

Apple rejects any apps depicting immoderate and realistic violence, Russian roulette, abuse of kids in a heartbeat, especially if they recall them encouraging violence. What’s greater, they do now not permit in-sport ‘enemies’ to complete a specific race, the way of life, authorities, or different actual entities, which may be some distance much less obvious. Apple bans any signs of discourtesy concerning faith, culture, and ethnicity.

8. Risks Of Damages Or Injuries

As for harm, Apple rejects apps if their usage can reason physical damage to a person or damage the Apple tool. As for gadgets, Apple bans apps that drain the battery in a whisper and motive the device to generate excessive warmness.

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