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Most popular woods used for woodworking

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Most popular woods used for woodworking


Woodworking is an art fancied by many. It involves carving different wood pieces to design many items that are a fundamental part of our day-to-day lives. It’s a challenging task that requires tons of skills and practice. There are different types of wood that you can use in your woodworking project. And your choice depends on the desired items and the cost of the wood.


Checkout popular woods used for woodworking projects:

  1. Walnut 

Unlike many other types of wood, walnut is easy to work on and turn. It’s useful for making most of the minute essential items in the home. These are, for example, bowls and candle holders. Walnut wood is sturdy and resilient and is favored by many clients, thanks to its durability. The dust from this type of wood can harm your health, and it’s imperative for all woodworkers to wear gloves and a mask when working on the wood.

  1. Beechwood

Beechwood is a type of hardwood commonly used for furniture veneers and woodturner projects. It features a consistent and straight grain pattern and will occasionally have gray flecking. Beechwood is affordable, easy to work on, and available in all manner of sizes.

What’s more? It’s famous for its steam bending properties, making it ideal for making all types of furniture. It’s an excellent option for the creation of carved wood pieces, and Inventables makes this easier. You can take advantage of their software to design your projects and showcase your carving creativity.

  1. Oak

Oak is one of the most robust wood species. It’s commonly used for flooring and making different pieces of furniture. Furniture made from oak is durable and will add to the appeal of your home. You’ll get oak wood in either white or red, and you use it for different woodworking projects.

  1. Basswood

Basswood is light-cream in color and isn’t prone to warping. It’s popular among woodworkers who enjoy small woodworking tasks or building models. Basswood is odorless and is useful in making food crates and wooden utensils. What’s more? It’s a cost-effective option, is easy to work on and find.

  1. Cedar

Cedar is famous for its unique grain and color and its distinctive aromatic smell. It’s bug resistant and popularly used for the manufacture of closets and storage shelves. Is that all? No, there’s more. Cedar can withstand harsh weather conditions and is your best pick for your outdoor furniture. You can use it for outdoor decks, patio furniture, ornamental siding, and even fencing.

There are different varieties of cedar, and all belong to the cypress family. The common types are;

  • Western red cedar
  • Yellow cedar
  • Spanish cedar
  • Northern white cedar
  • Eastern red cedar


All types of wood come with distinctive features. You can use wood for various tasks, but you should know the pros and cons of each. This way, it will be easier to determine the best type for your project and create durable yet stunning wood products. The next time you embark on a woodworking project, choose the most suitable type of wood to make your project a success.

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