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Mary on a Cross – Do You Know Where She Is Buried?


Mary on a Cross – Do You Know Where She Is Buried?


The answer to this famous crossword puzzle is: “Mary on a Cross,” with the clue “Do you know where she is buried?” You can find this answer by solving Mary a Cross crossword puzzle. If your answer is no then this is your chance to find out where Mary, a Cross, is buried and find the answer to this crossword puzzle.

Do you know where Mary Magdalene is buried? An urban legend says she was buried under the Washington Monument in DC, but is that true? Have you heard the story of Mary on a Cross? It’s a popular legend about a woman named Mary who died on the cross for our sins.

Today, we will learn the history behind the story of Mary on a Cross. Some say she was buried in the Washington Monument, others say she was buried at Calvary. And we’ll find out where her body ended up.

In the middle of the night one evening, Mary awoke suddenly. She felt something wet on her face and realized she had been crying. Looking at herself in the mirror, she could see that her eyes were red and puffy. She quickly threw on some clothes and headed to her husband’s bedroom.

Mary on a Cross

Where is Mary buried?

In the past, it was fairly easy to find out where Mary Magdalene was buried. A simple Google search would provide the answer.

But that changed when Google decided to “curate” its search results. They started promoting certain websites over others, resulting in a serious overlap of results.

As a result, many websites have become “uncurated” and have no idea what Google has done with their data. And while you can still find Mary Magdalene’s tombstone on the Washington Monument, you can’t find any information about her burial site. This is where we come in. In this article, I will show you how to find out the location of Mary’s tomb.

How to Find the Location of Mary’s Tomb

A “Google search” is a basic tool for finding facts about anything online. It shows you the most relevant websites to ensure you get the best results possible. It indexes the web, offering the top results matching your search terms. When you search for “Mary Magdalene”, Google displays a list of websites that “match” your search.

However, Google is “curation” at its best. It only shows you the best websites, not every website. It promotes sites that are relevant to your search. Google will show you the first five pages of search results and encourage websites on those pages.

If you want to see more than the first five pages of results, you can pay Google to “show more” or “show less”. We can’t change this, but we can work around it. Let’s use a different method to find out where Mary is buried.

What is the Mary on a Cross mystery?

It’s a legend that goes back to the 1800s, but it’s still a matter of contention today.

Some claim that Mary Magdalene was buried in the Washington Monument, while others believe she was buried at Calvary.

What Happened to Mary on a Cross

Mary on a Cross is one of the most well-known urban legends worldwide. It’s also one of the most controversial.

Many people believe it’s true, but there is no proof. Some think Mary is buried under the Washington Monument; others believe she was buried at Calvary.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching this myth.

Is it true?

Does the legend of Mary on a Cross have any merit?

Why do so many people believe it?

Are there any other stories like this?

What should we believe?

How can we figure out if something is true?

How do I find out where she is buried?

Mary on a Cross is a common urban legend, often passed along by relatives and friends. It’s said that Mary was buried in the Washington Monument or the Calvary in Washington, DC.

This story originated in France in the early 19th century. The legend of the Virgin Mary on a cross is an old Christian tradition, but it is most likely a myth based on the code of Mary Magdalene on a pillar, or “pillar of salt”.

The story of the post of salt began in the early 18th century. There were several pillars of salt on the coast of France, which locals believed to be the tomb of the biblical Magdalene. As a result of this belief, pilgrims started visiting the grave.

Frequently Asked Questions Mary on a Cross

Q: Where is Mary on a Cross buried?

A: I am not sure where her remains are located, but I know she was buried in a small church in the town she was born in.

Q: Why did she choose to be crucified?

A: She was a woman who believed she would be resurrected after she died, and she felt she would have a new body with a new spirit. She thought she could still experience life, even after her death.

Q: Do you know where Mary is buried?

A: Yes, she’s in Mount Calvary Cemetery in Eastchester. Her father was a Catholic, and he was buried there too.

Q: Can you tell me more about Mary?

A: Mary was born in Galway, Ireland. She had two daughters and two sons. She grew up in Galway and then moved to Boston, Massachusetts.

Top Myths About Mary on a Cross

1. She was a Roman Catholic.

2. The Romans crucified her.

3. She was buried in a catacomb near her home in Italy.

4. Mary died of a broken heart because she was the mother of Jesus.

5. Mary died because God was angry with her.


Mary was born in 1516 to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She married her cousin, King Philip II of Spain. After he died, she was exiled from the court and lived a life of poverty until she died in 1554. She is buried in the churchyard of Holy Trinity Church in Leicester. Her tombstone, which you can see in the picture above, has been moved several times but is still in the churchyard. Mary is one of England’s most famous queens. She is the only English queen whose death is commemorated by a feast day on the Anglican liturgical calendar. Her feast day is November 21st.

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