Leading Indian Designers for Bridal Lehengas

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Indian Brides are spoilt for preference – a huge quantity of patterns, shades and embroidery styles to choose from after which the choice of favorite designers! The choice is ideal, but it could additionally get overwhelming, even for the most organized shopper, on occasion ensuing in evaluation paralysis – over-analysis of the designs and patterns, ensuing in no decision being made.Image result for Leading Indian Designers for Bridal Lehengas

This article gives a few information approximately main Indian Designers for Bridal Clothing, specifically for Bridal Lehengas. This must assist the reader in awareness purchasing efforts and with any luck store time in looking for a fashion designer for the suitable Bridal Lehenga.

Satya Paul

One of the maximum iconic names amongst Indian Fashion Designers, Satya Paul, is most famous for pricey silk Sarees which might be fantastically published and embroidered. Bridal apparel has been this Indian Designer’s uniqueness and many leading celebrities have worn his creations.

The styling of Bridal Lehengas: Traditional styling with modern accents. The standard look is conservative in most cases.

Price Points (out of £££££): £££

Popular Amongst: Women throughout all age groups. This Indian Designer is famous amongst East Indians and mature International customers.

Raakesh Agarvwal

Glamour and style define the sensibilities of this Indian Fashion Designer. He designed and created collections for Miss India contestants and is a veteran of the Indian Fashion Design industry. His styling is normally undying, styles which are going to be applicable after many seasons and years.

The styling of Bridal Lehengas: Modern styling supposed to make a declaration and intensify the silhouette of the wearer.

Price Points (out of £££££): ££££

Popular Amongst: Young customers which might be searching out something edgy however conventional at the identical time. A statement detailing by way of using elaborations and extravagant embroidery commonly outline the styling.

Payal Singhal

A modernist at heart who strives to mix lovely Indian detailing with modern cuts, Payal Singhal stands proudly among Indian Fashion Designers. She creates patterns that are current and in-fashion.

The styling of Bridal Lehengas: Modern silhouette and vibrant colors. Her modern-day series uses a number of reflecting paintings and lace detailing.

Price Points (out of £££££): £££

Popular Amongst: Women in young age brackets, mainly younger experts, living outdoor India. Payal Singhal’s styling appeals to a global variety of customer tastes and alternatives.

Siddartha Tytler

Contemporary styling and sensibilities outline the collections of this Indian Designer. His creations are superbly styled and very fairly priced. His Bridal collections are very popular among each younger and older audiences alike.

The styling of Bridal Lehengas: Modern silhouettes, minimalistic and stylish embroidery and mature colorations. His modern collection features a beautiful combination of hand embroidery and machine embroidery.

Price Points (out of £££££): ££

Popular Amongst: Indian and International audiences of every age.


The preference of designer for Bridal clothes is generally encouraged by using elements such as Cultural concerns, Price factors, and styling of Bridal outfits. There are of course a whole lot of other Indian designers, however, these designers are a number of the maximum popular ones that brides turn to for Bridal Lehengas.

Retailers like Strand of Silk provide a made to degree provider that customizes the suit, coloration and even co-coordinated clothing for the couple or maybe the whole own family.

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