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iTunes Radio Vs. Pandora

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iTunes Radio Vs. Pandora


With the iOS7 launch, Apple has also provided you with a brand new music service, iTunes Radio. Though there are already many satellite radio services around, let us check out whether or not the brand new Apple launch can mission the dominance of Pandora. TAGGED UNDER: Radio

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Tough Competition!iTunes Radio had approximately eleven million listeners in just 5 days due to its release on 18th September. This determination indicates that this product is catching up in popularity with Pandora. Apple’s cutting-edge release, iTunes Radio, on 18th September 2013, has brought the agency into the net radio market. This new function is to be had in iTunes 11.1. Though Pandora’s September data display no trade-in listener and lively person numbers due to the iTunes Radio launch, we can need to wait at least a month to know the exact impact.
From the usability and features factor of view, we at Buzzle have compared the trend release with its competitor, Pandora!


iTunes and Pandora Comparison

iTunes Radio PandoraDevicesMac, PC, and Apple mobile gadgets Mac, PC, and all mobile devices-loose Service$24.99/yr $36/12 months reaches alone US, New Zealand, AustraliaSharingFacebook, AirDrop, Mail, Messages, Twitter Facebook, TwitterCloud SharingAvailable Not AvailableAudio QualityNot Released (256 Kbps for iTunes) 192 Kbps (Premium), sixty-four Kbps (Free)RatingsPlay More Like This, Never Play Thumbs-up, Thumbs-down song Skips6 skips according to station in keeping with hour 6 skips per hour in line with a station(12 skips for the whole day across all stations)


iTunes RadioThis yr, Apple is on a roll with creating several functions in iOS7. With the iTunes Radio launch, this fashion continues. The slider characteristic helps you to play track consistent with your flavor and temper. You can trade the slider settings from ‘Top Hits’ to ‘Discovery’ and ‘Mix.’ With iOS7 integration, Siri could be greater than obliged to help you in your music seek. You can ask Siri to get you to tune out of your preferred artist. The other characteristic that has stored fanatics fascinated is the hermetic integration with iTunes. This means you can purchase the track that you are presently attentive to. You can bypass, ahead, or repeat any track for a maximum of six times according to the station in line with an hour.

PandoraAs far as Pandora is worried, the distinguishing characteristic can be its universality. Unlike the former, Pandora may be observed on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, as well as for Mac, desktop computers, and even television units. As Pandora follows the suggestions for Internet radio, you can not skip greater than 12 songs in 24 hours. And sure, there aren’t any tune repeat or rewind functions to be had.

Suggestion Algorithms

iTunes RadioApple undoubtedly is the largest digital tune seller within the international. Going with this popularity, the song concept set of rules of their radio career can in no way be doubted. The users’ listening and shopping for behavior are considered via the algorithm, and based on this evaluation; pointers are given.
PandoraFor Pandora, the Music Genome Project does the trick. Each tune introduced to the radio’s proposal lists is surpassed with the aid of a pair of human ears and then connected with comparable songs across extraordinary categories. Apart from this, consumer comments on each music are also considered by using the song choice set of rules earlier than giving any track suggestion—an extraordinary method that has labored wonders for Pandora in the past.

Music Diversity

iTunes RadioApple has tied up with the three biggies of the track industry—Sony, Warner, and Universal. Their song library is certainly going to increase with these offers, with even pre-released tracks being performed.
PandoraOn the alternative hand, as of 2013, Pandora has approximately 1 million songs in its library from more than 100,000 artists. With iTunes Radio being released, assessment on a foundation of tune variety remains too early.


iTunes RadioIt comes with a station-sharing feature, where you could without difficulty share your custom-designed stations thru AirDrop, Mail, Messages, Twitter, and Facebook. Shared stations will hold changing according to your taste while you change the slider settings.
pandora has recently allowed sharing on Twitter and Facebook with new and improved features.


iTunes and Pandora are each unfastened to use ad-supportive versions. However, if you wish to use advert-unfastened services, you need to pay subscription fees. Apple gives ad-loose services at $24.Ninety-nine according to year, even as Pandora is a bit extra high-priced at $36 consistent with 12 months for its top rate club, which gets rid of all advertisements and improves audio quality.
Pandora, being the oldest Internet radio provider amongst the two, has a faithful personal base. However, with Apple’s iTunes shops being had in 119 nations, its international presence will amplify once iTunes Radio is launched outside the United States. With three-song label collaborations, Apple looks promising enough to overcome Pandora. However, do not give up on the latter just out!

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