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How to Select a WordPress Blog Theme


How to Select a WordPress Blog Theme


The first thing to come to one’s mind while determined to write a blog on a subject they are interested in is selecting the topic or template for their weblog. There is a variety of running a blog platform like WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, etc. If you seek Google for the blogging structures, you’ll get a listing of these. Among all, WordPress is maximum famous and has thousands of blogs constructed using this platform. It is an Open Source project and is loose to use.


In this text, I will tell you how to pick a WordPress(WP) topic. A WP subject is nothing but a bit of software used to build your weblog. It incorporates various templates or documents which paintings together within the background to offer you the preferred look and experience to your weblog. Following the under-pointers assist you in picking your weblog theme easily and effectively.

1. Category: This approach what’s your blog all approximately. It defines the sort of target audience you want to goal your blog to. For example, if you need to write down a blog about puppies, then your weblog comes beneath the Pets category. Or if you like to goal to the human beings interested in cooking, you definitely class could be Food. Finding your category lets you find the proper theme and, for this reason saving your time and electricity inside the technique of placing it up and later correcting it. There are themes in each fundamental class ranging from Travel to Music to Business. You can locate these at the WP Theme listing and a number of websites like Free WordPress issues, Daily Blog suggestions, t home studio.

2. Colors and layouts: Some human beings want to have their favored colorations to their blogs. So, try getting your subject matters in those colors like a lot as feasible. However, this will not be possible always even though there are loads of WP subject matters which in shape each desire. Also, there’s every other benefit in the usage of a subject matter of your favorite shade as you do no longer want to exchange lots inside the subject to get your shade. But I endorse not to focus much on this element as it is not that hard to exchange it later once you are relaxed with the code in the back of it. Rather concentrate on the layout of the subject matter. Decide on what form of the format you need. Browse via the list of subject matters you’ve got at WordPress.Org and different websites cited above. This will come up with a concept of ways it appears, after which you can, without problems, make a selection. There is a range of layouts available, but popular are:

Single Column

Two Column (With Sidebar)

Two Column (Without Sidebar)

Three Column


Fixed width

Fluid width

Also, there are a few layouts specifically designed for Photos-centered and Videos targeted blogs. I sense you need to select a subject matter which you may stay with it for the long-term as you’re the only one who visits your weblog the most. Experiment with some issues with a few. Take a look at posts and pages. Comment them, categorize them and see how your selected topic looks. This is the satisfactory way to make certain you have the right theme. However, do not now see the blog topic from your very own factor of view out of your reader’s point of view.

Three. Purpose of your blog: This is vital as this will assist you in selecting your topic for the long term. If you write a weblog simplest so as to vent out your feelings and mind, you do no longer want to provide lots significance to many different factors of your blog like advertisements, widgets, and so on. But if your weblog to help others like this one you’re currently reading, or to make money out of it, you need to consider a few different matters in addition to the above ones. Some things you need to do not forget are that if that topic helps commercials without a lot of tweaking and tuning the code, does the theme support the widgets or plugins, like RSS, Protection from Spam remarks, Search engine optimization, and so on. By default, if you have signed up for a WordPress weblog, you will be provided with default subject matters. You can use them or pick your personal from traveling the WordPress’s very own free WP topics or other Paid WP topic websites. These websites offer professional searching topics with awesome assist.

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