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How to Import a Car Into India


How to Import a Car Into India


Importing a car or overseas make into India is a nuisance. You want to move across the government, and this newsletter will assist you thru the technique.

The basics:

The car needs to be a right-hand-pressure. Left-hand force cars are prohibited from entering us of an (except for consulates and a few other special categories). The Indian Government has completely banned individuals importing cars whose engine potential levels from 1000 – 2500 cc. New Cars can be imported through the customs port at Mumbai, Calcutta, and Chennai. Used motors can be imported from the Mumbai port most effectively. Also, the used car can’t be older than three years (from the date of manufacture). The Exim coverage of 2001 lifted quantitative restrictions on importing used cars.

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On customs duty:

1) The ex-manufacturing unit price is used for calculating customs responsibility.
2) The customs responsibility is a trendy 102.16% on new motors three
) The customs duty is pegged at 159.87% on used cars.
4) Completely knocked down automobiles entice a customs duty of anywhere between 38 to forty-eight %.
5) Under the EPCG scheme, motels/hospitality establishments area situation to minimum obligation/taxes. However, they’re subject to sure foreign exchange necessities.
6) If you import from Europe, you may get money back from the VAT (cost introduced tax).

On switch of residence:

The maximum famous way of importing a car to India is via the “Transfer of house” clause, wherein any Indian (settled overseas) relocating to India can get his car alongside. He needs to have owned the auto for at least 12 months inside the overseas united states. Upon import, the auto can’t be bought for two years (from the date of import)—the NRI uploading the automobile has to have lived overseas for a minimum two-yr period. The charge for the automobile ought to had been made abroad. The car has to be imported within 6 months of the NRIs arrival in India. Under this scheme, the customs obligation has to be paid in forex. If a disabled person uploads the car, then the customs obligation may be paid in Indian rupees. Official permission is needed before promoting the car in India.

On who can import:

Any individual can import an automobile whose fee is greater than USD 40000. There aren’t any restrictions on the imports of those vehicles. So as most of the exotics are above that value, they can be imported freely and no longer always on T.R. The method followed through Customs authorities in assessing responsibility on a motor automobile is based totally on the ex-factory charge at the date of authentic buy.

Adjustments are made for:

Foreign nationals (along with persons of Indian beginning) married to Indian nationals, overseas nationals working in India, branch/offices of overseas companies, companies and establishments hooked up in India, agencies integrated in India having overseas/NRI equity, accepted reporters/correspondents of overseas news businesses, Indian companies executing contracts overseas, charitable and missionary establishments, physically disabled humans and Honorary Consuls of Foreign Governments.

On Paperwork and Documentation required:

Cars costing extra than $40,000 do now not ought to go through homologation from the ARAI. If the vehicles price is less than $40,000, the vehicle has to be submitted for testing to the VRDE (Vehicle Research and Development Establishment), Ahmednagar, of the Ministry of Defence or the ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India), Pune, or the Central Farm and Machinery Training and Testing Institute, Madhya Pradesh or every other notified testing organization by way of the Government.

The importing corporation is anticipated, on the time of importation, to publish certificates issued via a checking out business enterprise (notified by way of the Central Government) that the second one hand car being imported has been examined straight away earlier than cargo and that the automobile conforms to all of the regulations distinctive inside the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The second-hand or used automobile imported into India must have a minimal roadworthiness for 5 years from the date of importation into India with a warranty for imparting service facilities within the USA at some stage in the 5 12 months long. For this motive, the importer shall, at the time of importation, post a statement indicating the length of roadworthiness in respect of every individual car being imported, supported through a certificate issued via any of the testing businesses, which the Central Government may also notify in this regard.

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