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How to Customize Your YouTube Channel

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How to Customize Your YouTube Channel


The video-sharing channel owned through Google is attempting to align extra with social media in trendy and Google+ particularly. It is now more crucial than ever to personalize your YouTube Channel and make the most of the search engine optimization blessings from the web page.

YouTube’s current remodel has induced headlines together with “The Death of YouTube.” Still, I would say that reviews of the loss of life of the 0.33 maximum visited website on the planet are extremely premature! YouTube’s redesign has created a cleaner look.

how to Customize Your YouTube Channel

How to customize the brand new appearance YouTube Channel

To personalize the channel, you need to click one or different of the two Edit buttons you will see on your channel web page. The pinnacle button “Edit Channel” will allow you to pick out an Avatar and heritage image. The Avatar needs to be a rectangular photo of yourself looking beautiful.

Apart from the Appearance tab in the Edit Channel settings, you furthermore might have another tab known as “Info and Settings” and “Featured Tab.”

In the “Featured Tab,” I selected the “Blogger” format because it indicates the maximum.

In the “Info and Settings” tab, I selected Featured Tab as my Default Tab, making sure that my preferred video takes pride of place whilst a person involves my channel page. Check “Always take subscribed users to the feed tab” and “Make my channel seen on YouTube.” Make positive you enter key phrases into the Title, Description, and Tags fields.

When you are finished, click “Done Editing.”

How to personalize the new YouTube Channel sidebar

The other place of the channel page that you could edit is the brand new sidebar. And now there’s plenty of opportunities to feature hyperlinks in there with anchor textual content (even though they are “nofollow” links).

Click the second one “Edit” button, to edit this. Write a brief channel synopsis beneath the “About… ” headline. Stick as many hyperlinks as you can consider right here (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, your blog, and so on.)

Here you can also upload every other YouTube channels you can own or determine to omit other facts, consisting of your age!

Connect your YouTube channel along with your Google+ profile

YouTube is owned by way of Google if you did not recognize it, and Google is at pains to harmonize their services as a whole lot as feasible. And for this reason, it’s miles an extraordinary idea to installation an account with Google (if you don’t have one already).

If you have an account with Google, this is similar to having a Google+ account. So, make sure your Google+ Profile is nicely filled out.

Be certain to link your YouTube channel to your Google+ profile through pasting the hyperlink when enhancing the channel sidebar. Once completed, Google will realize your YouTube channel is allied to your weblog and attach the identical authority to each. This may be very accessible when you have had an internet site for years. However, you haven’t executed a great deal along with your YouTube channel.

What do you suspect?

What do you suspect of the new YouTube? Have you custom-designed your channel yet? Are you getting more visitors from YouTube in recent times?

Whether or not you decide to use my historical past photograph, you ought to head over to YouTube and edit your channel web page to put more hyperlinks in and make certain the keywords are within the proper regions: in the Title, Description, Tags and, under the “About… ” headline.

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