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3 Reasons Why Bowling Is a Good Team Building Activity

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3 Reasons Why Bowling Is a Good Team Building Activity


The office can be a venue for both success and stress. If co-workers do their jobs well, they will succeed in finishing projects and accomplishing tasks. But to get to that point takes weeks – if not months – of meticulous planning and execution. If they do this day in and day out, they may get bored and experience burnout at some point. Patience wears thin, even for the friendliest staff worker. These are the reasons why variety is necessary. A short yet efficient team building such as bowling or an escape room rebuilds an exhausted employee psyche.

Work tiredness is a given for almost all companies. If left unchecked, it can drain the staff of their abilities to create new material, communicate tasks, and achieve goals. Team activities that are outside company responsibilities help foster better relationships within your working community. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box activity that is fun and light, then bowling could be the one for your company.


Bowling enhances teamwork

The only thing all employees have in common is work. Their skill levels, age, education, and other demographics are either slightly or significantly different from each other. Those differences can make or break their abilities to co-exist with one another in the same environment.

Bowling is a great way to break the ice. It is a fun game for both bowlers and non-bowlers. Some alleys have league competitions weekly. A small company can gather its employees to compete as a team against a different department. The game gives the staff funny anecdotes and amazing memories that last long, even after a staff member retires.

It reinforces fun and creativity.

When a team gets together for work, they give their best to retain a client, and at the same time, bring down the competition. They have the same mindset for non-work-related events such as team buildings and company outings. The only difference is that the latter situation’s atmosphere is more relaxed, and there are no worries when the goal is not met.

But even though the environment is more relaxed in a bowling alley, failure is not an option. Even a friendly game of bowling unleashes the competitive side of the employees. The team members become more creative in their bowls so they could ensure victory. Tutoring sessions for the novice bowler can sometimes happen when the teams were announced a day or two before the event. A cheering squad (aka, the group) will always be there for you to ensure that the “enemy” is crushed with a fatal spare or strike. One faction will be declared the winner before you know it, with the losing team promising vengeance in the next round or session. But in reality, both teams win if only for the fun and camaraderie.

Bowling is an economical option for team-building activities.

Most team-building events have an allocated budget. Team bowling is an inexpensive means to bond and enjoy your time with the group. And the best part is, there is likely a bowling alley near your office. There will be no need to gas up and do a long drive just for a friendly game or two. You can even gather your team for a work break, bowl a couple of times, and come back refreshed and ready for creative work to commence again.

Developing your team is necessary for the continued success of your company. Friendly competition contributes to a team that works well together, crunch-time or not.

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