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A Guide to Buying a Gaming Mouse


A Guide to Buying a Gaming Mouse


A gaming mouse is a need to have for each hardcore gamer. This Buzzle article enables you to select the quality gaming mouse to have more desirable gaming enjoy.

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Did You Know?

According to a recent survey via the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the common US household owns a minimum of one gaming tool. 63% of those are PCs. Gaming fever seems to be on an all-time excessive, with game developers every day pushing the boundaries of hyper-truth with games that appear so actual that they engross you for hours on stop. Even with the advent of effective game consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation four, the popularity of PC gaming is on the rise. This is especially because of the clean availability and feasibility of PCs. Also, exceptional games are normally simultaneously launched for the PC platform and alternative gaming systems. To make the most of this, your PC gaming experience, you want the proper hardware, and none is more vital than the mouse.


There are lots of gaming mice available in the marketplace today, which give distinctive functions. However, you might need to remember that, not like most different hardware, you cannot have a one-mouse-serves-all approach. So, whilst a positive sort of mouse would be great for burning a few rubbers as you maneuver your car around the treacherous turns, the same mouse may become a whole catastrophe while you attempt sniping a person. Here are a few parameters you may want to don’t forget before picking out a mouse that high-quality suits your gaming needs.


Dots Per Inch or DPI is the variety of pixels the cursor on the display screen actions whilst you circulate the mouse by using an inch. Placed, the better the DPI, the greater your cursor actions with minimal mouse movement, and vice versa. A mouse with excessive DPI (>1600) could be ideal for shoot ’em up video games in which you are constantly on the move. These also are beneficial if you have a massive display screen or screen, as you’ll now not need to pressure as tons navigating from one stop of the display to the other. A lower DPI (<1600) is ideal for video games that contain stealth and better management of the mouse. Some excessive-give-up gaming mice come up with the option to trade their DPI setting.


Acceleration is the speed at which the cursor moves in share to the speed at which the mouse is moved. The decrease the acceleration, the more manageable you have over the cursor. Most mice do not let you trade the acceleration and feature a preferred acceleration. This is a parameter that the quit user cannot actually test. As maximum gaming mice have an excellent acceleration fee, this isn’t simply a decisive aspect at the same time as shopping for a mouse.

Polling Rate

Polling price is basically the response time of the cursor with admire to any action of the mouse. The higher the polling fee, the extra frequently your mouse registers an action. For hardcore game enthusiasts, a polling price within the variety of four hundred – 1,000 Hz ought to be just about ideal. For wi-fi mice, a better polling rate could imply better battery consumption.


For those who like no obstacle whilst playing video games, even with mouse wires, there is nothing pretty like a wi-fi mouse. These, however, run out of battery quite quickly, which is in no way a problem with stressed-out mice. If you opt for a wi-fi mouse, opt for one with a huge inbuilt rechargeable battery instead of one which makes use of removable batteries. The weight and range are other elements that you might also need to recall while shopping for a wireless gaming mouse.

Additional Buttons

Most gaming mice include extra buttons other than the standard three buttons (left, proper, and scroll). These buttons can be custom designed to handle specific capabilities in a sport and are very beneficial. Usually, a button on each aspect of the mouse needs to suffice for most gaming wishes. Some nice feature profile garage options will let you shop more than one settings on the mouse to apply for exclusive gaming wishes. This is a function this is rather accessible in case you play games across numerous genres.


Comfort might be one of the essential elements to keep in mind whilst buying a gaming mouse. Most games preserve you occupied for hours collectively, with almost all their in-recreation moves controlled using the mouse. Get a palms-on feel of the mouse if you may earlier than buy it, as you will use it for certainly lengthy periods. This is all of the more vital if you are searching out a wireless gaming mouse as greater frequently than no longer, you’ll now not be using it on a level surface. As a rule of thumb, usually, pick ergonomics over fashion. Also, while choosing a mouse that great fit fits you can need don’t forget one whichthatly fits your dominant hand (left or proper) and the whowgrip the mouse (palm, fingertip, or claw grip).

Here’s our pick out of the Top 10 gaming mice within the market these days.

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Razer Taipan
Alienware TactX
SteelSeries Sensei
Ozone Radon Opto
Mionix NAOS 8200
Mionix AVIOR 8200
With the proper gaming mouse by your aspect, you must be able to get that perfect glide, the best headshot, and pass around with the stealth of a cat for your digital international. Cheers.

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