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Top 10 Gadgets for Women


Top 10 Gadgets for Women


Gadgets, these days, My Update Web are not just aimed at men. Even women can make life simpler with machines. This Buzzle article has a list of the top 10 gadgets for women.


Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets.

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

Gadgets have become an inseparable part of our life in this day and age. We tend to rely on them for completing some of the most basic tasks throughout the day.

While men are considered to be more gadget-oriented than women, but women today are not too behind. They are as interested in gadget purchasing as men are. These gadgets include music players, beauty accessories, and home appliances―after all, it is the woman in charge of the hearth, despite what is said about gender equality and all that.

Portable Music Players

The iPod is easily a woman’s best friend. With this useful gadget, one can listen to their favorite music at any time of the day. It is a wonderful entertainment source. And if you happen to have no money constraints, you can always buy a video iPod on which you can also watch videos. It’s an amazing gadget for women that can be used at the gym while cooking or relaxing.



Epilators are handy devices for hair removal that many women use. It spares one the hassle of going to the salon now and then. Epilators are rather useful during summer when every woman wants to be beach-ready at all times. Braun and Philips make some efficient and budget-friendly epilators.

Food Processors

As said earlier, women generally tend to be in charge of the kitchen in most households. Therefore, it only makes sense to buy a food processor to help you with processing food. Eating out is expensive and quite unhealthy as well, and cost-cutting is always appreciated by everyone, especially women, who also have to budget the expenses in the household.

USB Pregnancy Test Kit

Sick of using those disposable pregnancy test kits? Here is a cooler, easier, and quicker way of finding out your pregnancy results. This kit looks like a flash drive. On its one end, there is a place for inserting an absorbent test strip, and on the end is the USB Connector. You need to drop some urine on the test strip (Keep the USB cap on) and then fix the USB on your PC. The USB port undertakes an electrospray ionizing process and makes a urinalysis. After this, on the LCD of the USB, the result will be indicated in the form of a symbol of a “Baby,” “No Baby,” or “Multiples.” Also, it will show you the estimated delivery date if you are pregnant.

Hair Straightener/Curler

Every woman with straight hair longs for curly hair, and vice versa. So these hairstyling tools are a must-have for every woman. Women are generally obsessed with their looks, so what can be a better gadget than a hairstyling device? The portable version of these tools can be carried while traveling, making it a perfect travel companion.

Hard Disk

We women always have less space to store our things, and the same applies to our favorite songs, movies, pictures, and videos. After completing a season of Real Housewives, you are forced to delete it to make space for the next one. Sad! So, to get rid of this trouble, get yourself a 1 TB hard disk and store whatever you want in it. There is no need to delete your favorite TV shows, movies, and romantic videos anymore.


It’s no secret that women love to talk non-stop. They can keep gossiping with their friends for hours, and if that time falls short, they use their phones to resume the chit-chatting. Therefore, it can be said that no woman can live without her phone, which is why it features among the top 10 gadgets for women.

GPS Navigation System

A GPS navigation system is a device that gives you audible driving directions with real-time traffic updates, street names, and text to speech on large screens. Get a new GPS navigator for yourself (if you don’t have it installed or if you have an old model installed), and be sure that you’ll find your way where ever you are.

Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame takes to the land of Harry Potter, where all the paintings and portraits spoke and lived. Digital Photo Frames are elegant, with excellent image quality, and are user-friendly. Women love having their loved ones hanging around them, and what could be a better way than using a digital camera to have your family, friends, and pets together in front of your eyes each day.


E-readers are a must-have gadget for women who love reading. You can store around 1200 books in your E-reader. It is so easy and convenient to carry with you wherever you go. You are saved from the space 1200 books would take, and the best part is that you can carry them all with you. It looks like a book, and the customized screen size makes reading more comfortable than reading your cell phones or laptops.

Aren’t these gadgets so cool? Some are a necessity, some are meant for convenience, some are meant for luxury, and some are meant for beauty. I am sure you want to buy them all. If you have any other cool gadgets for women, share them with me; I’ll be happy to add them to my list.

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